The Headband Twist: How to Do it Right

This music festival friendly hairstyle is an easy way to wear your hair up when the weather is hot and the tunes are jamming! All you need  is a headband, a ribbon or a strip of leather (or anything that you can tie around your head!) and a handful of bobby pins.

The headband twist hairstyle works best for just above the shoulder to mid-back hair lengths. It even works for curls and thick hair, you just might need more bobby pins to secure the style.

Here’s how to get the look!

headband twist hair tutorial

1. Start by tying the band around your head. Make sure that it lays right at your front hairline and ties just below the mid-point at the back of your head.

2. Begin at the front on one side with a small section on hair. Twist the section backwards several times.

3. Wrap the twist around the headband as many times as it will go. Make sure to leave out a tail of at least two inches.

4. Now take another section of hair from directly behind your first twist. Begin twisting it back, twisting in the tail of your first one.

5. Wrap this section around the headband, leaving a tail at the end.

6. Now leave the tail hanging down and start at the front on the other side. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the second side.

7. With the remaining hair in the very back, twist it and wrap it and tuck it around the band. It may seem messy at first, but just keep tucking in the loose pieces.

The key to nailing this hairstyle is to tuck and pin the heck out of it once you are done wrapping. This will ensure that the style will last through the encore. For even more hair tutorials and DIY hair ideas, visit me at!