Hat Hair Affair: 6 Hat Hairstyles That Are Simply Fabulous

Hats are a seriously underrated accessory, but if you ask us, they’re starting to make a major comeback. The question that arises, of course, is how to style your hair when you’re wearing a chapeau. Fortunately for you, we’ve scoured blogs around the web to create a curated list of hat hairstyles that look good with — or even without — a hat atop your head. Enjoy!

Rolled Hair With Cloche

We’re head over heels for this retro look worn by Violet LeBeaux on the Tales of an Ingenue blog. She actually features six different hairstyles to wear with hats in this post, but we’re pulling this one as our fav. “This is an awesome style for when your hair is dirty or just being annoying and unruly,” she writes. “All you need to do is put your hat on and then roll the hair up so it’s just under the hat. You can leave it thinner or use a hair sausage insert for a more impressive look.” Check out this hairstyle and the five others she features.

Roller Hair Hat Hairstyles

How to Wear a Hat With Curly Hair

Women with curly hair often struggle with achieving the perfect amount of volume. Sometimes it’s too much, other times it’s too little. Adding a hat into the mix can confound things even more. Thankfully, Sandra at the Just Curly blog has you covered on that front with this tutorial. She uses bobby pins and a twisting technique that only requires a couple minutes of your time.

Curly Hair Hat Hairstyle

Side Bangs + Hat Hair

How adorable is this side bang action that YouTube user MiaMor has going on? She recommends a fedora style hat for this look, or something with a wider brim, and a few other hair accessories. MiaMor walks you through the entire how-to in her short video, and it’s all very straightforward and easy to understand.

Sporty Girl Hair Hairstyle

Calling all sporty girls! The WomenGuides website has a pretty sweet article up that’s completely dedicated to hairstyles for chicas who are sporty-inclined. There’s a video that details each of the three hairstyles, but we’re particularly excited about the side braid ‘do that’s paired with a New York baseball cap. Of course, you can choose which team support for this one!

Sporty Girl Hat Hairstyle

Classic ’90s Hairstyle With Wide Brimmed Hat

Miss Jenny at The Confessions of a Hairstylist blog has come up with a quick and fun video tutorial highlighting three different hairstyles to wear with a wide brimmed hat. Her favorite, which is also our favorite, is what she calls a “Classic ’90s bang.” She writes, “With ’90s clothes on trend, I’ve been sporting my locks in a ’90s bang all summer so far. Its edgy and youthful.” We suggest wearing this one right into fall, as well.

Classic 90s With Wide Brimmed Hat

Braided Crown Tutorial With Hat

The braided crown is a go-to hairstyle for lots of women, but have you considered throwing a hat on as the figurative cherry atop your head? We think it’s the perfect touch, especially in these chillier months when you may want to channel a more autumn inspired look. Plus it’ll keep your head warmer. See? It’s got utilitarian purposes in addition to aesthetic ones!

Braided Crown With Hat

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