The Best of Both Worlds: 7 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

They say that a woman’s prerogative is indecisiveness. While we don’t wholly agree that women are fundamentally ambivalent, we do believe that all women reserve the right to change their minds as they see fit.

For example, in some cases it’s difficult to decide whether you want to wear your hair up or let it cascade down your back. Today’s curated hair tutorial post focuses on that very predicament and absolves you from any decision making by wearing your hair partially up and partially down. It’s the best of both worlds, you see. Enjoy these half up half down hairstyles!

Half Up Braid Bun

This ultra feminine, ultra flirty, ultra pretty half up hairstyle by Manuela at the Join the Mood blog is definitely one to add to your arsenal. It looks more complex than it actually is (we love that — don’t you?) and only takes a few minutes to recreate. Plus, this one works on all different hair lengths and textures. We like the idea of wearing it super straight, super curly or somewhere in between. Half Up Half Down Braid Bun

Braided Swoop Crown

Here’s something that’s similar to the above hairstyle, but has a more boho-casual vibe to it. This hairstyle tutorial comes to you from blonde-haired Ashley of The Shine Project and is one hairstyle in a series of three she refers to as “3 Summer Braids That Take 5 Minutes or Less.” We love this style because of its simplicity and low-key vibe.

Braided Swoop Crown Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Half Up Rodarte Rosette Braid

Our friends at Pantene have put together a video tutorial on YouTube that teaches you how to recreate a pretty Rodarte Rosette braid. This hairstyle looks beautiful on both super straight locks and hair with a lot of texture, so we suggest everyone give it a go. The whole video is under two minutes long and Pantene does an excellent job of taking you through each step.

Boho Bridal Hair

Jessie Thomson of the Jessie Loves blog puts a spin on the traditional sense of the phrase “half up” with this off-to-the-side waterfall braid. This is actually the hairstyle that Jessie wore to her wedding — a look that her hairstylist dubbed “boho bridal.” It’s very pretty and something that you can either recreate yourself or have a friend do for you.

Boho Bridal Braid

Knot Your Average Half Ponytail Hairstyle

It’s no secret that we’re major fans of Christina of the well-beloved Hair Romance blog. We adore everything she does, so it’s only fitting we include her pretty “Knot Your Average Half Ponytail” hair tutorial in today’s roundup. If you know how to tie a knot — and we suspect you do — this one will be a cinch for you. Simply gather half your hair and then tie it into a knot two times. All the details are on the blog post. Knot Your Average Half Pontytail

Criss-Cross Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

What we love most about this “Criss-Cross Half Up, Half Down” hairstyle is all that texture Elisabeth of the BeautyBlondie blog is rockin’. She definitely teases it out to create more volume, and we urge you to do the same. If you want the curly texture Elisabeth has, break out that curling iron and spritz some sea salt or texturizing spray before you begin.

Criss Cross

Quick Half Up Hairstyle for Short Hair

Latest-Hairstyles’ very own Kayley Melissa is here to demonstrate a quick and painless half up hairstyle on a friend with short hair. We love this style because it gives all you shorties some options for your hair, plus it’s super duper simple. You’ll essentially pull half your hair back, do a little bit of a teasing at the crown and then secure with bobby pins. Afterward, grab 2-inch sections of hair from either side and pin into place. Repeat, only this time tucking the hair in. Perfect!

Looking for more half up half down hairstyles? Check out this Latest-Hairstyles original: The Tri-Braid Half Up ‘Do.