More 2014 Grammy Hair: And The Award For Best Hair Goes To…

There were some memorable moments at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Music’s biggest night offered viewers great displays of musicianship, a few surprise winners, some odd fashion choices and enough juicy stuff to keep the celebrity magazines abuzz. We’re not here to talk gossip and faux pas, though. Nope. We’re here to discuss some of the glorious heads of hair that sauntered down the red carpet and graced the Grammy stage.

Now that a little bit of time has passed since the 2014 Grammys, lots of fun little Grammy hair tutorials are popping up all over the web. We figured we’d share some of our favorites with you, so enjoy!

Paris Hilton’s Twisted, Voluminous Updo

It’s true! Paris Hilton was at the 2014 Grammy’s, too — and she totally knocked it out of the park. Her look was elegant, refined and oh-so-chic. We can’t stop swooning over here! Fortunately, Arianne over at the GlitterGeek blog did a full hair tutorial for you with the help of Justin German and Pantene. And it. is. divine. As an added bonus, they included a tutorial for Rita Ora’s purple makeup to pair with the hair. We think it’s a winning combination.

Paris Hilton Grammy Hair Tutorial

Katy Perry’s Giant, Quirky Ballerina Bun

Miss Katy Perry always brings it when it comes to her makeup and hair choices and her visage at the 2014 Grammys was no exception. Perry’s hair was super slicked back and then exploded into this voluminous, quirky ballerina bun. Rayann410 on YouTube teaches you how to recreate the look with natural hair. To achieve the sort of volume Perry has, you may want to incorporate some extensions into your hair and really texturize and tease it out.

Lorde’s Textured, ’90s Referential Hair

Starting at right around minute three, YouTube user AidetteLovesBeautyXo starts her tutorial on Lorde’s 2014 Grammy hair. The singer rocked long and textured hair for the award ceremony. Aidette braided her hair the night before to help with that texture and, for length and volume, she incorporated extensions into her natural hair. Her entire look sort of nodded to the ’90s — like a 2014 version of Alanis Morissette. The makeup tutorial in the first three minutes of this video is also really good, so feel free to watch the whole thing.

Taylor Swift’s Wrapped Ponytail

We saw several ponytails at the 2014 Grammy awards, including Fergie’s super high pony and Taylor Swift’s wrapped version. YouTube User x3Haha gives you the complete rundown in this two minute video she just posted. This is a super simple and sophisticated look you can wear pretty much anywhere.

Colbie Caillat’s Upside Down Braid Bun

Here’s another hairstyle that’ll work well in all sorts of setting, be they casual or Grammy-level fancy! Colbie wore her hair in a bun, but not just any old bun. It’s a upside down braided bun. Get the whole tutorial from YouTube user Red Carpet 101. While the style isn’t particularly difficult to achieve, she says that you may want a friend around to help you perfect this one.

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