Taylor Swift Hair | 2012 Teen Choice Awards Hairstyle in 6 Easy Steps

Taylor is certainly known for her effortless and girly style and her hair was sweet perfection on the red carpet for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. The gorgeous texture and soft subtle tendrils made this look romantic and sophisticated. Keep reading to find out how to recreate this totally adorable updo on your own.

taylor swift hair

1. Use your braiding skills. Plan for your updo the night prior to your event by sleeping in small braids. (Do not braid your bangs but simply flat iron them back to the side.) The braids will set the hair so when you take them out and brush through them, you will be left with that gorgeous soft and crimpy texture. If you don’t know how to braid or want to create the look the night of, purchase a waving iron. They look similar to a crimping iron from the eighties except the clamp irons are rounded. Running the waving iron from the roots to the ends of your hair can also create that soft wavy texture throughout your hair.

2. You should have created a beautiful wavy texture to your entire head of hair and are now ready to pull your hair up. Section and secure a small circular section of hair to the top of your head by your bangs to drop down for later. Grab the rest of your hair and gently pull it back into a low side ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

3. Grab your ponytail and twist the tail into a bun around your elastic and secure with bobby pins or hair pins. Push the pins into your elastic band for a nice secure finish.

4. Drop down the top section of wavy hair and tuck and pin the ends so they are hidden into the top of the bun. This top section is a forgiving veil to cover any subtle mistakes or snags that might have happened  when you put your hair into the ponytail. It also helps show off the nice wavy texture and keeps the style looking loose.

5. Use your fingers to lightly pull the top sections forward to create a little volume and rub some of the side pieces by your face to create a soft textured feel around the face.

6. You want your style to look soft and a little unkempt, so opt for a very light hold hairspray. Apply your favorite glitzy clips or accessories and go out on the town!

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For a soft flexible-hold hairspray, try Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray. The spray is a light mist that helps offer some hold without adding any weight at all and it smells great. Follow up with a fabulous shine spray like Moroccan Oil’s Glimmer Shine Spray. With all that amazing texture your hair will really shine when the light bounces off of it. If you have light colored hair like Taylor, opt for matching pins like ones from the Bombshell Blonde Collection of Rubberized Bobby Pins. They’ll offer great security and disappear into your hair.