Fun & Easy Hair How To – A Front Side Twist

Today we want to share with you a simple hairstyle tutorial that can be done on almost any hair texture and length from fabulous/gorgeous/talented stylist and guest blogger, Kate from Watch the video to see how it’s done, and you can refer to the photos below to see the finished product!

Some other helpful videos to see how I got my hair to where it is before I do this style are How to Curl Your Hair with a Curling Iron, and also the post titled “The Products I Use on a Daily Basis”.

Front Side Twist

front side twist tutorial
front side twist hair tutorial

the front side twist hairstyle

I hope you enjoyed the Front Side Twist! Head on over to my blog for a number of other hairstyle tutorials!


Kate headshotAbout the Author: Kate is a professional hairstylist in Raleigh, North Carolina with a love for crafting and blogging too. She is owner and author of The Small Things Blog. She recently began posting hairstyle tutorials on her blog to help inspire women to style their hair. She loves hearing from readers that a certain hairstyle totally worked for them!

To learn more about Kate, visit and find her on Twitter too!

Will you try the Kate Side Twist?