An Elegant French Twist Ponytail Tutorial Anyone Can Do

Hello everyone! It’s Jenny with Confessions of a Hairstylist and I am back with a tutorial I know you will love. Feeling like having a little fun with your hair, but sick and tired of the same old French twist or basic pony? I have put those two classic hair looks together to create a fun, swoon-worthy style that takes literally minutes to do.

I love this look because anyone can pull it off! I say it’s elegant because you can wear the style as casually or as formally as you like. For all you students and moms on the go, you can even create this style while your hair is still a bit damp if you need to rush out the door. So what are you waiting for? Give this cool twist (pun intended) on the common pony a try!

An Elegant French Twist Ponytail Tutorial Anyone Can Do

1. Start with dry or damp hair. Hair can be curly or straight.

2. Comb through hair with your fingers and pull it all over to the desired side.

3. Take your hair into one hand like you are going to create a low side ponytail.

4. Twist hair forward (towards your face) starting with the hair behind your ear, from the roots. Twist hair a couple inches down the ponytail. I stopped mine just below the earlobe.

5. Now secure the twist with bobby pins. Place pins at the base of your twist where the hair is folded in at your scalp. For the best hold, take the lip of the pin and push it in and away from the twist, then push it back into the twist, up against your scalp. This will tightly secure your twist. Set the style with your favorite hairspray and prepare to turn some heads!

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