Floral Musings: 5 Flower-Infused Hairstyles

Even though most of the country is buried under loads of that cold white stuff, spring is nigh. Can you feel it? We can. All those snowbirds are getting ready to head back home, flowers are gearing up to show their faces to the sun and old man winter is preparing for retreat. You’ve just gotta hold out a little while longer.

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but we’re just so excited about the prospect of spring that we have to do a flower-inspired roundup of hairstyles. Every hairstyle you see below incorporates either real or faux flowers into your locks. Enjoy!

Inverted, Cascading Braid With Rope & Daisies

Alyssa over at xoVain is just as ready for spring as we are. For this hairstyle, she created some daisy hair accessories with some dollar store faux daisies attached to bobby pins. Then she grabbed a section of hair on one side of her head, added a ribbon and created a cascading braid across the back of her head. The strategically placed daisies are the perfect finishing touch!

Inverted Cascading Braid With Flower Hair Accessory

2-1 Milkmaid Braid and Flower Crown Hair

Starting at about one minute into this video, YouTube user Veronica Anne walks you through one of the prettiest milkmaid braid tutorials ever. She has long hair that she’s curled, so feel free to do the same with your tresses. You’ll want medium to long hair for milkmaid braids in order to get a nice and full finished result. If your hair is short, consider adding some extensions. Veronica uses a flower crown accessory, which you can make or buy, to create a super sweet end result.

Twisted Maiden Braid Bun with Floral Garland

We simply can’t resist the Sincerely, Kinsey blog. Her photographs are stunning, her tutorials are on point and her ideas are always well executed. This hairstyle is a variation of the above, only it’s more bun-like. The best part is that you can take some creative liberty with this look in order to create a finished product that appeals to you. Kinsey finishes the look with some floral garland wrapped around her head, available at your local craft store. Perfection!

Flower Hair Accessory In Twisted Maiden Bun Braid

DIY Bloomin’ Locks Hair

There’s something about the upbeat, quirky disposition of Mr. Kate that we find simply irresistible. In this tutorial, she teaches you how to get an easy, messy hair bun punctuated with pretty blossoms. She’s got a video up on her blog along with some inspiration from other bloggers and tips/tricks to help you perfect the look. Mr. Kate’s a fan of real flowers, but you can always go faux. For inexpensive options, head to your local florist to see if they have any scraps they’re willing to part with for cheap. Alternatively, buy in-season buds to keep costs down.

DIY Bloom in Locks Floral Hair Accessory

Paper Flower Hair Accessory

While real flowers totally have their appeal, the faux variety can offer just as much beauty. For example, these DIY paper flowers detailed by guest blogger Ally over at Paper & Stitch are super lovely and whimsical. Best of all, you can have them even in the dead of winter! Follow the full tutorial on the blog, then thoughtfully place them in your hair wherever you like. For example, we love how Ally placed them around her sock bun.

Paper Flower Hair Accessory

If you’re digging these flower hair tutorials, check out these 5 Floral-Inspired Hairstyles, which include everything from a rose bud braid to a loose French braid with Acacia.