Snuggle Up: 7 Fall Hairstyles That Look Fab With Sweaters

We’re probably preaching to the (gorgeous) choir here, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into your head-to-toe look. Just as you consider what bag to wear with your shoes or what lipstick looks best with your eye makeup, you think about the most complementary hairstyle for the rest of your outfit.

It all boils down to personal preference, but today we’re showing you seven fall hairstyles that we think pair well with sweaters. Whether you’re in a cozy cardigan, chunky cable knit poncho, or an oversized sweater, these hairstyles should help pull your whole look together.

Knotted Crown Hair Tutorial

There’s something about the way long hair flows overs a sweater that makes us sigh and give thanks for fall. This Knotted Crown hairstyle by Sincerely Kinsey should help you accomplish that sigh inducing look. Kinsey says it’s “similar to the braided crown we’ve all come to know and love, but with a twist; er, knot.” Get the scoop on her blog.

Knotted Crown Fall Hairstyle

Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

You know what looks really good with sweaters? Buns. All kinds of buns. This “twisted” bun posted on the LuLu’s blog is particularly pretty, and we love this fall hairstyle because it’s ultra easy to recreate. Simply divide your hair into two even sections down the center. Tie the two sections together at the back of your head and start twisting one section, then the other. Tres chic!

Twisted Bun Fall Hairstyle

Half-Up Twist

This gorgeous hairstyle by guru Christina at the Hair Romance blog is as simple as it is beautiful. There’s a quality about it that makes us think warm and cozy thoughts, which is why we feel it would look amazing with any sweater hanging in your closet. The best part is that it works on hair lengths and textures of all types.

Half-Up Twist - Fall Hairstyles

Lucy Hale VMA Ponytail

Every time The Beauty Department posts another hair tutorial, we get all schoolgirl squeal-y and excited. They knock it out of the park every single time, and this Lucy Hale VMA ponytail re-make tutorial is no exception. It’s very sculpturesque, but still has a soft essence to it that makes us think of fall foliage, hot cider and bonfires. If you lack volume or length, throw in some hair extensions before you give this one a go.

Lucy Hale VMA Hairstyle

D&G Inspired Textured Double Ponytail

Yep, we’re posting two ponytails in this week’s roundup. They just look that darn good with fall apparel! This ponytail tutorial — inspired by a Dolce & Gabbana ad — comes to you from Emily at the Freckled Fox and plays up both volume and texture. We’re also digging the earthy, “lived in” knot she creates — the perfect finishing touch.

Textured Double Fall Ponytail

Natural Looking Curls for Short Hair

Fall weather calls for low-key, casual hairstyles. Sometimes that means skipping the updo and wearing our hair down. That’s just one reason why we’re digging this “Natural Looking Curls for Short Hair” tutorial detailed at the Treasures and Travel blog. Everything you need to know in order to recreate this cool-girl fall hairstyle is on the blog, so skidaddle on over there stat.

Natural Curls Short Fair Hairstyle

BONUS: DIY Sweater Wrap Tutorial

This is possibly the cutest fall-weather, hair-related tutorial ever. The project was posted by Bonnie at the Going Home to Roost blog and is super duper simple, but way genius. She says, “This one is so easy, you can easily make a whole bundle in just a few hours!” She even recommends handing them out as gifts. Um, we love you Bonnie. Thanks for the inexpensive holiday gift idea!  Learn how to make your own on the blog.

DIY Fall hairstyle Sweater Wrap

Want more fall hairstyles? We’ve got a whole section dedicated to the season right here.