Spring Forward: 6 Easy Spring Hairstyles That Will Keep You Fresh

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If you ask us, old man winter has overstayed his visit. The good news is that he’s finally begun to pack his bags and retreat from whence he came. In his place come pretty buds poking up through the earth, skies that seem bluer, air that seems fresher and, of course, lots of fun hairstyles.

OK, so maybe that last one isn’t a formal part of spring, but we like to think so. To celebrate the changing seasons and the emergence of warmer weather (insert Kermit frog arm-waving happy dance), we’ve rounded up six easy spring hairstyles that are perfect for this season.

Crisscross Ponytail

We just adore redheaded Katie Shelton over at the A Beautiful Mess blog. She’s got a knack for making seemingly complex hairstyles look oh-so-easy. This crisscross ponytail, which works perfectly on all hair lengths, is no exception. We recommend styling as you usually do and maybe adding a few waves for texture. Then, follow the steps outlined on the blog, throw on your favorite warm weather frock and hit the town.

Criss Cross Pony - Easy Spring Hairstyles

Cotton Candy Bun

Give your go-to topknot a whimsical makeover with this cotton candy bun by Nichole at Vanilla Extract. It’s incredibly easy to do, though we recommend it for medium to longer hairstyles. You can always add some faux hair for length and volume, though. To create, just gather hair onto the top of your head, tease it out and then gently wrap hair around the base. Boom: voluminous, look-at-me hair.

Cotton Candy Bun

Marcel Waves

“You probably think of the 1920s when you hear about Marcel waves, and rightly so; they reached their height of popularity during the ‘20s, about 15 years after the first electric curling iron was invented,” says Trista over at xoVain. While women in the ’20s used this curling technique to grow out their bobs, modern day women can use it for texture and volume. We think it has a sort of beachy, spring-appropriate quality to it, which is why we’re including it in today’s post. Learn how to recreate Marcel waves — in addition their history — over on the website.

Marcel Waves

Cute Crown Braid

MakeupWearables Hairstyles recently shared a super sweet crown broad tutorial on YouTube and we think we’re in love. It’s a little different from some crown braids, as it’s more of a wrap than a French style. We love the idea of adding cute accessories once you’re finished. Maybe a flower crown, tiny gemstones or even a vintage barrette. Tap into your imagination and report back!

Soft Waves With a Twist

Christian from the Cherished Bliss blog gives you the 411 on how to create “perfect spring waves” in this text and video tutorial. After creating the waves, she walks you through the easy steps of adding a twist in an innovative way. No more fly-aways getting in the way of your view of Mother Earth! We think the whole look is super sweet and very worthy of spring.

soft waves with twist

Temporary Lavender Hair

This one’s not a style, per say, but we have to include it here because it’s just too cool. In case you haven’t noticed, lavender hair is so on trend this year. For example, Kelly Osbourne rocks a pretty purple ‘do and Nicole Richie just switched to the same hue. If you’re uneasy about going permanent, maybe a temporary fix with sate your need for change. You’ll find a Kool-Aid temporary purple hair dye tutorial on the A Subtle Revelry blog, which requires unsweetened blue, red and yellow Kool-Aid, hair conditioner and white vinegar. The dye lasts for up to three washes, but mostly washes out after the first wash. This works best on light hair.


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