5 Super Quick and Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Your (Parked) Car

Imagine this: In a post “I just slept in” flurry, you rush to your car, ignite the engine and drive to wherever you need to be. And while you’re checking your reflection at the stoplight to make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth or mascara all over your face, you catch a glimpse of what one can only refer to as “a case of the wild hairs.”

Your unruly mane may very well induce a sort of panic that hits you deep at the core. Do not mistake this for a heart attack. As you contemplate all the important people you’ll see today (or have the potential to bump into), do not — I repeat: do not — reach for the hair elastic and throw your locks into a frumpy ponytail.

Instead, recall these five easy-peasy hairstyles that you can do in the comfort of your (parked) car. Tip: Always leave spare bobby pins, hair elastics and even barrettes in your car or purse! I keep mine in used Altoid tins and throw them in the front dashboard box!

easy hairstyles

The Knotted Half Up

For something pretty that you can literally create in under a minute, look no further than this knotted half-up. It looks a little more creative and finessed that your standard half-up and can be done with or without the barrette.

knotted half up easy hairstyle

Step 1: Pull half of your hair toward the back of your head. Make sure it’s free of lumps and bumps and that you’ve gathered an even amount from either side.

Step 2: Divide hair into two even sections.

Step 3: Tie your hair into one simple knot. Keep hair smooth while you do this. It may take one or two tries before you get the hang of it, but I promise it’s easy.

Step 4: Pull the top section of hair down and then secure with a barrette just underneath the knot. I love decorative hair barrettes, but you could also secure with bobby pins if that’s what you have on hand.

The Criss-Cross Low Bun

This look is perfect for a more formal or professional setting. And it’s definitely one of those ‘dos that garner a heck load of positive comments. People will be impressed when you tell them you created the look in your car in under five minutes.

easy criss cross low bun

Step 1: Separate hair into three sections. The two side sections should have even amounts of hair and the middle section should have more hair than the side sections. Gather the middle section into a low pony tail.

Step 2: Wrap the ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Step 3: Pull the left section of hair over the top of your bun. Continue wrapping the hair under and around your bun and then secure with bobby pins.

Step 4: Repeat on the right side.

The Double-Wrap Head Scarf

I’m a huge fan of head scarves, especially since they’re so versatile and pack a lot of color. I usually keep one in my purse — sometimes tied around the handle. If you do the same and have one on hand, this is a great, casual look to try on.

easy double wrap head scarf hairstyle

Step 1: Tie a headscarf around your head, making sure one end is longer than the other. To make this easier, I like to create a half-up pony, tie the scarf and then release my hair over the scarf.

Step 2: Twist the longer section of the scarf so that it’s very tightly coiled.

Step 3: Wrap the twisted section over the already placed scarf and secure with a several bobby pins behind the ear.

The Twisted Trio

Here’s another easy hairstyle that gives you lots of bang for minimal effort. If you have the supplies, you can dress this one up with pretty hair accessories, but it looks beautiful sans decor, too.

triple bun easy hairstyle

Step 1: Divide hair into three even sections. One left side section, one right side section and one middle section.

Step 2: Twist your middle section into a low bun, making sure it’s in the exact center. (This keeps your buns centered when all’s said and done.) Once you’ve created your center bun, do the same with the right section of hair, nestling the right bun next to the middle bun.

Step 3: Repeat with the third section of hair. (PS. Looking at this picture again, I would probably re-do the right side, but the look is still gorgeous!).

The French Braided Side Bun

When all you want is hair out of your face and a hairdo that says, “I feel pretty!”, let this be your go-to look. It’s perfect for warm weather errand running, casual evening shindigs or even the ol’ office.

easy french braided side bun

Step 1: Create a French braid on one side of your head, working your way toward your ear. I opted for an inverted French (aka Dutch braid), but a French looks just as pretty.

Step 2: Once you reach your ear, continue braiding normally and then secure with an elastic.

Step 3: Pull the rest of your hair over to the same side as your French braid and create a second, regular braid. You’ll want to keep it a little loose in the back so you have wiggle room for your bun.

Step 4: Twist the two braids together and carefully fashion a low, to-the-side bun. Secure with bobby pins.

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