Grab Your Clogs: 5 Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

dutch braid hairstyles

The Dutch are known for lots of things: fabulous cheeses, wooden shoes, colorful tulips, towering windmills and, my favorite, split dinner bills. They’ve also inspired many a fashion ensemble and hairstyle. Ooh, and here’s a fact: The Dutch even have their own braid! Which brings me to today’s hair tutorial roundup.

This week, we’re focusing on none other than Dutch ‘dos, all of which employ their signature braid. So throw on your clogs, put some tulips in a jar and get ready to go Dutch with these 5 easy Dutch braid hairstyles.

Side Dutch Braid

Let’s start with the basics: your standard Dutch braid. For those out of the loop, a Dutch braid is essentially a French braid, only it’s “inside out.” In other words, it’s the very same technique you’ve likely already mastered, but instead of crossing sections over the top, you slip them underneath. One of our favorite hair bloggers, Christina of Hair Romance, put out a great side, Dutch braid tutorial in early July, so check it out!

dutch braid hairstyle

Twisted Double Dutch Bun

This simple, low bun by blogger Caroline at The Modest Mom Blog is easier to recreate than what you’d think. Essentially, you create two Dutch braids on either side of your head and then twist them together at the nape of your neck. You can leave them as is, or add a bit of hair decor like Caroline did. The full tutorial is on the blog.

dutch braids

Half Up Dutch Headband Braid

Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode looks nothing short of dreamy in this headband-style Dutch braid. To create the look, fashion a Dutch braid down one side of your head. If you have bangs, leave them out of the braid to create more of a headband vibe. Check out the full text/picture tutorial on Natalia’s blog for all the pertinent deets!

half up dutch braid

Double Dutch Braided Crown

Like the idea of the above “half up” hair style, but want to sweep all your hair off your neck? Then you’ll basically fall in love with this double braided crown hairstyle detailed by Janae at The Letter 4 blog. This is actually just one Dutch braid that’s been wrapped all the way around the head, creating a second layer in the front. Once you run out of hair, you pint it down and then go on your merry way.

dutch braid hairstyles

Side Multi Dutch Braid

In this video, the oh-so-lovely YouTube user Bebexo shows you how to spice up your standard side braid by utilizing two Dutch braids and a traditional braid. Once you have all three completed, simply braid them together to create a thick and textured side braid. This one’s perfect year round for casual events!

If you’re really ready to get creative with that Dutch braid of yours, peep our zig-zag Dutch braid tutorial!