Saddle Up: 7 Ways to Create A Dressed Up Ponytail

Quick, what would you do in this situation: You wake up with 15 minutes to spare and you have to look chic for a big meeting at work. With hair making a first impression anywhere you go and yesterday’s deflated ‘do looking you back in the mirror, you may think you’re SOL.

Before panicking, resort to the basics: a ponytail. Not just a throw it up and head to the gym kind of ponytail, but one that requires, perhaps, an additional five minutes of finesse. That leaves you with 10 minutes to make your face (BB cream, some matte brown shadow, mascara and tinted lip balm will do the trick) and you’re out the door with a banana in hand.

Whether you’re low on time or simply aren’t in the mood to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom, at least one of the following seven ponytails should appeal to you. Let us know which one you’re going to try in the comment section below.

1. Not Just A Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle

Talk about a chic look. Kate from The Small Things blog (how can you not adore her?) teaches you how to create the. prettiest. ponytail in the world. She calls it “Not Just A Ponytail” and gives you all the how-to deets in her YouTube tutorial.

2. Knotted Side Pony

side ponytail tutorial

I’m drooling over the knotted side pony crafted by Natalie at The Glitter Guide. It’s like an updated version of the ’80s side pony and is befitting of an office setting, martini night or even weekend shopping trip.  She pulls hair into a side ponytail and then ties a knot over the ponytail with two small sections from the pony. Repeat, secure and you’re good to go.

3. Braided Pony

braided ponytail

This dressed up ponytail by Christina of Hair Romance seamlessly incorporates a loose braid into the finished look. She essentially separates hair into two sections, one at the front and another at the back. After French braiding the front section toward the back, she secures both into a ponytail and loops a section of hair around to conceal the elastic.

4. Triple Poof Pony

triple ponytail

MaNouvelleMode puts a playful spin on your standard pony in her triple poof ponytail tutorial. All you need are hair elastics that match your hair color and an optional headband. The best part? No heating products, no bobby pins and this can be done in a breezy five minutes.

5. Sleek Pony

sleek ponytail tutorial

We’ve got a ponytail with extra poof, why not one that’s stick straight? If your hair is naturally straight, this Madonna-inspired pony by SoFeminine should take only a few minutes to recreate. Use a flat iron to remove any kinks and then sweep hair into a high ponytail with a bristle boar brush. Wrap a section of hair around the ponytail to cover the elastic, pin into place and you’re ready to boogie. Or at least go to work.

6. Voluminous, Lazy Day Pony

Even if you don’t have time to curl your hair beforehand, a voluminous ponytail may be in your future. The key is to tease your hair before gathering it. How? Pull small section up one at a time, spray hairspray on the underside and tease. LeSassafras shows you how in her video tutorial.

7. Bouffant Side Pony

fancy side ponytail
Also from The Glitter Guide is this retro-inspired bouffant side pony. Natalie details how to create the ponytail in six steps with accompany pictures, but I’ll break it down for you. Basically, you tease one side of your hair to create volume and then smooth the other side of your hair over the teased portion. Twist the ponytail, pull it up and secure with bobby pins and hair elastic.