Are You Down? 5 Gorgeous Down Hairstyles to Wear Anywhere

We feature a lot of updos here at Latest-Hairstyles, but today we’re talking about down hairstyles. They’re just what they sound like: hairstyles that require zero ponytails, zero twisting, zero pinning and zero bobby pins. That’s not to say they’re a “get up and go” kind of deal, though.

You see, the perfect down ‘do is manipulated and finessed to achieve maximum gorgeous results. There are curling irons involved, flat irons, blow dryers and products to be spritzed, sprayed and slathered. Today we’re highlighting five stunning down hairstyles from hair bloggers who know their stuff. Get it, girl!

Gorgeous, Simple Wavy Hair

Grab your curling wand, a flat bristle hairbrush and some hairspray to recreate this down ‘do posted at Says the author, “Our resident hair guru, Sev, of Hepburn Collection, said this natural, yet glamorous look has become, hands down, the most popular wedding day style among the brides he works with.” We think it’s perfect for other events, as well, not limited to formal affairs, the work place or even a meeting with friends.

Gorgeous Down Hairstyles

From Flat to Full

Most of us aren’t blessed with a naturally full and voluminous head of hair a la shampoo commercial models or celebs on the red carpet. The truth is that pretty much everyone you see walking around with magazine-worthy tendrils have manipulated their hair in such a way that it looks effortlessly fabulous. Thanks to the CamilleStyles blog and her “from flat to full” tutorial, you can get the same look.

Flat To Full Down Hairstyles

Sexy Messy Tutorial

Aiming for casual-meets-sexy hair that you can wear everyday? Well then, we’d like to introduce you to this “Sexy Messy Hair Tutorial” by Danique on the What I Would Buy blog. Danique says this look was inspired by the Filippa K Fall/Winter 2014 campaign and we think she nailed it. It’s got that super sultry lived in effect going on, but is still dressed up enough to wear to the office, school or wherever your feet take you.

Sexy Messy Down Hairstyle

Piecey Waves

Here’s a down ‘do that’s similar to the one above, only the final result is a more textured and piecey head of hair. According to Amanda at the Advice From a Twenty Something blog, “the key is curling very small sections of hair — 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch — and alternating the direction of each curl.” She also recommends straightening your hair first so that any texture is completely manufactured by your styling tools.  Learn more tricks and tips, plus the full how-to, at the blog.

Piecey Waves Down Hairstyle

Creating Long Lasting Curls

OK, so let’s say you’ve spent oodles of time curling your hair for a big event and then, within hours, all those curls fall flat. Talk about wasted energy! Deanna from MOPS Hair Designers gives you the 4-1-1 on creating lasting curls at the Bride Link blog, and girlfriend, she is full of wisdom. There’s more that goes into those picture-perfect curls than you may realize, but Deanna really breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps.

Long Lasting Down Curls

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