The Perfect Double Bun Tutorial

Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from MissySue (previously My Soul is the Sky) and I am here to share a fun, new hairstyle featuring a unique bun. A great bun that makes you feel beautiful and brings compliments from others is a hairstyle that should always be kept in your repertoire. This double bun looks elegant and has an air of intricacy, but is reasonably easy to create.

Updos, such as this one, are elegant and work perfectly for special occasions such as weddings and prom. There are so many different variations and are especially convenient for keeping your hair out of the way while showing off your dress at the same time.

DoubleBun Tutorial

To create the style you will need:

  • One donut bun
  • Two metal-free hair elastics
  • Four hair pins

The Double Bun Tutorial:

1. Begin by smoothing all the hair up into a high ponytail.

2. Grab your favorite donut hair accessory and thread the ponytail through the center.

3. Spread the hair around the edges of the donut and pop another elastic over the top.

4. Separate the hair sticking out from the donut into two halves, left and right.

5. Starting on the right side, twist the hair towards the bun and bring the twist around the front of the bun, towards the left ear.

6. Secure the ends of the hair with a pin next to the donut bun.

7. Now move to the left side and begin twisting the hair in the other direction.

8. Lay the twist in front of the other one and secure it next to the bun as well.

9. Gently loosen the donut bun by pulling the hair up to create the illusion of a larger bun.

10. Finish with hairspray and you are done!

Watch the Video:

Extra tips when styling an updo:

  • When bringing the hair up into the ponytail, spritz it with water as you smooth it into place.
  • Use an elastic band that is metal-free so it doesn’t snag and tear your hair
  • Use wide hair pins so they can be slid into the bun and held in place easier.
  • Smooth down flyaways with a few spritzes of hairspray.

I hope you have enjoyed this double bun tutorial and will try it for your next special occasion! For even more hair, beauty and DIY fun, come visit me at