Upgrade Your Braid: The Double Braided Ponytail Tutorial

Does your ponytail need a little boost? Could your braid stand a little upgrade as well? Well, you’re in luck! My name is Jennie Kay from TheBeautyPin.com and I am here to share a gorgeous yet casual hairstyle with you. This double braided ponytail is a simple way to add that little extra something to your everyday hair look. It’s super easy to achieve and it’s a great look for second or even third-day hair. Here’s how to get the look!
The Double Braided Ponytail Tutorial

1. Part hair to the side or down the center, whatever you prefer. Grab two sections from the front and separate them from the rest of your hair. Secure the remaining hair in the back into a bun or pony to get it out of the way from the two sections in front.

2. Taking one of the sections and starting from the top of the head, begin weaving a braid downward. Secure with a small rubber elastic. Repeat step two with the second section.

3. Gently pull all hair, including the two braids, into a ponytail. Secure with a small rubber elastic.

4. Create one large braid, braiding all hair (including the two smaller braided pieces) from the ponytail you just created. Secure the braid at the bottom of the shaft with a small rubber elastic and set the look with a light hold hairspray.

Additional Looks: Fold the large braid in half and secure with a elastic at the top, or skip step four and create a bun by wrapping the ponytail around the small rubber elastic.

Tips: A pomade can be used to smooth sections before you secure your braid, or on each individual strand before you braid. I prefer a matte pomade because too much shine can make your hair appear greasy when creating smooth and clean hairstyles like this one. When setting the style with your favorite hairspray, be sure to not spray too close your hair. Spraying from about eight inches away from the head is ideal.

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Graphic design by Grace Abbott