Get Crafty: 6 DIY Hair Accessories to Embellish Your Coiffure

It’s time to put your crafting pants on, ladies! Today we’re rounding up a slew of DIY projects for you to recreate at your leisure. Not just any ol’ projects, though: DIY hair accessory projects. Those are the best kind, of course, though we may be biased.

Some of these DIY hair accessories are easier than others, while a few projects detailed below require a bit more of your energy and focus. Whether you recreate one or all six, though, we hope you have fun in the process. Don’t hesitate to share your projects in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. If fact, we encourage it!

DIY Flower Ribbon in Wavy Hair

Our friends at The Beauty Department say they love a good DIY project and we do, too. This “DIY Flower Ribbon” is a play off the flower crown and we just had to share it with you the second we discovered it. TBD says all you need is the following: a thin ribbon, some flowers and a couple of bobby pins. You can buy faux flowers at your local craft store or pick some fresh flowers. We recommend leaving your hair down when wearing this accessory. Try some beachy waves, soft curls or even super straight hair.

Flower Ribbon DIY Hair Accessories

DIY Clear Glass Hair Barrette

Here’s a positively chic DIY project you can file away for a rainy weekend. This one comes to you from the Love-Aesthetics blog and is slightly more involved than the others on our list. We promise, though, the results — and ensuing compliments — are totally worth your effort! You’ll need a glass jar, a drill, a stanley knife, ruler, metal file and a plastic “lemon crusher,” as Ivania suggests. We love the “smushed chignon” effect that this DIY Glass barrette creates.

Glass Barrette DIY Hair Accessories

DIY Hair Chain

YouTube user Kayley Melissa was inspired to create this drippy DIY hair chain after she was styled with a similar accessory at an event. Fortunately for the rest of us, she decided to make her own and walk her fans through the how-to process. You’ll need a 60+ inch chain, pliers, jump rings and bobby pins. Kayley provides several options for your DIY hair chain and even shows you various ways to style your hair with it. We have a feeling this one may become a staple in your spring and summer hair routine.

DIY Gilded Insect Hair Clips

Spring means lots of things: fresh flowers, green grass, ultra blue skies. Spring is also bug season. Instead of getting squeamish about creepy crawlers, why not embrace their pretty form? You can do so with these DIY Gilded Insect Hair Clips, detailed at the Minted Strawberry blog. All you need are a few cheap toy bugs (check your local dollar store), gold spray paint or nail polish, bobby pins, a glue gun and felt.

Gilded Bugs Hair Accessory

DIY Spike Barrette

This is another simple DIY hair accessory tutorial that you can recreate in a matter of minutes. It’s created by Alyssa at Hello Whimsy (she has lots of cute ideas, so check out the blog) and all you need are spike beads of various sizes, a French barrette and glue. Alyssa says you can use any sort of bead you prefer. She’s opted for some howlite spike beads in a pretty, earthy color. You could also try other earthy elements for your DIY barrette, such as rocks or crystals.

DIY Spiked Barette Hair Accessories

DIY Triple Layer Lace Hair Bow

The ever-colorful Violet LeBeaux has a super adorable DIY Lace hair bow tutorial for you. You’ll need stretchy lace, stretchy t-shirt fabric, scissors and needle/thread. She chooses a purple lace, but you can opt for whatever color you prefer.  Just make sure it’s a stretchy or flexible material. The process is very straightforward, so check out the video for all you need to know.

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