7 Decade Hairstyles Inspired By Days Gone By

We decided to spice things up a little bit in this week’s curated post. Today we’re sharing with you seven different decade hairstyles that were popular during their respective time in history.

For example, we’re featuring two super glam hairdos straight out of the roarin’ twenties, some low-key dreadlocks that you may have seen in the ’90’s (but still work today), and a 1960’s updo that would blend right in on the set of Mad Men.

So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for a hair journey that ushers you through the last 80-ish years.

1920’s: Faux Bob and Updo

Movies such as The Great Gatsby and Midnight in Paris have showcased the glitzy, glamorous side of the 1920’s. YouTuber Kayley Melissa was definitely inspired by the same and is here to share not one, but two different hairstyles that take their cue straight from the roarin’ decade. The first look is a faux bob and the second is an updo. Each style makes use of hair accessories she found at Forever21 and really help to perfect the finished look.

1930’s: Soft, Curly Updo

While the 1920s and 1930’s were very similar in terms of fashion and beauty, there were a few key differences. First and foremost: length. As women embraced their newfound freedom, cropped hair and bobs were all the rage throughout the 1920’s.  In the ’30’s, however, we saw the re-emergence of length. Women realized they were free to be both ultra feminine and retain their rights. This video on YouTube channel Ruche does a great job of teaching you how to recreate that softer, feminine look that was so popular in the 1930’s!

1950’s: Hot Roller Hair

We’re jumping to the 1950’s for our next hair tutorial, a decade that was more prosperous than the prior years. Tight curls, short bangs and ultra feminine styles were ultra popular at this time. Think Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Our 1950’s hair tutorial comes to you from Candice DeVille of the “Inspiring Vintage Glamour For a 21st Century Life” blog. This hot roller hairstyle is very sweet, slightly modernized and definitely wearable. Decade Hairstyles - The 1950s

1960’s: Beehive-esque Glamorous Updo

Bethany of the Glamorous Housewife blog has brought you a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle that was unquestionably inspired by the 1960’s. In this decade, voluminous and thoughtfully sculpted updos were worn by many women. Paired with that classic ’60’s cat eye and bold brow, you’ll look like you’ve just walked off the set of Mad Men when you sport this head of hair. 1960s-hair-tutorial

1970’s: The Farrah Fawcett Flip

Miss Farrah Fawcett serves as excellent example of what a desirable mane in the ’70’s looked like. Her hair was the kind of hair that forever had wind in it, and it always looked healthy and carefree. To this day, myriad celebs emulate Fawcett’s hair, including Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lawrence. Elizabeth Barkley of KoutureKiss teaches you how to get that feathery Fawcett flip in this easy tutorial. Kouturekiss-Master-The-Farrah-Fawcett-Flip

1980’s: Mega 1980’s Curly Hair

The curls of Fawcett’s decade were feathery and light. The 1980’s were a different story, though. Hair was even bigger and curls were even more out of control. Basically, the ladies of the ’80’s were well acquainted with their teasing comb, hair spray and hot rollers. YouTube user Helen Melonlady walks you through a fun ’80’s look, complete with helpful tips and ’80’s authenticity.

1990’s: The Modern Dread

The ’90’s had a lot of different styles, but there’s one constant throughout it all: texture. The cool kids all had crimpers and curling irons, and people loved to color outside of the box. To play up the texture theme, we’re sharing Free People’s “The Modern Dread” hair tutorial, which works just as well today as it did back then. Check out the blog for lots of info, including a video tutorial. modern-dread Love these decade hairstyles? Enjoy another dose of the 1960’s with 5 Absolutely Amazing Mad Men Hairstyles That Drive Us Mad.