Curls Just Wanna Have Fun: 6 Curly Hairstyles to Try Right Now

One of our all time favorite ways to wear hair is curly. Big curls, small curls, beachy curls, tight curls. Whatever kind of curl, it requires just as much patience and finesse as an updo, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be in and outta the bathroom faster than it takes to make breakfast.

Whether you prefer big and loose curls, tight ringlets or something in between, we’ve curated a variety for you below. Learn a few new tricks for your go-to style or try doing your hair a completely new way — the choice is yours!

1. Soft and Bouncy Curls

This soft and romantic curly hairstyle tutorial is by the lovely Negin Mirsalehi. Because she uses a thicker wand to achieve large, billowing curls, this style is ideal for those with longer hair. You can always pop in some hair extensions if you want, though. The full text tutorial that accompanies these images is on the blog, so head that way for a complete how-to. You won’t be sorry!

Soft and Bouncy Curly Hairstyle

2. Flat Iron Curls

We’ll admit it. Initially, the idea of curls manufactured by way of a flat iron eluded us. Curly hair? From a product that’s intended to straighten? What sorcery is this? It totally works, though, and the end result is super pretty. These curls are less ringlet-y and instead give off a really casual-chic vibe. Pair your locks with a killer cat eye, a pouty red lip and some contemporary casual apparel and wait for the compliments to pour in. This tutorial, one of many on curling hair with a straight iron, is by YouTube user karrrrinalynn.

3. SJP Inspired Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker’s head of curls is iconic and much sought after. Now you can have them, too! Her signature curls are tighter and have a hint of endearing messiness to them compared to some curly hairstyles, which is exactly why we love them. You can smooth yours out with creams, oils and serums, or revel in the attention that an unruly (in a good way) mane earns you. YouTube User DKWStyling teaches you how to get SJP’s “rock and roll” curls in this 8 minute video.

4. No Heat Curly Hair

One of the downsides of manufactured curls? Heat damage. Sure, there are ways you can sidestep the trauma done to your mane via curling irons and wavers, but even following all the rules can leave you with stressed out tresses. The solution is to create no heat curls. It sounds like magic, but it’s totally possible! Billie Rose from Creators Of Desire walks you through the whole shebang in this video. The end result is super lush, naturaly looking curls that everyone will want to touch.

5. Perfect, Tight Ringlets

This super curly ringlet hairstyle is brought to you by the ever talented Emily of the Freckled Fox blog. We’ll quote one of her blog commenters and say, “It looks like she just came out from a Jane Austen book!” One thing’s for certain: these ringlets have a definite Victorian-meets-Shirly Temple vibe to them. Emily uses foam curlers to create this curly look and, once finished, recommends inserting a hair bauble or two to dress it up.

Super Curly Ringlet Hairstyle

6. Voluminous, Loose Curls

Looking for a hairstyle you can wear every single day and take it from day to night without a second thought? Then you have to try on these loose, voluminous curls demonstrated at the My Precious Confessions Blog. She starts by applying mousse to towel dried hair, which helps amp up the volume, and some anti-frizz serum to keep fly aways at bay. She also uses a sculpting powder, a product that provides even more volume and helps you shape your hair more easily. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to start curling. For the full how-to, check out the blog.

Voluminous Loose Curls Hairstyle

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