Fun Hair How-To: The Cotton Candy Hair Bun

In the mood for a new, tasty hair tutorial? You’re in luck! I’m Jennie Kay from and my cotton candy hair bun tutorial is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. This bun tutorial is simple, on-trend and is the perfect updo for any occasion this season, formal or informal. Let’s get started, shall we?


What You Need:

-Hair elastic

-Teasing comb


-Bobby pins

-Smoothing brush

How to Create The Cotton Candy Hair Bun:

1. Flip your head over and create a high ponytail on top of your head.

2. Use a smoothing brush as you create your ponytail to ensure it is bump-free. Secure your high pony with an elastic.

3. Spray the hair in the ponytail with hairspray.

4. Wrap a small piece of hair around your ponytail to hide the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin.

5. Take small sections of hair from your ponytail and heavily back comb them with your teasing comb. Yes, you will look crazy after this step!

6. If needed, spray your smoothing brush with a bit of hairspray to gently smooth the top layer of your back combing out.

7. Now gently take your teased up ponytail and wrap it around itself, creating a tall textured bun.

8. Use bobby pins to secure your bun, pinning along the outer perimeter.

9. Gently mold your newly fashioned cotton candy hair bun to the finished shape you desire and spray with hairspray.

Watch The Video:

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