A Super Easy Half Up, Half Down Brocade Braid Tutorial to Try

Hey everyone! This is Jenny Strebe from The Confessions of a Hairstylist, and I am back to share a really fun braided hair tutorial with you today. Yes, braids are still super trendy right now, but what are you doing to make your braided hairstyle stand out amongst the masses? This simple half up half down hairstyle with a gorgeously unique brocade braid is just what you need! Here’s how to get the look…

Brocade Braid Tutorial

1. Section your hair from above the eyebrow and clip it up and out of the way.

2. Create a small square section of hair just above the ear on the same side and begin a simple, three-strand braid.

TIP: Keep this braid on the looser side — not too tight!

3. When you have braided to the ends of your hair, hold on to one strand, then take the other two strands and push the strands up, creating your brocade braid. Secure the ends with an elastic.

4. Release top section.

5. Add a bit of volume at the crown and on the sides of your head with some light teasing at the root area.

6. Take your brocade braid and secure it with a bobby pins over the top section you released down in step 4.

7. Cover the bobby pins with hair to hide them.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 on the other side.

Watch The Video:

All done! Now you have a truly unique braided look to rock. I just love the look of this brocade braid! For even more fun hair tutorials and beauty tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel and visit me at The Confessions of a Hairstylist.