Do You Dare to Try This Braidhawk Tutorial?

Ladies! Are you ready to turn your average braid into a fantastically edgy mohawk creation? I am here to tell you that it doesn’t take much. With just a couple of tricks from my braiding tool kit, you’ll be able to DIY this braidhawk like a pro.

This look is great for medium to long-ish hair of all textures. It is a great style for evenings, parties, festivals and even weddings (just add flowers!) Here is all you need to do to perfect it. Start on second or third-day hair. Use a texturizing braid spray to prep the hair. My personal favorite is Master-Braider from the ShamPHree line over at the How To Hair Girl blog.


1. Create a basic Dutch braid down the back of the head. Make sure to start the braid at the very front of the top hairline and keep your add-in sections small and precise for best results. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic.

2. Starting at the end of the braid, begin to pull the edges apart. Don’t be afraid to pull pretty hard! This will widen and flatten the braid.

3. Once you have loosened the braid up, work your way down one side of the braid, pulling the edges out farther. Start at the top and work your way down. This will create the hawk!

4. Once your hawk is created, take the end of the braid and twist it loosely.

5. Wrap it into a secure bun at the very nape of the neck.

6. Now pin your bun into place with bobbies and call it a braidhawk day.

Top off your braidhawk look with some big, edgy earrings like the ones shown by Nikki Jacoby. So fierce!

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