Braided Beehive Tutorial: How To Create A Classic Braided Beehive


Hello and happy holiday hair season from! This unique stunner of a hairstyle blends a classic vintage beehive with uber-modern intricate braids. It is suprisingly easy to do and incredibly fun to wear! This ‘do is sure to turn heads at any holiday party and wow your colleagues at the office.

Prep your tresses by spraying hair with a texture spray or DIY beach wave spray. This will add some structure and grip to the hair. For best results with this hairstyle, you will need a hair rat or some type of form to reinforce the beehive. I used a knit scrunchy. Learn how to make your own hair rat here. The important thing is that you can easily hide the piece and pin into it.

Here’s how to get the look…

braided beehive hair tutorial

1. Start by sectioning off a rough circular section of hair at the crown of the head. Gently back comb underneath the section.

2. Now hold the section of hair straight up and wrap the ends of it around your hair rat.

3. Roll it down to the head.

4. Gently smooth your bump and pin it into shape.

5. Next, section off the temple area on both sides of the head.

6. Make a loose braid all the way to the ends and secure with clear elastics.

7. Now wrap your braids around the front of your beehive and pin them discreetly.

8. Part the rest of the hair down the center of the back and braid one side to the ends and secure with another elastic. Wrap this braid in with the first two braids and pin it discreetly, tucking in the tail.

9. Repeat with the other side.

BEAUTY TIP: A classic red lip would be the icing on the cake to this chic look.

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