Bouffant, Baby: 6 Bouffant Hairstyles for The Holidays

Oh, we’re going there, chicas: the bouffant. As in the super voluminous hairstyle that some may consider the cornerstone of ’60s glamour. Today, we’ve got six tutorials that run the gamut — from truly authentic mod era bouffants to modern-day versions and beyond. Sit back, grab your best teasing comb and prepare your coiffure for a major hair moment with these lovely bouffant hairstyles.

Brigette Bardot Beehive Updo

Our own Missy Sue has a classic tutorial for you: the beehive. This beloved hairstyle features a bouffant top reminiscent of times gone by, but is updated enough at the front and back to wear pretty much anywhere you want. She features lots of pictures and a video tutorial on the blog, so give it a look-see. BrigetteBardotBeehive

4-Braided Headband Hairstyle WIth Big Teased Hair

How we adore YouTube user — nay, goddess — Lilith Moon. This woman is like the Van Gogh of the hair world and is good enough to actually teach you her ways. This tutorial is for a hairstyle that features a four-braided headband and a puffed bouffant that melts into a glorious down-do. So glam, so fab.

Tease-Free Amy Winehouse Inspired Bouffant

This is an oldie tutorial from the lovely Emily over at The Freckled Fox, but it’s such a goodie that we have to share it today. This is a major bouffant we’re talking about, so prepare yourself adequately. In fact, it was inspired by the late Queen of the Bouffant, Amy Winehouse. If you want to make a serious statement and turn lots of heads, this is the hair tutorial you’ve been searching for. AmyWinehouseBouffant

The Sleek Bouffant Updo

We’re obsessed with this sleek, ultra updated bouffant hairstyle featured over at Refinery29. You’ll do some teasing to create body, then pull your hair back into a low ponytail. From there, you simply create a knotted bun. Easy enough, right? Get the entire how-to on the website. Oh, and note that this is actually a series of hairstyles that you can recreate, so make sure you click through all the pictures. Bouffant Hairstyles

Teeny Tiny Bouffant

Afraid of height? Emorie from the Oh Whimsical Me blog is here to rescue you, dear damsel. Her “Teeny – Tiny Bouffant” is low-key enough to wear on your most casual outings, but you can certainly dress it up for your snazzier affairs. Plus, this ‘do is super versatile in terms of how you style it, making it perfect for whatever you’re wearing. Get the deets over on the blog. TeenyTinyBouffant

Easy Pinup Style Bouffant

Wanna channel your inner pinup girl (who doesn’t)? Then give this hair tutorial by aptly named YouTube user Vintagious a go. She walks you through the process in this easy-to-follow video, ensuring you look fab-u-lous by its completion. Two important things: 1.) you don’t have to tease (rejoice) and 2.) This one is great for day two hair, or hair that’s feeling a little lackluster and needs a boost. Loving these big bouffant hairstyles? Take a gander at “Go Big or Go Bigger: Voluminous Hairstyles That Defy Gravity.”