A Totally Chic Boho Braids Tutorial For You to Try

Hello! This is Melissa from MissySue.com and I am excited to share a fun new boho braids tutorial with you! This look is quick, easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that it doesn’t require any tricky braiding either!

This boho braids tutorial is perfect because while it initially creates a more casual look, it can totally be dressed up with the addition of a few curls. A great half up half down style is always fun to do and adding in a few braids really creates extra interest to any look. Happy styling!

A Chic Boho Braids Tutorial You Must Try

How to Master This Boho Braids Tutorial Like a Pro:

1. Begin by separating out a one-inch section of hair about an inch and a half from the hairline.

2. Divide this section into three equal sections.

3. Cross the side strands under the middle to create a braid.

4. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band.

5. Create a second braid directly behind the first, tying it off with another band.

6. Create a third braid on the other side of the head, opposite the first braid.

7. Then braid a fourth braid behind the third.

8. Now you have four equal braids, two on each side of the part.

9. Pick up the two braids on the left side along with a section of hair at the hairline and bring them towards the back of the head.

10. Next, pick up the braids on the right side, bringing them towards the back so they meet the braids from the other side.

11. Tie the hair together with a clear elastic band and remove the original bands so only one is left.

Watch The Video:

I hope you enjoyed this easy boho braids tutorial! For more hair, beauty and DIY fun, visit me over at MissySue.com. If you’re looking for even more gorgeous hair tutorials to try, check these out:

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