DIY Hair Idea: Boho-Inspired Braided Updo

Today I am going to show you an easy way to create a do-it-yourself, boho-inspired plaited updo. This was done on fine hair, but will work for all hair types. This particular style is all about texture and softness and is super simple to achieve!

Prep by blow-drying hair with a mousse or  spray gel so you can really maximize the texture. This is also a great styling option for dirty hair. Just be sure to use a little dry shampoo and teasing action to add the texture and lift back into your hair. Begin by parting your hair to the desired side…

braided updo

1. Lightly tease your hair at the roots for lift and soft texture. By teasing your hair it will give you more of an editorial/runway look.

2. Start a basic plait behind beginning behind the ears.

3. Continue working a messy plait into your hair.

4. When you get to the end of your plait. Secure with an elastic band and wrap braid around to other side of the head and secure with a bobby pin.

5. Repeat on the other side and secure with a bobby pin.

6. Pull remaining hair to one side and start another simple braid.

7. Secure the end of this plait with an elastic band and twist into a bun.

8. Secure the braided bun with bobby pins in desired location.

Apply a light hair spray for hold, and there you have it. A simple DIY boho plaited updo!