Blowout Hair: 5 Ways to Get The Perfect Blowout Hairstyle

We talk a lot about hairstyles. Bodacious braids, ponytails with pizzaz and updos that turn heads. But you want to know what the foundation of any fabulous hairstyle is? Perfectly blown out hair.

No matter your hair length, hair texture or hair thickness, knowing how to successfully blow dry your hair is a must. The perfect blow dry will leave you with glossy locks, frizz-free strands and the kind of volume and oomph that’ll make others want to know what your secret is.

Well, the next time they ask, just point them to and, specifically, this article!

Salon Style Blowout

Reagan of “Hairdresser on Fire” walks you through the details of a salon-style blowout in tutorial featured on the “A Cup of Jo” blog. “What’s a salon style blowout,” you ask? We’ll tell you. It’s a blowout that uses a large round brush, low heat/air settings and tension. You take one section of hair at a time, wrap it around the brush to create some tension and then gently blow it dry. This creates maximum smoothness and volume. Reagan gives you all the deets on the blog, so head that way.

Salon Style Blowout1 Salon Style Blowout2

Blowout on Natural Hair

We’re really digging this blowout tutorial by YouTube user MahoganyCurls, who gives the blowout lowdown to black women embracing their gorgeous, natural hair. She starts by deep conditioning her hair and then moves on to a leave-in conditioner/de-tangler. She emphasizes the importance of sectioning your hair first and then moves on to blow drying via the “tension method.” Get the full tutorial by watching the video.

Roller Blow Out

Here’s an alternative to the standard salon blowout, this one explained by Nicole over at She says you need to start with damp or wet hair and then, after applying a protectant, section it off into two to three inch sections of hair. As you take out each section, blow it dry with a bristle boar brush as you would a salon blow out. Only, instead of releasing hair, you want to wrap your hair around a hair roller and secure with a bobby pin and release after you’re finished blow drying your entire head of hair. This will create a curlier, wavier blowout. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.

Roller Blow Out

Blowout With a Twist

Want some luscious waves to accompany your blowout? You’ll definitely want to try out this “Bowout With a Twist” tutorial from our friends at The Beauty Department. They demonstrate the process on a lady with super long locks, but you don’t have to have Rapunzel hair to make this work for you. The trick is to twist your hair with a bristled round brush and blow dry while in that position. Once you release and let your hair cool, the hair will retain its shape.

Blow out With A Tiwst

Blowout on Short Hair

Blowouts aren’t just for ladies with uber long tresses. Short haired gals need to blow dry their hair, too! This video’s been around for a little while, but it’s a really good one, so we’re linking it here today. We particularly love the format of the video, as there are two people switching back and forth: one giving instructions and the other following them. The first person is Sunnie Brook, a hairstylist who explains all the steps in great detail, adding helpful tips along the way. The second person is Danielle Cedillo, one of Sunnie’s clients who has short hair. Check it out.

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