Big Curls Don’t Lie: A Tutorial for Voluminous Waves

Hello! It’s Ariba from MillennialMama and I’m back with an awesome tutorial for creating some seriously big curls. You can utilize this technique to add volume in places where you would like to see it most, such as the crown area.

I will demonstrate how to take your hair to its maximum volume potential by utilizing this technique on my entire head! I’ll be curling my hair with a 25mm wand, but you can also swap the wand for a curling iron of any size. The smaller the barrel, the more movement you will achieve.

I’ll use a thermal protector on each curl to protect it from the heat and a medium hold hairspray to set the waves in place.

This technique is great for creating big curly hair to rock all on its own, or for creating texture prior to styling updos. The possibilities are endless. Let’s get started!

Voluminous Waves

How To Create Voluminous, Big Curls:

Step 1 – Starting at the nape of your neck, create a section from ear to ear and clip the remaining hair away.  Take one-inch sections and wrap them around the wand, curling your hair away from your face.

Step 2 – Repeat throughout your entire head until there is no longer any hair left to curl.

Step 3 – Once all of the hair is curled, it’s time to work with each curl individually. Grab a curl, hold on to the tail end of the curl, then twist it away from your face.

Step 4 – Gently pinch the curl and pull the hair upwards towards the root, almost like you are teasing your hair with your fingers. Spray each curl with a medium hold hairspray.

Step 5 – Continue to twist and pinch each curl until all of the curls are “teased”.

Step 6 – Turn your head upside down and give everything a good shake to separate the curls. Hairspray generously and ENJOY that big curly hair of yours!

Watch The Video:

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