Life’s a Beach: Beach Waves Done 5 Ways

Every summer, every lady wants the answer to this burning question: How do I get perfect beach waves? Of course, many a blogger has her own tricks up her sleeve. Some use gels, some use their own sea salty mixture, some use their flat iron and others simply braid and set over night.

Today we’re rounding up our favorite ways to get beach hair to combine them into one list. Try one or try them all and then show off your beachy hair to the world! We’d love to see the finished look, so make sure you tag us on our Facebook page, the comment section, Twitter or Instagram!

Scrunch and Spritz Beach Waves

Trista over at xoVain used to be at odds against her fine hair, which she thought was resistant to any sort of texture. Then she learned a little trick: the scrunch and spritz. She says this method works on both clean and dirty hair and that all you need is a little water and hairspray. Once you’ve misted the bottom sections of your hair with both, scrunch and tousle with your fingers until you reach your desired texture. Let it air dry, scrunch again and then finish with some hair oil for glossy locks!

Scrunch and Spritz Beach waves

Messy Beach Waves With a Flat Iron

YouTube user Brea Felton has a method for getting those perfect, messy beach waves that you may not have tried yet. Instead of curling with a wand or curling iron, she uses a back and forth ebbing motion with a flat iron to create non-fussy texture. The end result is definitely reminiscent of that quintessential beach babe texture and looks gorgeous. Brea adds extensions to create some extra drama, but you can forego them if you wish.

From Wet to Dry: No Heat Beach Waves

Here’s the perfect hairstyle for after you’ve romped around in the ocean or splashed around in the pool. We love this method because it looks amazing while it sets and dries and then, after you take it out, you’re left with the kind of gorgeous waves that’ll be the envy of the entire coast! The tutorial comes to you from the Song of Style blog and is super easy to recreate. Bonus: it can be done on hair of all lengths!

No Heat Beach Waves

Curl and Tug Beach Waves

We’re intrigued by the method that blogger Anne Sage uses to get her perfectly tousled beach waves. Start by generously spritzing your hair with sea salt spray. Then, with a large barrel curling wand, curl 1-inch sections of hair. Instead of just releasing the curl, though, you’re going to gently tug it taut to help the curl relax. Repeat on all your hair and then tousle a little bit.

Curl And Tug Beach Waves

Mini Buns to Beachy Waves

We’re totally digging the beach waves technique that Jorie Larsen demonstrates over on BeautyLish. You’ll want to start by applying a texturizing product to damp hair and then part as you typically would. Next, twist small sections into mini buns that are tight enough to sit against the scalp without budging. (Jorie says that if you have naturally curly hair, you can skip the mini buns and instead just twist your hair into ropes). Finally, blow dry your hair on a medium to low setting and then touch up with a curling iron.

Mini Buns

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