Back to School Hairstyles: 6 Classroom-Approved Hair Tutorials

So what’s key to a quintessential “back to school hairstyle,” you ask? We’ll tell you:

1. Simplicity (natch, there are more important things to fuss over, like your GPA)
2. Minimal time commitment (gives you more time to cram for your tests)
3. Carefree (this is school, not a black tie event)

We’ve combed through beauty blogs, websites and YouTube for the prettiest, easiest, cool-girl hairstyles that are perfect for a variety of lengths and textures. Try one or try all of these back to school hairstyles.

Two Braided Buns And A Low Pony

The fabulous people over at Refinery29 recently posted a story with not one, but five different ponytail tutorials, as detailed by stylist Ryan Stone of Salon SCK. We’re highlighting the first one, which Stone says is ideal for “long, thick hair.” You’ll essentially create three ponytails in a vertical row. From there, just braid, twist and secure the top two sections and then let the bottom section remain as is. You can get the full tutorial on the website.

Back to School Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Inspired Hair

Here’s a cute and simple hairstyle tutorial by YouTube user brunettebellxo. The hairstyle was inspired by Lauren Conrad, arguably the Queen of All Hair. This style works well on both long and short hair, curly or straight. By the time you’re finished (don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to recreate), you’ll definitely be channeling beach babe LC to the max.

Messy Top Knot for Short Hair

In this video, YouTube user Milabu demonstrates how to get the perfect, messy topknot on medium to short length hair. She’s got lots of great tips to create that tousled, carefree look, especially for those who don’t have a lot of hair and for those who have layered hair. This 2-minute style is definitely approved for the classroom.

French Rope Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle

Tina from MakeupWearables Hairstyles is coming at you with a “French Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle” that you can do two ways. For this, you’ll create a half up pony tail and clip it out of the way. Then flip your head upside down and create a French rope braid from the nape of your to where it meets your previously gathered section. Combine the remaining hair from your French braid with the pulled up section of hair and you’re good to go. Alternatively, create a bun with the loose ends.

Hippie Braids

Here’s another down do, this one detailed by Amber of the Barefoot Blonde. It’s got four super simple steps, which means it won’t take long to recreate at all. Plus, it’s got that carefree, hippie-esque vibe that makes it particularly pretty. To replicate, you’ll create a 3-strand braid starting at your hairline. Then take the section of hair in front of the braid you just created, along with an equal section from the other side, and drape them both to the back of your head. Braid that combined section of hair and finish with hairspray.


Volumized Ponytail

While this volumized ponytail tutorial by Keiko Lynn is targeted to short-haired gals, it’ll also work for those of you with longer locks. You’ll begin by teasing out the top section of your hair and smoothing out the top layer as you create a half-up ponytail.. For extra volume, she says to push your hair up a little bit before securing with bobby pins. From there, gather the remaining section of hair and create a low ponytail.


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