Amy Paffrath Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Summer Crown Braid

We are super excited to bring you this exclusive hair tutorial today! We recently got an inside look within the walls of the renowned Brambila Salon in Santa Monica, California. What did we find? Only the stunning Amy Paffrath getting all styled up by salon owner, Mary Brambila!

Paffrath, the lovely former celebrity host of VH1’s Dating Naked, was craving a new summer look and knew that Brambila was the hair artist to give her just that.

“A good haircut and color is everything, but a new fresh summer style will give you that extra boost of confidence,” says Brambila. “When you look good you feel good, and at Brambila Salon that’s what we are all about — making ladies feel good and customizing their hair to their personality.”

We couldn’t agree more! Recreate this Amy Paffrath-inspired summer style by following Mary Brambila’s easy steps below.

Amy Paffrath Hair

Amy Paffrath Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Summer Crown Braid

1. Start with second day hair.

2. Pin the top layer of hair up. Begin curling the bottom layer of hair in 1½-inch sections. Use a 1-inch curling iron for medium to short hair like Amy’s.

3. Curl sections in rotating directions to give the hair extra body.

4. Spray each curl as you go with UNITE’s GO365 Hairspray.

5. Start your first braid at the temple on the left side, three “fingers” above the ear.

6. Braid to the back of the head and temporarily secure the end of your braid with a bobby pin.

7. Start your second braid at the temple on the other side. Use the waterfall technique to leave some of the hair behind as you braid back. “Water falling” is braiding with three pieces (similar to French braiding), but once you trade out a piece, you drop a piece of hair. Braid back to the bobby pin.

8. Once you reach the back/center of the head, secure both loose ends of the braid with bobby pins by criss crossing the bobby pins. Hide the pins by gently pulling loose hair over them.

9. The messier the better with this hot summer look! Think sexy bed or beach hair. Spread the braided hair gently with two fingers to loosen the braids up.


To learn more about Mary Brambila and Brambila Salon, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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