3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #2 The Party Bun

Hello there! My name is Reagan, I’m a hair blogger over at Hairdresser On Fire, and also a hairstylist at Whittemore House in NYC. I’m so excited to be here posting the second of three tutorials for three of my favorite updos! I have split them up into a three-part series here at Latest-Hairstyles, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!  These three updos are universally flattering and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

If you missed the first tutorial, no worries! Click HERE to learn how to do a beautiful braided chignon.

Today’s tutorial is for a beautiful messy bun which I’ve named ‘The Party Bun’. It’s so easy and can be done lots of different ways. I did a high bun so that you could see it better, but it also looks beautiful low at the nape like a ballerina.

the party bun updo


1. & 2. First step is to pull your hair up into a high pony tail. You can smooth it with your fingers for an undone look, or with a brush for more polished. I did it with a brush and then used my fingers to rumple up my hair line so that I could have the best of both!

3. Now you are going to want to tease the crap out of your pony tail. The more teasing you do, the bigger and more workable it’s going to be. Imagine a bird’s nest on your head, but in a good way. Just trust.

4. Next you’ll just loosely wrap your pony tail into a coil (like a snail shell!) to create an enormously chic bun.

5. Secure with a few bobby pins until it feels good and ready.

6. Look at that nesty bun on your head and smile with pride.

Now put on your tallest heels, head out for the party and never stop dancing.

**Photos by shotbyjake.com**