3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #1 The Braided Chignon

Hello there! My name is Reagan, I’m a hair blogger over at Hairdresser On Fire, and also a hairstylist at Whittemore House in NYC. I’m so excited to be here posting tutorials for three of my favorite updos! I’ll be splitting them up into a three-part series here at Latest-Hairstyles, and I hope you’ll enjoy them! These three updos are universally flattering and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Today’s tutorial is the braided chignon. This is one of those styles that you can make sleek and classic, or soft and romantic. Throw on some red lipsick and a necklace (and also some clothes, of course!) and go nail that party! For a little more advanced braiders, try this with a fishtail.



1. Start out by prepping your hair. Maybe some products for text or adding some curls. I prepped by a little teasing at the crown for lift.

2. Pull all your hair over to one side and braid it.

3. Coil the braid around itself (like a snail shell) and tuck the end underneath it. Pin in place.

4. Adjust it to your preference by smoothing hairs or pulling down pieces around your face. I pinned my overgrown bangs out of the way, pulled down some guys around my face and called it good!

5. & 6. Easy right? Try it out and let me know what you think! And make sure you come back next week to learn how to create my favorite bun!