3 High Fashion Hairstyles And How To Wear Them

3 high fashion hairstyles

Think all those fancy updos you see on the runway were meant for models only? Think again girls! We asked celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez to get the lowdown on three high fashion hairstyles we heart and how to rock ‘em.

Space Age Knots

space age high fashion hairstyle
“This look can be sectioned in any way,” says Ramirez. “Two knots make it classier and three knots will give you a more funky and daring look.” First, start with smooth clean hair and spray with a texturizing spray to create a thick straight texture. Section hair from brow bone to brow bone, and pull it back as if to create a half up half down style. Then ponytail that section.

Either section the rest of your hair into two sections or keep it as one, says Ramirez. Take this hair and ponytail it as well. Back-comb each ponytail from ends to root, almost like teasing the underneath part of your ponytail to make a cushion on one side. Then brush smooth the top of your ponytail, and roll the ends toward the base and pin them to your head. Finally, pull and spread the rolled hair ends together to close the knot and pin.

“Hidden Bun” Bardot Inspired Updo

hidden bun high fashion hairstyle“This look can easily go from the red carpet to a fancy night out,” says Ramirez. First, blow dry using a smoothing blow serum, and section the hair from ear to ear to separate the front from the back. Tease the roots in the back section to create volume. Then deep side part the front section to create two sections, parting it to whichever side you prefer. Next, brush the front sections to meet the back section, and bring everything to the nape of your neck. Now twist and tuck the remaining hair and pin under all the teased hair to create a hidden bun.    

Modern Day Punk Updo

modern punk high fashion hairstyle
Ramirez says this look is red carpet to everyday wear inspired by Cassie. To recreate it on your own, part from brow bone to brow bone, creating a horseshoe section on the top of your head and pin away. Take the hair remaining on the sides, and slick it back using a high shine slick wax. Then vertically twist, and pin the hair flat almost like a French twist, he says. Return to the top section, and using a large curling iron, curl towards the face. Once all the hair is curled, brush to one side and place your hair over that slicked side, leaving the other slicked side exposed. Dishevel and hairspray.