Learnin’ The Ropes: 6 Ways to Style a Rope Braid

We’ve written about the fishtail braid, the French plait and your standard 3-strand braid many a time. Today, though, we’re taking on the rope braid.

While the rope braid, sometimes referred to as a twist braid, typically only uses two strands, it does require a certain sort of finesse to make it look well done and polished.

Once you’ve mastered the art of manipulating your locks into what looks like a thick and sturdy rope, you can have all sorts of fun with it. We suggest you start with these rope braid tutorials below.

Soft Fairy Tale Hair with Rope Crown

Though rope braids have a reputation for being sort of clunky, this soft, fairy tale hair tutorial over at the Green Wedding Shoes blog proves you can make a rope braid look ultra feminine. For this look, you’ll want to start with curled hair, so break out your favorite wand. After you’ve finished curling, create a rope braid with a two inch section of hair taken from just behind your ear. Then drape it across the top of your head. Secure and spritz with hairspray to hold.

Fairy Tale Rope Braid Tutorial

Quick & Easy French Rope Braid Updo

Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode calls this rope hairstyle “quick and easy,” and based on how simple it was for us to recreate this look ourselves, we’d have to agree with her. In addition to the pictures and explanatory text, she also has a video up on her blog, so head over there if you need some more visuals! P.S. – She recommends this hairstyle for day two or day three hair!

French Rope Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Quick Ropey Side Braid Ponytail

This is one of those hairstyles you can put in your pocket for days when you’re running low on time. The end result packs a lot of bang and works for all sorts of settings. It’s not limited to the office, the sidewalk, the cafe, an evening out or lounging around your house. Tina from MakeupWearables Hairstyles walks you through the whole thing in this YouTube video. The ribbon adds that perfect touch.

Rope Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous milkmaid hairstyle? It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s easy to adorn and you can change it up depending on your mood. Next time you decide it’s a good day for a milkmaid braid, spice things up a little bit by using rope braids instead of your standard 3-strand variety. Mimi of Luxy Hair on YouTube, who is so lovable, talks you through the easy, peasy steps for this one.

Super Simple Rope Bun

Got three minutes? Then you’ve got time for a rope bun. We love this look as a topknot (a bun that sits right on top of your head) or as a bun that rests on the crown. To recreate this look by Chrissann at the Ducklings in a Row blog, simply gather hair in a ponytail, twist hair into a rope braid and coil around the base. Secure with bobby pins and you’re ready to take on the world.

Rope Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Twisted Rope Updo

If you’ve got long, thick hair, this is the hairstyle for you. Detailed by Kellie on the Kellie Falconer blog, this twisted rope updo is a great go-to hairstyle throughout the winter months. “This hairstyle is wonderfully suited to the holidays,” she writes,  “as it combines simplicity, ease, and a touch of glamour.” In addition to including pictures of each step, Kellie also created a video tutorial.

Twisted Rope Braid Updo Hairstyle

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of a flawless rope braid? Check out this rope braid tutorial.