25 Coolest Wolf Cut Mullets Women are Getting in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut mullet is a modern take on a classic shag, cut with heavy layers and tons of texture. It’s versatile and can be modified to fit different face shapes and hair types.

“Embrace the messy style,” says Missouri-based hairstylist and barber Jesse. “These cuts are meant to have texture and movement. Don’t be afraid to rough it up with your fingers or roll out of bed in the morning with a bit of a mess,” she adds.

Your lifestyle plays a vital role when you are considering a wolf cut and mullet. These cuts feature shorter layers, so pulling your hair into a bun or ponytail would be difficult. Otherwise, headbands and hats could be your best friends.

If you’re looking for a look that hits different, keep on scrolling. Inspirational photos here show the hottest wolf cut mullet ideas you can opt for!

Soft Wolf Cut Mullet Shag with a Fringe
Instagram @modernsalon

#1: Soft Mullet Shag with a Fringe

Try a soft mullet shag with bangs if you want a bold but soft look. A wolf cut haircut is trending right now! This hairstyle is the best of both worlds because there is a ton of texture but a soft and smooth finish.

#2: Long Wolf Mullet with Choppy Bangs

If you like to wear your hair in a new style, try a long wolf mullet and add some choppy bangs. Because of the short sides on this cut, your styling will be effortless. You can use a texture cream to accentuate the choppiness.

Mullet Shag with Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @craftyourhair

#3: Shag with Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair

For wavy hair types, try rocking a mullet shag with bangs. A shag has all the short layers around the face, but still has some length to play with in the back. Curtain bangs give the perfect face frame so your hairstyle will look and feel effortlessly on-trend.

Neck-Length Wolf Mullet
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#4: Neck-Length Wolf Mullet

One of the most trending hairstyles is a wolf mullet. This cut allows you to keep length at the nape of the neck with different lengths of layers throughout. In case you struggle with achieving volume, ask your stylist for products to help you get the most body. If you struggle with weird growth patterns and cowlicks, this haircut is perfect for you. Those inconveniences will help to add texture and shape to your haircut!

Wolf Mullet for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#5: Wolf Mullet for Mid-Length Hair

Walk on the wild side with a wolf mullet for mid-length hair. You must have medium to thick density if you want to definitely go for a wolf cut. All the layers will remove bulk and weight and would not be suitable for thin hair. Layers at the crown will provide body and volume for a full body shape.

Short Wolf Cut Mullet with Tousled Crown Layers
Instagram @thehairhuman

#6: Short Mullet with Tousled Crown Layers

A short mullet with tousled crown layers is perfect if you want a short style and a ton of volume on top. A wolf cut hairstyle is very popular right now. Ask your stylist for texture products and have some fun with your new locks!

Platinum Mid-Length Wolf Mullet
Instagram @gaylilhaircut

#7: Platinum Mid-Length Mullet

The platinum mid-length wolf mullet is super trendy right now. Think of it as a new take on the shag. It creates intrigue and lots of compliments. This cut is always tailored to show off your favorite features. The only drawback is if you decide to grow it out and go for a long, blunt look it will take lots of time with the cut. Growing it out will preferably be trimming the back up or close to the length of the front to create a more blunt look.

Shaggy Wolf Cut Mullet on Curly Hair
Instagram @olivejoos

#8: Shaggy Mullet on Curly Hair

Rocking a mullet on naturally curly hair is definitely a style you don’t see often. This haircut is also known as a wolf mullet cut, which is a vintage shag. In this case, you definitely need a bold personality, and a unique wardrobe to match.

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#9: Piece-y Wolf Cut Mullet for Women Over 60

A piece-y wolf cut for women of 60 is a fun, rock-n-roll type vibe. Your hair removed from the sides opens your face and eliminates unwanted shadows. Adding a texture spray defines the movement and gives volume to a mullet hairstyle, making styling a breeze.

Wolf Cut Mullet with Feathered Layers
Instagram @doza.style_stv

#10: Wolf Cut with Feathered Layers

Consider a wolf cut with layers if you’re inspired to try a trendy new look! This mullet style is a cross between a shag and a mullet haircut. Use a texture spray and have fun with the different feathered layers.

Baby Wolf Cut Mullet on Short Hair
Instagram @thecutbosss

#11: Baby Mullet on Short Hair

You should try a baby mullet on short hair if you are tired of a pixie, and searching for something new. A short mullet wolf cut is basically a pixie with a long back. This youthful shape should be styled closer to the head shape and the top should be moving forward. Try letting it air dry with a texture putty and you’ll rock this head-turner.

#12: Wavy Wolf Cut Mullet on Long Hair

If you would like something out of the ordinary, you should choose a wavy wolf cut. Don’t worry if you don’t have long hair, extensions can be added to the back for versatility. If you do have long hair ask your stylist to cut the top and sides short and disconnect the back leaving the length.

Undone Wolf Cut Mixie Haircut
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#13: Undone Mixie Haircut

Choose an undone mixie haircut if you are searching for something cool and unique. A wispy long back and short textured layers will get you this messy organic shape. Make sure your stylist cuts into your hair to create space and chunkiness. A short wolf is simple to style with a texture putty and your hands.

Layered Mullet Wolf Cut for Women Over 40
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#14: Layered Wolf Cut for Women Over 40

A layered wolf cut is a great way to add height and volume. This cut draws the eyes up and down creating an elongating and slimming effect.

#15: Shoulder-Length Mullet with Loose Curls

The mullet with loose curls is making a comeback! With all the different lengths and layers in your tresses, you will be able to show off your natural bounce. Spray some salt spray to enhance your curls so it holds all day.

#16: Sleek Wolf Cut Mullet with Wispy Bangs

If you’re searching for a current style, you should try a sleek wolf cut mullet with wispy bangs. Have your sides cut short and styled away from the face. The length should be long and layered to create a shaggy back. The texture should be added throughout to give you wispiness. A wolf haircut with bangs is a light and trendy haircut that is easy to style with a texture paste such as Pureology’s Mess It Up.

Medium Mullet Wolf Cut for Round Faces
Instagram @chillicouture

#17: Medium Wolf Cut for Round Faces

For a round face, try rocking a medium-length wolf cut. A wolf cut has heavy layering throughout for maximum texture and weight removal. A heavy face frame is great for a round face for instant slimming. This haircut is a rebellious and edgy cut that is totally trending.

Textured Wolf Shag Mullet on Medium Hair
Instagram @geiovan_styles

#18: Textured Wolf Shag on Medium Hair

Try a fun and edgy cut on medium-length hair with a textured wolf shag. A mix between a shag and a mullet, the wolf cut trend is full of textured layers. The wolf cut is fashion-forward and is perfect for medium to thick hair types. The bedhead style is easily created with texture spray. Mess up and go.

Wolf Cut Mullet Pixie Cut on Fine Hair
Instagram @sara.m.cr

#19: Mullet Pixie Cut on Fine Hair

Consider a mullet pixie cut if you’re a woman with fine hair. When you have fine hair, you can feel limited on haircut options, but this cut makes finer hair have more movement and can be styled with lots of volume. When going into the salon, ask for a wolf hairstyle done with a razor to ensure a light airy feel throughout your hair. To style, you can rough dry with a blow dryer using a salt spray for added texture, like R co’s Rockaway.

Undone Wolf Cut Mullet Shag with Micro Bangs
Instagram @messy_tresses

#20: Undone Mullet Shag with Micro Bangs

If you’re looking to spice up your look, try an undone mullet shag with micro bangs. A shag cut is best for women with a natural curl or wave and makes styling a breeze. By using a razor to cut your hair, your stylist can customize the style to perfectly fit your face shape and can carve into the cut in any way to suit your needs.

Choppy Textured Wolf Cut Mullet on Straight Hair
Instagram @ritzz_maritz

#21: Choppy Textured Mullet on Straight Hair

If you have straight hair but a lot of it, try a textured mullet. Choppy layers bring movement to straight hair that would normally just hang heavy. Wolf cut mullets are on trend and are easily styled with some texture spray. Flip hair upside down, spray and go.

Messy Mullet Wolf Cut Shag with Short Bangs
Instagram @elevatehair

#22: Messy Mullet Shag with Short Bangs

Go for a unique look with a messy shag with bangs. Tons of textured layers give body at the crown but length still in the back. Style with just a blow dryer and your fingers for an easy-breezy tousled look.

Medium-Length Wolf Cut Shaggy Mullet on Thick Hair
Instagram @stylesxstine

#23: Medium-Length Shaggy Mullet on Thick Hair

Try something edgy and cool with a medium-length shaggy mullet for thick-haired women. Have your hair feel light as a feather with a style that takes out tons of bulk and weight. Having some length in the back gives you some hair to play around with and have fun styling.

#24: Wolf Cut Mullet with Heavy Bangs

Add some edge to your long hair with a wolf. This haircut is great for many face shapes but is ideal for a more round face. The height on the top of the cut can have an elongating effect on the face and the heavy bangs can perfectly frame your eyes. A haircut like this is best if you have a good amount of long hair and want some more movement.

Razor Wolf Cut Mullet for Thin Hair
Instagram @hairbyfitz

#25: Razor Cut Mullet for Thin Hair

A razor cut mullet will bring life back to your thin tresses. Using a razoring technique will soften your ends to give them a lighter and airy look. Don’t forget the texture paste to hold in that style!