What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

In July, researchers at the University of Kansas released a study that said you can judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personality based on their kicks alone. Obvious characteristics such as gender or income aside, the University researchers found that people could guess other, less blatant, facts about a person just by gazing at their feet. For example, political affiliation, emotional stability and whether someone is an extrovert or introvert can all be revealed through their shoe choices.

That got me thinking. If you can figure out the type of person someone is simply by their shopping habits, then a person’s HAIR certainly reveals a decent amount of info as well.

So for fun, I’ve put together a guide on “what your hairstyle says about your personality.” Do note that it’s all in good fun and that none of the information is backed up by fancy schmancy research data from a university.

Short Pixie

pixie hairstyle

If you’re rocking a pixie cut, you’ve clearly got a little bit of sass and edge to you. It also says that you’re confident and not afraid to break the rules. Still, you’ve got a hint of sweetness that cannot be denied.

Vintage Inspired

vintage hairstyle

Those who wear pinup curls, loose vintage waves and retro-fab hair accessories are far less conservative than the women they’re modeling hair after. Still, their ability to combine both demure and dauntless personality traits is unparalleled.

Sleek and Slick

sleek hairstyle

Whether you’re sporting a neat chignon, a tight top knot or have simply slicked your hair back and away from your face, one thing’s for certain: people know not to mess with you. You’re likely driven, successful and not afraid to pursue your goals.

Au Naturel

natural hairstyle

Who needs loads of products and expensive treatments when you have such fabulous hair to show off? Whether you’ve got super curly hair, waves or naturally straight locks, embracing your true texture shows that you’re a positive, self-assured and carefree spirit.

Colorful Coiffure

colorful hairstyle

Ladies who don’t limit themselves to the traditional hair color wheel know no bounds. They’re drawn to all things creative, appreciate the quirks in others and possess the kind of imagination that will get them far.

Casual Curls

curled hairstyle

Are you the type with naturally straight or wavy hair, but insist on curling your mane every day? Those perfect, pretty ringlets let others know you’re a half-glass-full kind of gal who’s as young hearted as she is mature, and as sweet as she is cheeky.

Pin Straight

straight hairstyle

If you’re the type who takes extra time in the morning to straighten every kink out of your locks, it clearly shows you’re a patient person with attention to detail. Those with super straightened hair love to have a good time and aren’t afraid to let loose and throw caution to the wind.

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