28 Best Ways to Get The “Wet Hairstyle” Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Wet-Style Sleek Golden Blonde Hair
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#1: Sleek Golden Blonde Hair

Opt for a sleek, wet look for your next night out to keep your blonde hair smooth and well-groomed. Sleek looks require minimal effort and a bit of product to make you look put together. Avoid sleek, slicked-back styles if you don’t want your hair away from your face. They don’t cover or hide any part of your face. The sleek, wet look suits folks with second or third-day hair. The hair’s natural oils give it this glossy touch. To evenly distribute any oil or serum, brush with boar bristles. This prevents some hair parts from looking more moisturized than others.

#2: Short Black Slick Back

Show off your face with a stylish, short, black slick back hairstyle. A slick back style is perfect for looking stylish and glamorous while also giving an edgy vibe, depending on how you style it. A wet hairstyle, ideal for an oval face shape, highlights your attractive facial features. Johnson Aloe Baby Oil is a great product for achieving a shiny, slick appearance. Use a high-shine hair spray to hold the hairstyle in place for a long-lasting, sleek look.

#3: Wet Curly Wolf Cut

A curly wolf cut is now being styled wet. We are used to seeing the shaggy, fluffy, curled styles out there, and now an on-trend style is the wet look. Turn your wolf cut into a wet look, giving the disco era a new life. If you use mousse or gel on wet hair, it will still look wet when it dries. You can maintain this look or modify it to a different style by fluffing it out and then setting it.

#4: Wet and Slicked Back Shoulder-Length Hair

A wet and slicked-back hairstyle is a beautiful way to style your shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle is perfect for an event, or if you want a fun way to style your hair – it can elevate your everyday look. Be sure to take time to appropriately prep your hair. I suggest first using a round brush to blow-dry your hair into place. Then, carefully sweep it back from your face for the best look.

Short Wet Hairstyle with Short Bangs
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#5: Short Wet Hairstyle with Short Bangs

A wet hairstyle on short hair with bangs will give you an elegant and easy day-to-day look. You can achieve this look by styling when your hair is still wet and using a strong hold gel to sleek back.

#6: High Bun with Pinned Waves and Gems

Use gems to add extra sparkle to a high bun paired with pinned waves. The gems will enhance the aesthetic details that went into the creation of this updo.

#7: Easy Brushed-Back Sleek Hairstyle

Try an easy, brushed-back sleek hairstyle. A wet hair look can be either sophisticated or casual, and you can adjust it based on your outfit for the day. Consider where your hair part looks best with your face shape. Then, apply wet-look gels to damp hair. The gel will dry, but your hair will continue to look wet.

#8: Chic Wavy Tousled Bob

A tousled bob is a chic way to follow the wet hairstyle trend. You can keep the bob shiny, not too wet, by using hair gel and oil in balance while styling.

Medium-Length Wet Brush Back Style
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#9: Medium-Length Wet Brush Back Style

Here’s a medium-length wet brushed-back style. Suppose you’re looking for an easy way to dress up your style. Consider a brushed-back, wet-look. Loreal offers quality wet-look hair products. You can apply these on damp hair, combing back from the top of your head in a direction that suits your face shape. Experiment with different partings to see what suits you best. The style suits sultry women who often wear cocktail dresses and apply smokey eye makeup.

Collarbone-Length Side Part Wet Look with Choppy Ends
Instagram @loaiza.mua

#10: Side Part Wet Look with Choppy Ends

Try a new style that involves a side part of wet-looking hair with uneven ends. First, you need a long bob hairstyle with sharply trimmed ends. This will be easy to slick back. Try applying a heavy gel to wet hair to keep your style in place. Use your comb to create a side part and tuck the hair behind your ears. Let your hair dry, and add a barrette to the side for a fancy finish.

#11: Slick Back Wet Bob Hairstyle

A slick-back wet bob hairstyle is a simple but elegant choice for a fancy wedding or night out. You’ll want to use a firm-hold gel to keep your hair in place all night.

Wet Finger Waves on Short-Length Hair
Instagram @rubydevine

#12: Finger Waves on Short-Length Hair

Finger waves look incredible on short-length hair. The retro yet edgy style is the perfect way to wear the wet-look hair trend.

#13: Wet Wavy Long Bob

A wet, wavy long bob evokes major mermaid vibes. This could be a refreshing hairstyle during the summer months.

Wet Waves and Deep Side Part on Long Hair
Instagram @hairbygenti

#14: Wet Waves on Long Hair

Wet waves on long hair look gorgeous with a Hollywood glamour edge.

#15: Wet Look with Messy Beach Waves

This wet look with messy beach waves is gorgeous! Not only does the hair’s texture strike the perfect balance between casual beach style and glamour, but the added facial details create a unique and cutting-edge style.

Short-Length Wet Mullet with Undercut
Instagram @chillicouture

#16: Wet Mullet with Undercut

This wet mullet with an undercut is perfect for anyone who loves a punk-influenced hairstyle with a modern twist.

Wet and Sleek Ballerina Bun with Ribbon
Instagram @timmyhairdo

#17: Sleek Ballerina Bun with Ribbon

A sleek bun with ribbon adds an elegant touch for a ballerina, a bridesmaid, or for anyone dressing up for a night out. Using gel helps to achieve the sleek look by holding the hair back while also giving it a wet look. Adding a cute ribbon to your bun can make your style look youthful.

#18: Effortless Wet Look on Short Hair

You can create an effortless wet look on short hair. A wet look for your pixie can give you a fresh new look. Try adding beautiful petal-like strands around your face. Use a fine-tooth comb and gel to shape the hair in the style you want it to dry.

Neck-Length Straight Wet Bob
Instagram @hairdresser.adri

#19: Neck-Length Wet Bob

Consider a neck-length wet bob haircut. To stay on trend with a wet style, add Wella Shockwave to your short bob. This method will provide you with an all-day wet look. This is a simple yet sophisticated style that you can wear to your business meetings. Start by wetting your hair before applying Wella Shockwave. Then, use a fine-tooth comb to set your hair in place.

Swept Back Wet Style on Mid Back-Length Hair
Instagram @authenticbeautyconcept.se

#20: Swept Back Wet Style on Mid Back-Length Hair

A swept-back wet style works great on mid-back-length hair. This style offers an attractive addition to the wet hair trend, especially for longer, sleek looks. Creating this style requires a lot of product, especially for longer hair. If you seek quality, vegan, and clean wet-styling products, consider trying Authentic Beauty Systems. It suits all hair textures.

Wet Vertical Space Buns with Face Frame and Gems
Instagram @taiyahair

#21: Vertical Space Buns with Face Frame and Gems

Here are two vertical space buns complemented with face-framing strands and adorned with gems. This inspirational style stands out if you’re interested in a wet look. Face-framing pieces enhance a wet look on long or square faces. You can comb and shape them to accent your features. The buns are arranged vertically, giving a playful & space-girl vibe. Gems are added for sparkle.

Slicked Back Wet Medium Blonde Hair
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#22: Slicked Back Blonde Hair

Consider a slicked-back blonde hairstyle. Try this wet-look style for a trendy new hairstyle. Loreal makes a great ‘Wet Look’ gel. Apply this gel to the sides and crown of your hair and leave the back dry and straight for an elegant finish.

#23: Sleek Casual Twisted Bun

To make your bun look stylish, incorporate a classic French twist. Use a sleek gel to give your hair a shine and hold it back. Then, secure a low French twist on the nape area with bobby pins. The French twist should be diagonal to the shape of your head. These hairstyling tips are easy to follow and can elevate your night look.

#24: Wet Textured Pixie Cut

A wet textured pixie cut is perfect for the boss babe look. Ask your stylist for a classic pixie with a soft textured bang. This cut also includes hair over the ears and at the nape hairline. Use a Loreal WetLook product to keep this style chic. It makes your hair look wet even when it’s dry.

#25: Sleek Short Hair with Deep Side Part

Sleek short hair with a deep side part is chic and very easy to style. You can easily get this look. Just use a firm hold gel and a fine toothcomb. Comb your hair in the way you want it dry. The side part adds a classic, elegant touch to this look.

Wet-Style Curly Bob for Older Women
Instagram @haaroase

#26: Wet-Style Curly Bob

A wet-style curly bob is an easy-to-maintain haircut closely cropped around the face. It looks fresh and lively like you’ve just given your curly or wavy hair a wash, and you’re ready to go on with your day. This haircut looks perfect on those with naturally curly or wavy hair. I recommend using a glossy curl gel to add extra shine and definition.

Shoulder-Length Wet Laid Back Hair
Instagram @evastromblad

#27: Shoulder-Length Wet Laid Back Hair

Here’s a wet, shoulder-length, laid-back hairstyle. A hairstyle with a ‘wet look’ can appear laid-back, business casual, or sophisticated. The presentation of this style varies with the time of day and the outfit worn. This style features a semi-wet look, emphasizing a sleek head shape with dry ends, projecting a chilled-out vibe.

Tapered Wet Long Pixie
Instagram @taku_sassoon

#28: Tapered Wet Long Pixie

Try the hairstyle of a long, tapered, wet pixie cut. If the long pixie cut is well-executed, the hairstyle will look stunning when styled slicked back. You should aim for a rounded bulk at the back of your head and achieve this look with a narrow neck. Keeping the hair longer on top will help create this rounded bulk and make it easier for you to style it slicked back. You’ll adore the neat finish, which is easy to handle.

Ready for a fresh look? Wet hairstyles are in, and you’re about to feel like a pro at creating them. No matter your hair type, face shape, or lifestyle, expert Haylee Calamia is here with tips and tricks for you.

Meet The Expert

Haylee Calamia
Haylee Calamia
Haylee is a Master Stylist & Educator with over 7 years of experience.
You can find her at Camaraderie Barber + Beauty by Youphoria in Lancaster, PA.

Recognize Your Hair Type

Are you all proud of your hair density? That’s right, you should be. Whether fine, average, or thick, Haylee says it’s vital to know your density range. The same applies to hair texture. Are you wavy, straight, curly, or coily? Recognizing your hair’s quirks will be key to styling.

Haylee advises using a light product for those with low to medium density and straight to wavy hair. Folks with curly to coily hair of medium to high density can use a thicker product. Mixing the two products will work best for lower-density but coily hair.

Make Friends with Your Face Shape

As fun as styling can be, remember to show off your face shape. Haylee is all about bringing out their unique beauty. So whether you are oval, oblong, round, diamond, triangle, or square, you have it made.

For an oblong face shape, add more volume to the cheekbones. A round face will benefit from the volume at the top, plus some blunt lines. Diamonds focus on reducing cheekbone width but add volume around the chin and fringe. If you have a triangle face shape, add volume at the temple zone or width around the chin, depending on which area is narrower. With a square face, add some volume in the crown to enhance the length and soften those angles.

Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Products

Shine, moisturize your hair, and wave at frizz with Haylee’s go-to product, Davines This is a Blowdry Primer. Use it with a large round brush. Follow up with a one-inch curling iron for soft waves. Then, apply Davines This Is A Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid and use the This is an Oil Non Oil to create that wet look. Cap it off with a mist of This is a Shimmering Mist.

No time? No problem. Davines This Is A Shine Wax with some OI Oil that will do the trick. It quickly creates a sleek and glossy look and keeps your hair moist.

Photos of the Most Gorgeous Wet Hairstyles for Women