22 Foxy ’60s Hairstyles That You Can Wear

1960's hairstyles

60s hairstyles are making a comeback! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m trailing miles behind the bandwagon, but I recently began watching Mad Men and I’m officially hooked. Like, the kind of hooked where I felt it necessary to go home early from a party and watch five (okay, maybe it was seven) consecutive episodes before going to bed at 2:47 a.m. (but only because my tablet battery died and I couldn’t muster the strength to get the charger). Ahem.

Anyway, like others who’ve gotten sucked into this ’60s drama TV show, I’ve quickly developed an obsession with the makeup, costumes and, naturally, the glorious hair. Especially the hairstyles in the 60s. So, when I visited the Hair Dresser on Fire blog a few days ago and the first thing I saw was a “60s Hair Headband” tutorial, I was instantly inspired to do a roundup of wearable ’60s hairstyles.

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Baby Beehive 60’s Hairstyle

Baby Beehive 60's Hairstyle
Instagram @by_valerix

Emulate this vintage ’60s style with a modern twist for a very chic everyday look – a sweet half-up half-down hairstyle fronted by a neat side bang.

Brigitte Bardot Ponytail from the 60’s

Bardot Ponytail from the 60's
Instagram @beautyby3hairsalon

Deviate your style from the usual tied up hair and opt for this super voluminous tail to make your tresses appear dense and interesting, like Brigitte Bardot.

Classic Pin Curls for Vintage Girls

Classic Pin Curls for Vintage Girls
Instagram @beautybymissruby

These luscious waves have been in style since the 18th century and will forever be a classic symbol of elegance and grace! Use your best hairspray for lasting goodness and finish with a floral piece for added feminine touch.

Way Out Bouffant 60s Hair

Way Out Bouffant 60s Hair
Instagram @carlosferraz_

Bring back the golden days when a way-out bouffant is the hottest thing! Get an idea from this 60s trend to flaunt your mid-length, dark tresses with uniqueness. Styling it with texture, waves and face-framing pieces will be a gorgeous final touch.

Hippie Chic 1960’s Hairstyle

Hippie Chic 1960's Hairstyle
Instagram @annawrecksit

If you’re looking for hairstyles of the 60s, this center part straight layered hair with curled ends is absolutely a must-try! It also has an elongating effect that’s perfect for short and round faces.

Long Shag Hair From the 60’s Era

Long Shag Hair From the 60's Era
Instagram @edoswhitefox

Relive the decade of love with this long layered shag. Use your favorite sea salt spray for added texture which is a must for any long hair 60’s hairstyle.

Bob with ’60s Hair Headband

Bob with '60s Hair Headband
Instagram @i.paint.hair

Q&A with style creator, Chantel Cody
Hairstylist @ Kiyo Hair Salon in Parksville, BC

How would you describe this?

This bob with 60’s hair headband says class, yet it’s also fun and sassy! It has all feel from the ’60s with a modern twist that could easily be pulled off on the daily. The best thing about it? It’s a faux bob, so almost any length can achieve it!

What’s your best advice?

If you were considering giving the faux bob a go you’ll need a few things: 1″ curling iron, Bobby pins, cute accessories (headband, head scarf, vintage or inspired clips, fascinator etc.), and hairspray.

If your hair is insanely thick, it’ll be tricky to have it stay up in place. Instead, try to braid the hair underneath and hide it away, curl the top and pin to the braid, using it as an anchor.

Fine hair ladies? It’s a little easier, as you can get away with curling your hair and pinning it up in place. A little backcombing underneath too doesn’t hurt!

Pro tip! Instead of curling your hair down, turn your iron around and curl your hair up! So everything is flipping and curling upwards.

The retro faux bob is a great sixties style for an evening out with your gal pals, a hot date, a fun style for a wedding, or even a trip to the grocery store. Dress it up or down, you decide!

The Bowl Cut for Short 60’s Hair

Q&A with style creator, Gerrard Reilly Hair
Colour Specialist @ Reuben Wood Creatives in Manchester, UK

How would you describe this?

This 1960 hair is another take on Vidal Sassoon’ ’60s Grace Coddington famous haircut. The short hair features strong lines with a soft texture.

What’s your best advice?

If you want a strong 60s hairstyle like this, it’s best worn on thicker, smoother hair, as it sits better on this hair type. Although, if a woman has curlier hair or even finer hair, it could also work. But, be aware more styling will be required.

Try Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again lotion. Section all hair to the front of your head and blow drying with a small round bristle brush for extra shine. Then use some Kevin Murphy Free.Hold paste to create soft movement through the top section of the hair after styling.

Groovy Middle Part for 60’s Women

Q&A with style creator, Stacy Oviedo
Apprentice @ Seagull Haircutters in New York, NY

How would you describe this?

This 60’s haircut gives off a cool mod girl vibe. The middle part very chic and casual, taking cues from Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin’s softer, effortless long hair.

What’s your best advice?

To recreate hairstyles from the 60s, start with some smoothing product and begin blow-drying your hair with your fingers, overdirecting the angle of your hair upwards for some volume (especially in the crown area of your head!). This can be messy, as you’re going for a tousled style.

After it’s dry, run a wave wand or thicker barreled curling iron through your hair, focusing on the front areas. Run your fingers through the curls before they completely cool, so that they loosen up into pretty waves.

For an extra ’60s vibe, section the hair out on your crown, and softly tease the section farthest from your face for added volume and drape the top section over the volumized one.

Flipped Bob with Swept Bangs 1960’s Hair

Flipped Bob with Swept Bangs 1960's Hair
Instagram @bombshellbarbi

Q&A with style creator, Barbi Barrett Costanza
Hairstylist / Owner @ Bombshell Hair Design in Chandler, AZ

How would you describe this?

This is a 60’s inspired flipped bob. This big hair can be worn all the way from casual to formal, simply by changing the accessories. Back in the 60’s headscarfs were very popular.

What’s your best advice?

The amount of time required to achieve this 60s haircut would depend on the hair type. It’s very important to have a great cut. If you have very fine hair, use a root lift product before drying with a round brush to achieve a maximum lift. Then use a dry shampoo before back-combing the crown and finish with a firm hold spray.

60s-Inspired Mod Side Part

60s-Inspired Mod Side Part
Instagram @theresa_padin

Q&A with style creator, Theresa Padin
Hair and Makeup Artist @ Hair and Makeup by Theresa Padin in Manila, Philippines

How would you describe this?

We love hippie hairstyles and the conservative looks combined. This ’60s-inspired “mod” (coined from modernist) 60s hair always gives the excitement of how it feels to relive history without looking overly done.

What’s your best advice?

When it comes to 60s hairstyles, hairstyle and outfit are two sides of the coin. So when you want this 60s hair style, always, always consider the clothes you’re wearing. Never go too far from how people of the ’60s sported the decade.

For side part and long 1960s hairstyles like this, teasing always comes in handy. The good thing is that innovation these days has made it easier with the “hair rats” or clip-in volumizers now easily available. But of course, headbands will go a long way!

Flipped Out Long Bob Hair from the 1960’s

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Marie
Blowout Bar Specialist @ Reche Hair Studio Blowout Bar and Academy in Metuchen, NJ

How would you describe this?

This is a voluminous, ’60s hair style. It’s super fun and playful.

The best part about this 1960’s hairstyle is the height because the bigger the hair the better!

What’s your best advice?

Medium 60’s hairstyles like this one are for women with fine to medium hair. Using a round brush to blow out the hair will help to achieve lift at the root, as well as smoothing the hair into the flip at the ends. With a little help from a texture spray, you can tease the top to get a little extra height in your short hair, and finish it with some hairspray.

60’s Beehive Updo for Vintage Women

Q&A with style creator, Chloe Duncan
Hairstylist @ Love Locks Bridal Hair in West Midlands, UK

How would you describe this?

If you’re looking for 60s hair styles, a beehive is perfect. This bee hive hair style has elegance and sophistication, but is also quite fun with its ’60s updo hairstyles throwback.

What’s your best advice?

Expect lots of backcombing and hairspray when creatings 60s hairstyles on long hair. Lots of hairspray! A beehive is great for all hair types and lengths and is a great go-to sixties hairstyle if you want something effortless that still looks “done”.

1960’s Inspired Blunt Chin-Length Bob

Q&A with style creator, Erin Backman
Stylist @ The Colour Bar Salon in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this?

If you love pin-up styling and ’60s styles, this is a great combination of the two. There was a classic approach to it, going back to Vidal Sassoon techniques, to achieve a timeless bob.

What’s your best advice?

60s hairstyles like this blunt bob are ideal for a woman who is committed to styling their hair on a regular basis. Use either a round brush or flat brush to encourage the style to fall of the bob and correctly. Use a product with hold (like a mousse or gel) for the blow dry.

Polished Curtain Bangs Shag 60’s Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Nicole
Senior Stylist and Colorist @ Ludlow Blunt in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe this?

This is a modern, ’60s-inspired hairstyle. It features parted bangs and face-framing layers. This haircut is amazing for women who want low maintenance from day to day, but can also have it styled and polished when need be.

What’s your best advice?

This haircut looks amazing with natural hair texture and minimal styling. However, if you’re not ready for layers and movement, don’t consider this 60’s hairstyle. Curtain bangs are great for women who want a new style without having to fully commit to a fringe. They are very versatile and can be worn side-swept or down the middle. They are also very easy to grow out if you don’t love them.

To style 60s hairstyles like this, use a round brush blow out with Dallas thickening spray by R+Co to add texture. Stay away from products that can weigh the hair down since you want max volume with a lot of movement.

After the blowout, use BadLands dry shampoo by R+Co at the root to give a grittier texture and volume. Then tease the crown of your head to give it a little ’60s bump. The dry shampoo helps the hair from going limp throughout the day. Finish with Outer Space flexible hairspray by R+Co.

Glam Chignon 1960’s Inspired Hairstyle

Q&A with style creator, Charmaine Shanahan
Freelance Hairdresser in Surrey / Middlesex, England

How would you describe this?

This is the chignon of the ’60s era. It features big volume, shape, and smoothness. The height in the top and chignon bun is very “in” at the moment, but also has a retro vibe. Everything comes back around with hair fashion, plus it’s very glamorous! 1960’s hairstyles like this offer a hint of vintage.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re considering trying 1960 hairstyles, you will need hair past the shoulders that is preferably one length and thick. The hair will need to be smoothed out first before putting up, and hair padding is required to achieve full sixties hairstyles.

Elegant ’60s Updo

Elegant '60s Updo
Instagram @evavykopalova

Q&A with style creator, Eva Vykopalova
Haidresser / Stylist / Colourist @ Salon Šarm in Slusovice, CZ

How would you describe this?

This is an elegant 60s updo. Updo hairstyles like this one shout dominance. It stands up, but it still looks elegant. The fringe to the side makes the whole updo softer.

What’s your best advice?

It’s best to wash your hair the day before for better texture and easier manipulation.

Use Tecni Art Crepage de Chignon by LOréal Professionnel before backcombing the crown area. Then pin a hair padding on the crown and cover it with backcombed hair.

Use the hairspray Infinium by LOréal Professionnel. The nape section was rolled and secured with bobby pins and again fixed with hairspray.

Retro 1960’s French Twist

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Smith
Stylist & Make-up Artist @ Ashley Smith Beauty in Denver, CO

How would you describe this?

This hairstyle is inspired by the TV show Mad Men and the swinging 1960s era. It’s a modern take on a classic French twist.

What’s your best advice?

I recommend French lacing or backcombing both sides before rolling the French twist. Use L’oreal Professionnel’s Infinium 3 Tecniart Hairspray to build flexible hold and Extreme Laquer to finish the style.

This type of French twist works best with medium to long hair on any hair texture. 60s hairstyles like this French twist works well with all face shapes, depending on how you style the front.

The French twist is a great option for an upstyle because it can be personalized to you. It can be dressed up, classic, or even edgy.

’60s Hair Headband

I’ll start with Reagan’s hair headband mentioned above. It’s part of her “In a Hairry” series and only requires five minutes of your time, a teasing comb and a few bobby pins. Just part your hair as desired, braid two sections of hair on either side, cross over the top of your head and pin. Tease the crown to achieve that classic ’60s bump and walk out the door looking every part of a stone fox.

Hairdresser on Fire – In A Hairry – The Date from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Baby Beehive Headscarf for a 60s Style

Baby Beehive Headscarf for a 60s Style

Wearing a towering beehive reminiscent of Marge Simpson will surely earn you the wrong kind of attention, but a more subtle versions sporting headscarves are definitely appropriate for everyday sidewalks. Flare.com’s beauty guru Hannah Johnson shows you how to re-create the “baby beehive” hairstyle that was seen on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 runway. Paired with soft and tonal makeup, this feminine style is wonderful for a date night, soiree or evening with the girls. View the video tutorial below.

Classic 60s Pin Curls for Vintage Girls

Classic 60s Pin Curls for Vintage Girls

Melissa from A Ruby Red takes the authentic route by following a pin curl pattern straight from a retro magazine tutorial. Pin curls — which were still all the rage in the early to mid ’60s — are created by wrapping damp hair into loops and pinning tightly against the scalp. After your hair dries (many women waited overnight, but you can expedite the process by blow drying), remove the pins and brush out. Follow YouTube User PinupDollAshleyMarie’s tutorial or try the pattern pictured here.

pin curl pattern

How to Create a 60s Bardot Ponytail

How to Create a 60s Bardot Ponytail

A good tease made or break any 1960s hairdo and this retro ponytail inspired by Brigitte Bardot makes no exception. Hair expert Chris Lospalluto teaches you how to create the ideal tease on Caroline Knapp (of Sweet Caroline in the City). After teasing, he gathers into a low ponytail, which accentuates the big volume created at the crown. All you need for this ‘do is hairspray, a teasing comb and an elastic.