47 Cutest Wash and Wear Haircuts for Women Over 50

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking for inspiring pictures of popular wash-and-wear haircuts for women over 50, then you’re in the right place!

A wash-and-wear haircut is a cut of any length that needs little to no styling. There is something liberating about owning a cut that will save you time and products!

These looks can take minutes off your styling routine. Whether it’s a pixie, a lob, or long hair, the right cut should not just be easy to maintain but also fitting to yourself.

“Communication during the consultation is key,” says hairstylist Marcy Wiegart from Missouri. Ask your trusted stylist about what suits your hair type. “Curly, straight, coarse, fine – all these can drastically change the style that you choose. Not every style is attainable on every hair texture,” she shares.

Your next question should be, “how often should I come in for a cut?” She tells us that “regular haircuts are key for any style, but some are more high maintenance than others. A pixie or short, sculpted bob will need frequent cuts as opposed to a longer, more casual style. If you can’t commit to certain levels of maintenance then that cut may not be best for your lifestyle.”

Purple shampoo and deep conditioner should be your new best friends. According to Marcy, “purple shampoo can help keep your hair toned and bright. Silver hair tends to be dry or coarse, and a weekly deep conditioner keeps it smoother and less frizzy.”

Enjoy these photos of wash-and-wear haircut ideas for women in their fifties!

Wash-and-Wear Ash Brown Long Bob Cut for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @novaperruquers

#1: Ash Brown Long Bob Cut

Ease of style and manageability are key for effortless wash-and-wear looks. A long bob with no layers makes this style super easy to manage for a wash-and-go routine. An ashy brown is ideal to seamlessly merge any greys for women seeking a more unified hair look. The result is a low-maintenance haircut and color combination.

Wash-and-Wear Wavy Lob for Thin Haired 50-year-olds

#2 Wavy Lob for Thin Hair

Aim for a subtle volume and achieve fuller-looking tresses. Here’s the perfect wavy lob for your thin hair. Embrace brown balayage on a medium-length mane to frame and freshen up your face.

#3: Swept Back Curls with Bangs

Swept back curls with bangs make a flattering and youthful hairstyle. What’s best about it is it only needs lesser effort to maintain. Such a hair trend is a good ol’ style with a touch of the modern one. Mature ladies can relate to it and sport it very well than anyone else!

#4: Curled Pixie with Pink and Blue Accents

It’s always exciting to have an adventurous client in your chair who wants an interesting look. This woman has naturally curly hair that can be easily styled into a shorter pixie cut. I’m adding pink and blue accents for a more unique touch.

Wash and Wear Dark Curly Pixie for Older Ladies in Their 50s
Instagram @raffacambrussi

#5: Dark Curly Pixie

If you have this type of hair, a pixie cut could be the most manageable style. A pixie cut removes a lot of the hair’s weight and is a style that’s easy to manage and quick to style.

Wash-and-Wear Short Shaggy Mullet with Sweeping Bangs for Ladies Over 50 and Up
Instagram @piatupop

#6: Shaggy Mullet with Sweeping Bangs

A mullet is not as trendy as before. However, a shaggy mullet with sweeping bangs can prove the opposite. Instead of a short, normal haircut, ask for a shaggy mullet. You can enjoy being both stylish and practical!

Low-Maintenance Pixie Hair with Deep Side Part for Older Women Over 50
Instagram @giboazhair

#7: Pixie Hair with Deep Side Part

We’re excited to share that Pixie Power has arrived! If you’re looking for an essential example of chic pixie style, opt for a haircut with a deep side part. It’s a simple but fashionable choice that’s sure to turn heads.

Easy-Maintenance Natural Grey Pixie with Long Bangs for Seniors Aged 50 with Specs
Instagram @cleitonastro

#8: Natural Grey Pixie with Long Bangs

A pixie cut in natural grey, along with long bangs, is a good option for hair that’s showing signs of aging. Not only does the style of the pixie cut compliment faces and hair that show signs of aging, but it also looks attractive in silver and mixed black and white colors.

#9: Copper Pixie with Shorter Pieces

People with fuller face shapes look stunning with a face-framing pixie cut. A pixie cut with shorter crown layers adds body and texture. Use your styling to outline and highlight the shape you like best. Pixie cuts, like all haircuts, can be customized to suit your style. When your hairstylist considers all your features, like hair texture and density, the result can be magical.

Choppy Pixie with Short Side-Swept Bangs on Lades Over 50 with Fine Hair
Instagram @cajahsalon

#10: Choppy Pixie with Short Side-Swept Bangs

Wash, rinse, and go with a choppy pixie and side-swept bangs! This sharp and cute cut, with its extra short length and super choppy layers, will make your mornings a breeze. No more struggling with styling!

Wear and Wash Undercut Pixie with Blunt Bangs for 50-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @dinh_hairsalon

#11: Undercut Pixie with Blunt Bangs

A short pixie cut with blunt bangs suits older women who like to show their artsy side. This posh crop needs little to set, but it gives a big change in your total look.

Short Peach Pixie with Voluminous Layers for Women Aged 50 and Up
Instagram @piatupop

#12: Peach Pixie with Voluminous Layers

The peach color pairs with a very specific type of hair, and this is a great example of that match. The texturized pixie hairstyle not only complements the color but also adds more depth, creating a dimensional effect.

Easy-to-Wear Soft Blonde Baby Shag with Bangs for Mature Women Aged Fifty
Instagram @thefringefairy

#13: Soft Blonde Baby Shag with Bangs

This year, many people love a soft blonde baby shag with bangs! This hairstyle, reflecting a sense of nostalgia yet fashionable, will boost your confidence with its light and airy layers of manageable length.

Wash and Wear Very Short Hair with Baby Bangs for 50-Year-Old Women
Instagram @winkasheville

#14: Very Short Hair with Baby Bangs

A very short haircut with baby bangs could be your choice. Live your life confidently and boldly. If you are a woman over 50 and want an easy-to-maintain style, try a French Bob with a micro bang.

#15: Medium Wavy Hair with Choppy Layers

It’s great to wear your natural hair texture comfortably and look attractive at the same time. Use Afterworld Organics Glow Cleanser for a co-Wash, and then style it into a razor-cut shag. Crown layers and side framing petals help to unleash your wave patterns. Salty sprays and balms can further enhance the look. Try using the Cult King Jelly Balm as your next product purchase to create hold and texture.

#16: Textured Pixie with Light Brown Color

One way to style your hair with minimal daily upkeep is to keep it short. A short, wavy, medium-textured hairstyle can create a natural wave and add movement to a pixie haircut. Using a matte balm such as Wax from Hairstory provides style control without making your hair heavy. Plan salon visits every 4-6 weeks for maintenance, or allow your hair to grow into a ‘pixie shag’ when you’re ready to change styles.

#17: Shoulder-Length Shag with Heavy Bangs

Opt for a shoulder-length shag with heavy bangs. Let your texture show in a carefree shag hairstyle that highlights your eyes and promotes wave formation. A soft, full bang can appear as a thin middle section with fuller sections framing the face. This hairstyle, when expertly blended into a layered shag, provides ample room for glasses and to show off prominent cheekbones. Maintain the style using afterworld organic Moisture lock for hold and touch-ability.

Shoulder-Grazing Layered Curly Cut with Middle Part for Black Women Over 50
Instagram @m.albernaz

#18: Layered Curly Cut with Middle Part

A middle-parted, layered curly cut is a stunning style. It gives layers and volume to hair without the dreaded ‘triangle hair’ effect.

Short Stacked Pixie Cut with Side Fringe for 50-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @yp_hair

#19: Short Stacked Pixie Cut with Side Fringe

A short-stacked pixie cut with a side fringe is an elegant and classy hairstyle that is easy to maintain and even easier to style. Even better, this crop looks particularly gorgeous in silvery and blonde tones.

#20: Messy Pixie with Partial Highlights

A messy pixie cut with partial highlights is a quick, easy style. It’s perfect for those who want less prep time in the morning. The highlights add brightness, and the layers provide a rough texture. Both make styling easy.

#21: Feathered Spiky Pixie Cut

There are several styles of pixie cuts, including the spiky version. You can either use a hard gel while the hair is wet to add spikes or let it air dry and then apply styling wax or hairspray to spike it up. Texture paste and clay create a matte look, whereas gels and hairspray give a shiny, wet appearance.

#22: Blonde Piece-y Pixie Bob

A blonde pixie bob is a popular and easy-to-style haircut for aging hair. People like this style for a good reason. You can easily customize this attractive style to match your face shape and skin color. Plus, it keeps the easy wash-and-go routine.

Jaw-Length White Bob with Blunt Ends for Older Ladies Over Fifty with Glasses
Instagram @gracebogliasco

#23: Jaw-Length White Bob with Blunt Ends

If you’re going grey or are already fully there, you’ve got to try a jaw-length white bob with blunt ends. This type of bob style is not only trendy for aging hair but also very easy to maintain.

Jaw-Length Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs for Wash and Wear Women Over Fifty with Blonde Hair
Instagram @gracebogliasco

#24: Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs

Love your curls but need a change? Consider trying a curly inverted bob with bangs. The shorter length of the haircut makes it easier to manage curls and gives them more life and volume.

Easy-Styling Straight Short Hair with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 50
Instagram @gracebogliasco

#25: Straight Short Hair with Wispy Bangs

Those with thin or straight hair should consider a short, straight haircut with light bangs. This hairstyle isn’t just easy to manage in the mornings, it’s also very stylish. You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality!

Wash-and-Wear Side Part Pixie for Thinning Hair for Women Aged 50
Instagram @gracebogliasco

#26: Side Part Pixie for Thinning Hair

A side-parted pixie is a simple way to boost body on thinning hair. Not only will the shorter length make finer hair look fuller, but the side part can be tailored to cover any areas with thinner patches.

#27: Chest-Length Tousled Hair with Waterfall Fringe

If you want a wash-and-go style, chest-length tousled hair with a waterfall fringe is perfect for you. This sultry, shaggy chop saves styling time. You’ll be out the door quickly, feeling confident.

#28: Gorgeous Long Hairstyle

It’s easy to maintain a long style with a natural wavy texture. Use the right products like Hairstory Balm and Undressed on wet hair to hold the style for the entire day and even multiple days. The key is to allow your hair to air dry completely, then use your fingers to break it up and fluff. You can minimize frizz by avoiding touching your hair too much while it’s wet.

Wash and Wear Face-Framing Layers on Natural Silver Hair for Women Aged 50
Instagram @salsalhair

#29: Face-Framing Layers on Natural Silver Hair

Camouflage those pesky fine lines with a face-framing haircut with layers. Face-framing layers are layers that are cut shorter around your face. They can be cut to each person to help soften or blur features you dislike and enhance features you love.

Wash-and-Wear Low-Maintenance Silver Hair for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @niltonnunesmt

#30: Low-Maintenance Silver Hair

Ask your stylist for a low-maintenance silver hairstyle. Wear your aging hair easily by selecting a style that fits your hair texture and growth pattern. You know you have a great cut when you can wash and wear it.

Wash and Wear Razor Cut Shag with Razor Cut Bangs for Ladies in Their 50s
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#31: Razor Cut Shag with Razor Cut Bangs

A razor shag haircut with piecey bangs is a great choice if you want to add movement and texture to your aging hair. Be aware that this style works best on thicker, straighter hair textures. This style complements oval, pear, heart, and diamond face shapes. To enhance the look of your razor cut shag, use a light hold balm or wax from Hairstory when styling it. This will help bring out your new hairstyle without weighing down your locks. For added control, finish off with a hairspray like Cult+ King set spray.

Wash-and-Wear Dark Brown Bob for Straight Hair for Ladies Over 50
Instagram @lola.does.hair

#32: Dark Brown Bob for Straight Hair

Consider a bob for straight hair if you’re searching for a simple and cute style. If you can, blow dry your hair quickly using your hands to smooth your hair, or try air drying. I suggest not using a round brush on fine hair. Sometimes a round brush can rob your hair of all its body, leaving it limp. So grab your volumizing products and use your hands.

#33: Medium-Length Curls with a Side Part

Consider medium-length curls with a side part for a great wash-and-wear style. One of the best ways to achieve volume is with layers and a side part. Avoid combing or touching your hair with your hands to prevent frizz.

Wash-and-Wear Light Blonde Long Pixie for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @sacamedya

#34: Light Blonde Long Pixie

A blonde long pixie cut is perfect for women. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time on this look. Consider using a molding paste for a textured hold that will last all day!

#35: The A-Line Bob

The a-line bob is one of the best wash-and-wear haircuts for women over 50. With your locks’ natural root volume, a-line bobs are sure to suit you the most. It’s versatile for whatever hair type or color you have. If you wish to keep it simple with black shade plus the side bangs, it’s not even a problem!

gray pixie cut for women in their 50s
Instagram @hairbiance

#36: Messy Gray Pixie Cut

Consider an exquisite messy gray pixie cut, making you love your natural hair color more! Various tones of ashy white, blonde, and grey blend in together to create such a unique dimension. Don’t forget to finish off your look with texture, emphasizing more of the chop’s layers.

See more stunning pixies for ladies in their fifties!

Classic Straight Bob Cut in Your 50s
Instagram @brukhairdesign

#37: Classic Straight Bob Cut

Rocking a classic straight bob cut can be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your hair history. If you have a fine texture and brown locks, why hesitate to get a bob? For extra shine, oil can certainly enhance your chin-length cut.

medium length layers for 50 plus woman
Instagram @hairbykatieg

#38: Blonde Mid-Length Layers

Forget the blunt cuts and adopt these blonde mid-length layers instead. Combine foilayage with a shadow root to enjoy its low-maintenance and natural effect. With the added bangs and its blowout style, the payoff is sure to stand out from the rest.

#39: Graduated Bob Haircut

Maximize the fullness of your locks by choosing a graduated bob haircut for your next look. Keeping your strands above your shoulders will maintain the round shape of the chop. Don’t hesitate to try a dimensional blonde or other hair color, as well, to give you a younger-looking edge.

#40: Choppy Pixie with Side Bangs

Ask for a choppy pixie with side bangs for a classy cut that suits your golden blonde. Shorter layers will add movement and volume to the style.

Short Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyannaobx

#41: Short Layers for Fine Hair

Short layers for fine hair create a movement and the appearance of fullness that you need. Your warm honey blonde will also look amazing in a haircut for fine hair, so don’t waste time. Go for it!

side parted long bob for woman over 50 with glasses
Instagram @pophairart

#42: Side Parted Long Bob

Here’s a lovely side-parted long bob for you that’s easy to style! It goes a few inches beyond the shoulders, which appears chic with a few soft waves added to the ends. But, the low-maintenance aspect of lobs doesn’t stop there! Its ash-brown color will let you grow out your natural dark tresses.

#43: Thick Silver Bob with Fringe

Ready for a haircut that won’t require you too much styling? Turn your jaw-length chop into a stylish masterpiece by choosing an ideal shade for it. A thick silver bob with a fringe is what you’ve been looking for. Its elegant dimension is what makes it youthful, fun, and trendy, after all!

#44: White Shaggy Lob

Here’s a white shaggy lob that’s made low maintenance by the shadow root. Movement is sure not to look overdramatic in a mid-length chop.

Wash and Wear Asymmetrical Pixie for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#45: Asymmetrical Pixie

Consider a short pixie bob. It’s a low-maintenance cut with many fun options for styling. It’s the perfect way to transition into a short hairstyle. The best thing about a bixie cut is the contemporary elegance it carries with lots of volume and texture. It’s timeless and classy.

#46: Simple Cropped Cut

If looking for a bold hair trend for your makeover, a cropped pixie fits the bill! It’s the simple cropped cut that will look edgy on your dark brown hair. The secret to a textured, brush-up style is utilizing a styling cream or wax.

bob with side bangs for over 50 women
Instagram @evancutshair

#47: Youthful Bob with Side Bangs

A youthful bob with side bangs works perfectly on dense hair. What makes it younger-looking is how the blonde highlights carry out a dimension. Notice how the length follows the jawline to pull off a flawless round shape.