25 Cutest Volleyball Hairstyles That’ll Stay In Place

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Inverted Lace Braid with High Bun for Volleyball Players
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#1: Inverted Lace Braid with High Bun

A high bun is a classic hairstyle. Get a modern twist with a nape braid. This looks classy from the front and trendy from the back. This style adds a playful spin to any event. However, it may be hard to do by yourself. You might need to visit a salon. But, if you’re good at managing your hair, work with gravity by flipping your head upside down.

Boxer Braids Updo with Bow for Volleyball Athletes
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#2: Boxer Braids Updo with Bow

A boxer braided updo with a bow is a fun yet chic hairstyle suitable for a volleyball game. It’s not only stylish but will also last for an extended period. The first step is to section the hair where you want to make the two boxer braids. Firstly, braid two sections of the hair at the top of your head into Dutch braids. Then, gather all the hair into a sleek ponytail by incorporating these braids. Fit a bun on top, and use some hairspray to tame loose strands. Enjoy your impressive hairstyle throughout the day.

Volleyball Textured Long High Ponytail with Side Braid
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#3: Textured High Ponytail with Side Braid

A textured high ponytail with a side braid is a beautiful and easy-to-do hairstyle that is perfect if you want a charming yet simple look. Start by taking a section of hair from where you part your hair and braid it down towards the back of your head. Then, pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, leaving two pieces out by your ears for extra drama. Next, curl the strands of your ponytail. To finish off, secure your style with some hairspray so it holds all day.

Infinity Waterfall Braid Updo for Short Hair and Volleyball Games
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#4: Infinity Waterfall Braid Updo

Want a hairstyle that’s both beautiful and practical? Try an infinity waterfall braid updo! This trendy braid keeps your hair away from your face. You can play with ease, and still look fashionable.

Pull-Through Braided Updo for Volleyball Athletes
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#5: Pull-Through Braided Updo

Ask for a pull-through braided updo. If you admire the style of Dutch and French braids or the cornrow style but struggle with the mechanics, I recommend pull-through braids. This technique uses small sections of one ponytail that are tied into the next ponytail to mimic a braid. If you tug on sections of the pull-through braid, it will have a fluffy look similar to a Dutch braid.

Thick Double Dutch Braids for Young Volleyball Athletes
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#6: Thick Double Dutch Braids

There are thick double Dutch braids you can consider. Creating a unique style for your double Dutch braids is easier than you think, and it can last you through an entire volleyball game. Start by sectioning the crown of your hair into heart-shaped patterns and secure them in a ponytail. Create your double Dutch braids by weaving each braid into the center ponytail. Finish it off by securing it with a hair tie so it completes the heart shape. Use hair pins to secure the ends of the braids together once you’re finished.

#7: Straight Voluminous Ponytail with Face Frame

Style a straight, voluminous ponytail with face-framing pieces. Create a voluminous style that lasts all day for your volleyball tournament. Adding a hairpiece can be simple, so consult your stylist in advance to prepare. Leave some extra face-framing pieces for contouring without them obstructing your face.

Volleyball Curved Braids and Pony on Very Long Hair
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#8: Curved Braids and Pony on Very Long Hair

Create curved braids and a ponytail on very long hair. Make sure it’s visually appealing for your volleyball tournament and will last all day or even a whole weekend. You can add extensions to your ponytail for more length. Additional colors could also help to show team spirit. This braided ponytail is a fun and creative style. It will not get in your face.

#9: Long Messy Pony on Thick Hair

A long, messy ponytail is a quick and easy style for thick hair. It keeps you cool by keeping your hair off your neck and back. But more importantly, it gives you a cute up-do. This sporty look is a great inspiration for styles or haircuts that are popular among volleyball players.

Long Middle Part Braids with Black and Brown Strands for volleyball girls
Instagram @burque.braids

#10: Middle Part Braids with Black and Brown Strands

The black and brown strands in these middle part braids really stand out throughout this color. This look is compact and secure for a volleyball game. Use a good firm hold hairspray to make sure this style stays in place, and top it off with a shine spray.

#11: All-Back Cornrows Updo

An all-back cornrows updo is perfect for sports as it keeps hair away from the face, ensuring distraction-free play. After getting fresh braids, your head might be tender and cause headaches. To avoid this, get them done a day before. This way, you can focus on your volleyball game without any discomfort.

Volleyball Girls Medium to Long Half-Up Space Buns with Highlights
Instagram @snippywithtati

#12: Half-Up Space Buns with Highlights

Doing half-up space buns with highlights helps show off your colorful dimension. The high buns will also give you some fun volume. Complete this hairstyle with a shine spray to add extra sparkle to your look and emphasize your highlights!

Volleyball Golden Brown Infinity Braided Ponytail for Longer Locks
Instagram @evarueda_muah

#13: Golden Brown Infinity Braided Ponytail

You could try an infinity-braided ponytail on golden brown hair for an easy, sporty updo. This look works well for both sporting and dressy events. The braiding detail shows off the beautiful tones throughout the hair. Use shine wax for control and definition when creating this look.

#14: Dutch Infinity Braid Updo

If you need a fun upstyle for sport, consider the Dutch infinity braid updo. The Dutch braid updo stays in place the entire day, even during high-impact activities. The Dutch braiding technique gives a beautiful texture. It’s tight enough to stay in place.

Volleyball-Perfect Tight Double Braids for Short Hair
Instagram @lostinbraids

#15: Tight Double Braids for Short Hair

Try super tight double braids for your short hair during your next volleyball tournament. Double braids give a sleek look full of pretty detail. Before braiding, smooth your hair as much as possible. Use smoothing paste on the selected strands for distinct and neat braids.

Sleek Updo for Curly Hair for Volleyball
Instagram @znprkr.co

#16: Sleek Updo for Curly Hair

Here’s a polished ponytail hairstyle, which is functional. Try your next updo style using natural curls to form a sleek look at the top. You can use a coarse, bristle brush to smoothly shape your sleek ponytail. Use a strong-hold gel on damp hair and comb it back into a ponytail. Leave your natural curls twisted into a bun at the ends.

Volleyball Bubble Braids Ponytail for Very Long Hair
Instagram @g.hair_gaiaamico

#17: Bubble Braids Ponytail

Athletes always look for ways to keep their hair out of their faces. Try a classic high ponytail with a bubble braid. First, make a sleek high ponytail. Then, wrap hair strands around two to three sections of the ponytail. Secure these with bobby pins. Now, enjoy your athletic chic style for the entire day!

Half-Up Mohawk French Braid for Volleyball
Instagram @gossipbyelena

#18: Half-Up Mohawk French Braid

Try a half-up mohawk French braid, which makes for a simple, cute volleyball hairstyle that will last all day while also keeping hair out of your face. First, section a mohawk above the parietal ridge, then French braid it to the back of the crown. Secure the French braid in a pony tail, then wrap a hair ribbon around the ponytail. This will create a fun, chic, athlete-friendly hairdo.

Sleek Twist Bun for Volleyball Players
Instagram @hildacanales

#19: Sleek Twist Bun

A sleek twist bun can add style to your look. Start by parting your hair diagonally to create a stylish line. Then, comb it in the opposite direction from the line. Form your hair into a twisted bun and hold it in place. Finish the styling with hairspray to manage any loose hair.

Sleek Low Ponytail with Infinity Braid for Girls Playing Volleyball
Instagram @hairstyle_titi

#20: Sleek Low Ponytail with Infinity Braid

A sleek low ponytail plus an infinity braid creates a sporty look. This style adds depth and secures your hair, letting you move freely while maintaining a fresh appearance.

Short Messy Loose Ponytail for Volleyball Players
Instagram @haleygrimahair

#21: Short Messy Loose Ponytail

Consider wearing a short, messy, loose ponytail. Boost your confidence and carry it off with ease in a fresh, low ponytail. Athletes prefer a cute, chic low ponytail that holds securely with a strong elastic. It keeps hair out of their face for the whole day. After securing your ponytail, tug at the crown for extra style and volume. Pull on a few spots to add a little extra body.

#22: Cornrow Braids with Low Bun

Consider a cornrow braided style completed with a low bun. Braids will undoubtedly be your top choice for long-lasting hairstyles over the weekend. When you’re in the midst of a game and need a hassle-free hairstyle, cornrows will be your best choice. By combining techniques of infinity and French braiding, you can create a stylish hairstyle that lasts all day.

Inverted Braids with Top Knot for Volleyball Girls
Instagram @lostinbraids

#23: Inverted Braids with Top Knot

Try an inverted braid with a top knot for your next volleyball hair design. The ideal way to style your hair as a sporty girl is to keep it out of your face so it doesn’t fall down. You can play all day and all weekend with this sporty, cute style. To create this style, start by parting your hair into two sections vertically. Then flip your head upside down to French braid each side. Lastly, secure these braids into a top knot using the hair from your crown.

#24: Sleek High Pony with Dutch Braids

A sleek high ponytail with Dutch braids is a stylish choice. Sporty women can embody chic, athletic, and fashionable vibes during volleyball tournaments. Try a triple Dutch braid through the crown of your head and sides, then pull it back into a high ponytail. Not only will this style last you all day, but it can also last through the weekend. This hairstyle is super cute and fashionable.

#25: Sleek Ghana Braids

Sleek Ghana braids are your ticket to an easy breezy game! This style will keep hair out of your face so you can focus on your skills rather than your lengths.

Volleyball and fashion – two words you may not often hear together. But who says you can’t look chic while smashing a ball over the net? When it comes to volleyball, one cannot understate the need for a functional and fashionable hairstyle. We sat down with Victoria Pineiro, a pro in the hair industry, to get her take.

Meet The Expert

Victoria Pineiro
Victoria Pineiro
Victoria is a hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find her at Salon Ulta Carrollwood in Tampa, FL.

Hair Textures and Volleyball Styles

“Think about the activity,” Victoria advises. “The hair should be out of the eyes, off the neck, and set in place. The way you go about it may vary based on your hair’s texture and length. My top pick is some form of twist, braid, or lock-in style. With shorter hair bits, style them across the top and sides. Or, for longer locks, opt for a sleek down and braid into a secure bun.”

Hair Products for Volleyball Games

Victoria suggests a couple of go-to products from the brand “Patterns.” Firstly, their “Strong Hold Gel” boasts a gelatin-like formula that ensures a style that won’t collapse. “It’s great for those with too soft hair who often struggle to hold styles,” she says. “It’s also great for people with varied lengths and layers.”

Additionally, Victoria recommends their “Curl Gel.” Described as a blend with a cream-like feel, it’s ideal for taming wild locks.

Post-Game Hair: Transitioning Your Look

Moving on from the court to another event? Victoria has a trick for that, too. A braided bun is her go-to. “It appears polished and chic,” she says. The best part? The braiding enhances a wavy texture. Releasing the braid after the game can give a tousled, full-bodied look that’s perfect for an after-match bash.

Victoria Pineiro has once again proven her expertise in the hair industry, with advice on sports-friendly and stylish hairstyles. Use these tips to keep your hair game as strong as your volleyball game!

Photos of the Most Chic Volleyball Hairstyles