The Braided Headband: Simple, Chic and Girly

braided headband with bangs

Accessories are indubitably delightful, but there’s something to be said about hair that accessorizes itself. Cue the braided headband, a self-created accessory that requires no more than your own flowing locks, some hairspray, bobby pins and, of course, a bit of patience.

The braided headband is as versatile as your imagination allows. For example, you can go the traditional route with a standard braid or spice things up with an inverted braid, French braid or several braids braided together. As for your hair style, you can create a braided headband over long and textured waves, a high top knot, low shaggy bun and everything in between. Seriously — your options are limitless.

I’m particularly digging the refined updo created by Manuela of Join The Mood, which looks far more complicated than it really is. Manuela makes three separate braids and twists them around her head to create a fresh hairstyle appropriate for either day or night. Her soft bangs add to the overall effect, so if you’re rocking fringe consider recreating this pretty look.

braided headband tutorial

Lovely Emily from The Freckled Fox takes a simpler approach to this hairstyle, showing readers how to create a chic braided headband in under 10 minutes. The hairstyle showcases two braids floating across the top of top of her head, a look that’s so simple and pretty that you’ll want to re-create it every day. I declare this particular braided headband hairstyle perfect for days when you want to make a visual impact without spending hours in front of the mirror. I also love that the rest of Emily’s hair hides the origin and end of each braid for an extra polished finished look.

braided headband how to

If you’re craving something slightly more complicated, try on the waterfall braided headband, which gets its name from the waterfall-like visual effect. The sweet mother and daughter duo from CuteGirlsHairstyles gives you the full 411 on how to recreate the look. Mindy also provides four different pairing options, including hair down, a polished pony, a classic bun and a messy bun.

For two other ways to try and wear the braided headband trend, check out this simple video from Kate with The Small Things Blog or double it up with this tutorial from Jenny with Stylush Hair.