The BIG Hair Trend

“To give your big hair shape and staying power, add in thin veils of highlights one shade lighter than your existing shade. Layer the highlights at the crown. The veils of light will keep your volume in,” says Lorri Goddard-Clark, AVON’s Global Hair Colorist and author of The Hair Color Mix Book. Lorri says blonde highlights and all over hues can also keep your hair big and bold. Lorri also suggests you stop washing your hair every day – this helps maintain volume.

big hair color mix

“Southern Belles have always known the charm of ‘the higher your hair, the closer you are to God.’ Take a tip from them and never underestimate some honest back combing. Finish off the back combing with Avon’s Advance Techniques Volumizing Spray ($8,,” Lorri says.

big hair avon pic

“Big hair is a big trend. Without help or expert tips from a professional, it’s a trend that can go really wrong; it’s not just about achieving the look, but making it last,” says Ashley Stone of Beauty Entourage.

Ashley offers some tips when adding volume: “Section a rectangle at the top of your head.  Take verticals sections moving from the back of your head to the front.  With each section, spray a hard hold hair spray such as Chi Helmet Head at the root area.  Lightly tease the root with the fine side of your comb and move on to the next sections.  Never tease the last section (your front section). You will use that area to smooth over your tease.  It is best to not tease too much because taking away from the volume is harder to do than adding more.  Once the hair is pinned in place you can use the end of your rat tail comb and lift the hair up if more volume is desired. Finish the look with a light hold hair spray.”  Chi Enviroflex is Ashley’s favorite.   “You can also use the technique on the sides and back to give all over volume.  I would recommend grabbing random sections as opposed to cleaner ones. When adding volume with curls or loose waves, you can use a 1-inch curling iron.  Spray the root with the harder hold hairspray and then curl to the base of your head.  When releasing the curl, keep the hair rolled up and pin to let cool.  Once cool you can let the curls loose.  By setting the hair, this will prevent finer hair from falling flat and hold the curls longer.”

chi big hair

Always make sure your volume has symmetry.  If you tease in one area, you want to replicate the same on the opposite side.  Rule of thumb – you can always add more volume so start with less of a tease and build from there!”

Creating this 50’s / 60’s retro big hair  (like Adele) is a process, just like making a bread. You have to mix together all the ingredients  and you will need time to let it set and slowly it will get bigger before you can put in the “oven”, says Mordechai Alvow for, who offers the following step-by-step instructions:


– Mix together styling products on wet hair before a killer blow dry.  This will ensure a coating to the hair shaft and give the hold that you’ll need to be able to mold the hair and get the DO.


– Add a root volumizer (a mousse will work as well) to the roots in sections (nothing too sticky  and nothing that flakes on dry hair), you can also use also non aerosol  spray all over the hair

– Continue to blow dry with a big round brush in sections. While blowdrying, imagine a roller set from the 50’s, and blow dry in this order: top row back, sides down and two side back rows down as well.

– **Blow drying with full volume is essential to the success of the DO**

– Tip: Put emphasis on the  hairline, if the hair line is not dried correctly, the result will look unfinished. You notice the hairline for imperfections immediately.


– Once you blow dry and your hair has volume and bounce, next step is a dry set.

– Choose big rollers (non-Velcro as those can rip the hair) and you’ll need pin curl metal pins

– Choose a section about 2″ wide, spray the entire section and comb to smooth and roll, making sure the ends were rolled nice and smooth. Pin from both sides nice and tight then roll the entire head the same way.


– Next I like to use a diffuser attachment to my dryer and heat the entire head for about ten minutes. Or if you happen to have an old fashion dryer stand, go under the hat and give it nice warm air for about ten minutes then cool air for two minutes to seal the set.


– Once you have “cooked”, remove the rollers. Using the pillows of your fingers, flip your head upside down and massage the entire scalp in circulating motion. This gives a semi tease-like effect before raising your head up


– Take a tail comb that has tight teeth (no metal please) and start light teasing (you can always tease more if you need) the hair sections from the crown to bottom back and then front to top. Finish with the front sides then spray spray spray-don’t be shy with the spray!


– Take a flat brush and start brushing very lightly to the desired look while using your free hand to smooth, pull, mold and lift the different angels to achieve volume. Now your “bread” is nice, warm and fluffy and ready for a bite :)