30 Trendiest Haircuts & Colors for Spring 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Middle-Parted Blunt Bob Style
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#1: Middle-Parted Blunt Bob Style

For women in the corporate world who are looking for a new style, try a blunt bob with a middle part. This look is sleek, professional, and low-maintenance. Perfect for early mornings and long days in the office this spring season.

Long Layered Wavy Hair with Natural Highlights for Spring

#2 Sun-Kissed Wavy Layers for an Effortless Spring

This hairstyle boasts long, cascading layers that create a voluminous wavy look, perfect for adding movement and life to your spring style. The natural-looking highlights mimic the gentle play of sunlight, lending an effortless, rejuvenated appearance ideal for women in their 40s with an oval face shape. While this style is stunning and can bring out the best in wavy hair types, be aware that it requires regular maintenance to keep the waves bouncy and the highlights vibrant. Use a color-safe shampoo and consider a lightweight mousse to maintain those beachy waves without weighing down the hair.

Elegant Woman with Platinum Silver Blunt Bob Hairstyle

#3 Platinum Bob Perfection for Timeless Elegance

Embrace the grace of aging with this platinum silver blunt bob that’s tailored to perfection. Ideal for women in their 60s, the uniform length complements round face shapes and provides a chic frame for the face. This medium-length style requires some upkeep to maintain the sleekness and to ensure the silver color stays vibrant, without yellowing. Use purple toning shampoo to keep the shade cool. This look might be challenging for those with very curly or frizzy hair but works wonders on straight, medium-density hair, offering a sharp, clean, and undoubtedly stylish edge to your spring ensemble.

Young Woman with Short Pink Hair and Buzzed Sides

#4 Vibrant Pink Buzz Cut for a Bold Spring Statement

Dare to stand out this spring with this audacious pink buzz cut. The buzzed sides keep you cool as the weather warms, while the longer top adds just enough edge to your style. It’s a perfect match for a heart-shaped face and makes a powerful statement for those in their 20s looking to express individuality. However, this bold hue can require more maintenance to keep its vibrancy, and the growth will need regular touch-ups to preserve the sharp contrast. Straight, fine hair benefits from this cut, giving an illusion of thickness. Just be prepared for the commitment to upkeep both the color and the precise cut.

Heart-Shaped Face Woman with Balayage Beach Waves

#5 Beach Wave Bliss with Balayage Highlights

This medium-length cut with its soft, beachy waves is a fantastic choice for spring, especially for those in their 20s. It’s layered to give a light, airy feel that’s both youthful and easy to manage. The heart-shaped face is flattered by the gentle framing of the waves, and the sun-kissed balayage adds depth and warmth, brightening the complexion. Though this style is relatively low maintenance, the color will require some care to keep it looking fresh. Avoid over-washing to maintain the balayage’s brilliance, and use a wave spray to enhance the texture. It’s a versatile look but might need a curling wand touch-up for those with straighter hair types.

Senior Woman with Grey and Blue Wavy Hair

#6 Silver to Sapphire Waves for Stylish Seniors

Revamp your look with this stunning blend of natural grey and bold blue waves, a striking choice for the confident woman celebrating her silver strands. The color transition from silver to sapphire gives depth to thick, wavy hair, and the medium to long length is versatile for styling. Ideal for those with a round face, as the waves add softness and movement. It’s a spirited style that requires some maintenance to keep the blue vibrant, and may not be suitable for very fine or thinning hair as the color contrast can be unforgiving. Embrace your natural beauty with a touch of boldness this spring!

Stylish Woman with Asymmetrical Curly Hair and Purple Highlights

#7 Electric Purple Curls for a Spring Energy Surge

These playful medium-length curls are jazzed up with electric purple highlights, infusing energy into your spring look. The asymmetry adds a contemporary twist, perfect for round face shapes as it elongates and slims the face. This hairstyle suits women in their late 20s to early 30s wanting a fresh vibe. While the thick, wavy texture is ideal for holding the curls and color, upkeep is necessary to keep the purple vivid and prevent fading. It’s best to use color-protective products and embrace minimal washing routines. The boldness of the color might not suit all professional environments, so consider your workplace when choosing this vibrant transformation.

Elegant Senior Woman with Sleek Silver Bob Hairstyle

#8 Sleek Silver Bob for Graceful Maturity

This classic medium-length bob is a timeless choice that exudes elegance for women in their 60s. The sleek straightness highlights a silky silver sheen that works wonderfully with an oval face shape, enhancing a look of graceful aging. It’s a chic and manageable style, requiring minimal styling for those with straight, medium-density hair. However, silver hair can be prone to dryness, so a good moisturizing routine is essential. Use products specifically designed for silver hair to maintain the lustrous finish. This cut may be less flattering for those with very curly hair, as it’s optimized for straighter textures.

Elegant Woman with Long Layered Waves and Highlights

#9 Highlighted Elegance with Soft Waves

Step into the season with this elegant, layered hairstyle that exudes a sophisticated charm. The soft curls add volume and frame the face beautifully, making it a flattering choice for oval-shaped faces and perfect for women in their 40s. The subtle highlights create dimension, giving the illusion of more depth and fullness, which is great for thick, wavy hair types. While this hairstyle can elevate your spring wardrobe, the layers and curls do require some upkeep with styling products to maintain their bounce and the highlights may need refreshing to preserve the contrast. It’s a chic option that balances style with the ease of everyday wear.

Woman with Aqua Blue Asymmetrical Undercut Hairstyle

#10 Aqua Blue Undercut for a Bold Spring Statement

This striking aqua blue undercut is a testament to bold self-expression, perfect for those wanting to make a statement this spring. The asymmetry of the cut, combined with the angular features of a heart-shaped face, creates a look that is as edgy as it is stylish. This hairstyle is particularly well-suited for women in their 40s who are not afraid to stand out and embrace a youthful vibe. The straight texture is ideal for showcasing the precision of the undercut, though regular salon visits are necessary to maintain the crisp edges and vibrant color. This look is low maintenance day-to-day but commits you to a bold style that is sure to turn heads.

Senior Woman with Fine Hair and Silver Layered Hairstyle

#11 Chic Silver Layering for Fine Hair

This chic layered hairstyle is a wonderful choice for those with fine hair, aiming to create an illusion of thickness while embracing the elegance of silver tones. The gentle layers around the face are particularly flattering for rounder face shapes, softening the silhouette and drawing attention to the eyes. This medium cut is easy to manage and style, ideal for a sophisticated look in your 60s. Remember, silver hair can sometimes look dull if not cared for properly, so incorporate a purple shampoo into your routine to keep the color vibrant and counteract any brassiness.

Medium-length strawberry blonde hair styled into soft waves

#12 Strawberry Blonde Waves for the Classic Beauty

Embrace the timeless elegance of these medium-length, strawberry blonde waves that exude a soft, sun-kissed radiance. This hairstyle features a seamless blend of warm golden and soft red tones, crafted with a gentle balayage technique to create a natural, dimensional look. The cascading waves add volume and movement, perfect for the graceful 40-year-old woman who values a chic yet effortless style.

Senior Woman with Short Pink Pixie Hairstyle

#13 Pink Pixie Charm for Spirited Elegance

Embrace a fresh, spirited look with this playful pastel pink pixie cut. The style is designed to flatter a heart-shaped face, with longer strands at the top that add a touch of modern elegance suitable for a woman in her 60s. The straight hair type is perfect for this low-maintenance cut, making it easy to style with just a bit of texturizing product. The pastel color is fashionable yet soft, offering a charming contrast without overpowering. This look is ideal for those with thin to medium hair density, as the cut can create an illusion of thickness. Keep in mind, the pink will require some upkeep to maintain its vibrancy.

Waist-length hair with mermaid teal color and beachy waves

#14 Mermaid Teal Waves for Waist-Length Hair

Dive into the deep end with these luxurious mermaid teal waves that cascade down to the waist. This vibrant teal hue is a showstopper, seamlessly blending into her naturally dark roots for a sultry yet playful effect. The soft, beachy waves add movement and life, making this color choice perfect for those who want to embody the spirit of the ocean in their look.

Stylish Woman with Short Textured Brunette Hair

#15 Textured Tousle for a Modern Edge

A dynamic choice for the modern woman, this tousled, textured pixie cut exudes confidence and style. Ideal for an oval face shape, the short layers work wonderfully to accentuate the eyes and cheekbones. If you’re in your 40s and looking for a hairstyle that’s both chic and manageable, this could be your perfect match. Thick, wavy hair types will enjoy the easy styling of this cut, while the dimensional brunette color adds a youthful depth. Embrace the ease of a low-maintenance look that only requires some light styling product to keep the layers defined and vivacious.

Young Woman with Medium Honey Blonde Wavy Bob

#16 Honey Blonde Bob with a Wavy Charm

This honey blonde bob is a delightful choice for a round face, with a length that brushes the shoulders and a slight curl at the ends that adds softness to the overall look. The warm hue brightens the complexion, making it a flattering option for those in their late 20s. The natural wave in medium-density hair gives this style a relaxed vibe, while still looking polished. It’s a versatile cut that’s easy to maintain and style – a bit of mousse can enhance the wave, and regular trims will keep the ends looking fresh. The color is rich but will require attention to keep it from turning brassy.

Two-Toned Hair with Beach Waves
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#17: Two-Toned Hair with Beach Waves

If you’re looking to change your hair color this springtime, try a two-toned color with beach waves. It’s the perfect way to keep your natural color while also adding a pop of pastel in the vernal season.

#18: Pixie Mullet with Micro Bangs

If you’re wanting a feminine yet edgy spring hairstyle, try a pixie mullet with micro bangs. It’s a bold look that is sure to turn heads.

#19: Long Curly Shag with Curly Bangs on Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40 with curly hair, try a shag cut with bangs. This is a modern look with an 80’s twist that is sure to bring back some nostalgia from those simpler times.

Straight Copper Shag with a Fringe
Instagram @bescene

#20: Straight Copper Shag with a Fringe

If your hair is naturally straight and you need something new this spring, try a fringed copper shag. The copper color will add some brightness to your look while the cut adds volume and movement.

Brown-Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair
Instagram @maggiemh

#21: Brown-Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair

A brown-blonde (or bronde) balayage ombré is a modern, low-maintenance look for springtime. The shadow root allows for an easy grow out while still maintaining that bright blonde look.

Pink Champagne Highlights for Long Dark Hair
Instagram @james_dyed

#22: Pink Champagne Highlights for Long Dark Hair

If you have long, dark hair, try adding some pink champagne highlights. The pink hues will complement any brunette tone and will add dimension and personality to your style this springtime season.

Icy Blonde Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @bangmyhair

#23: Icy Blonde Mid-Length Hair

If you want to keep your look fresh and light this spring, try pairing a mid-length cut with an icy blonde color. Keep your blonde tones cool by using The Perfect Blonde Treatment by Pravana.

Butterfly Locs for Black Women
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#24: Butterfly Locs for Black Women

If you’re a black woman trying to switch up your hairstyle, try the beautiful Butterfly Locs. It’s a light and youthful look that is perfect for any occasion this spring season.

Tapered Pixie with Bangs for Women Over 60
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#25: Tapered Pixie with Bangs for Women Over 60

If you’re a woman over 60 looking for a flattering hairstyle this spring season, try a pixie with tapered bangs. Utilize the bangs to conceal forehead wrinkles and to bring more attention to the eyes.

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#26: Layered Shag Cut with a Cool Brown Hue

A layered shag haircut paired with a cool brunette hue is the trending look this spring. It creates that messy yet effortless look that is flattering for any face shape.

Angled Undercut Pixie
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#27: Angled Undercut Pixie

If you’re wanting to stay cool for the upcoming spring, try an angled pixie with an undercut. This springtime look is especially great for those with thick hair who want to remove the bulk and keep it off the base of the neck.

Vivid Pink Lob with a Black Dip Dye
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#28: Vivid Pink Lob with a Black Dip Dye

A vivid pink lob with black dip dye is an edgy yet colorful look that is perfect for spring time. It’s a unique twist on the fashion colors you see so often as the weather gets warmer.

Wavy Red Hair with Blunt Bangs
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#29: Wavy Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

If you like vivid colors but want to maintain a professional look, try a wavy red hair with a blunt bang. To keep your color from fading, use the Intense Color Depositing Shampoo by Celeb Luxury.

Short A-Line Bob with Pastel Rainbow Hues
Instagram @paintitblonde

#30: Short A-Line Bob with Pastel Rainbow Hues

For a fun and flirty look this springtime, try a short a-line bob with pastel rainbow hues. Fashion colors are sure to turn heads, and they are a perfect way to express yourself.

Freshen up your look for the 2024 Spring season with any one of these trendy hairstyles, haircuts and colors! You can try a classic and simple finish like bobs and lobs that never goes out of style. Or, you can add an extra oomph to your look with colors and shaved sides that will turn people’s heads, for sure.

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