28 Perfect Softball Hairstyles That Are Trendy and Practical

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Softball Low Pigtails with Cross Braids on Young Kids
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#1: Low Pigtails with Cross Braids

Criss cross braids with low pigtails is a hairstyle suitable for young girls. It offers a fun update from standard pigtails. To create this style, start by sectioning off two hair parts at the front of the head and create two braids. These braids are then crossed. After this, separate the remaining hair into two parts to create pigtails. Lastly, the crossed braided sections are added to the pigtails.

Long Interlaced Braids for Softball Girls
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#2: Long Interlaced Braids

Enjoy your long, interlaced braids all day. Start by dividing your hair into 3 sections for a vertical triple Dutch braid. Once you’ve braided each section, tie them off. Finally, braid these 3 strands together from the nape down to create an interlaced braid. Enjoy this sporty style that can be worn all day.

Softball Low Pigtails with Long Bubble Braids for Girls
Instagram @caligirlbrit

#3: Low Pigtails with Long Bubble Braids

Enjoy sports, like hitting a home run, with low pigtails and long bubble braids. When you are in the middle of a game, the last thing you need is hair on your face. Braided hairstyles are a fun and easy solution. There are many different types of braids. Have fun trying out different styles while also being ready to play. Try tying two ribbon bows at the end of each braid for extra cuteness.

Softball Double Bun Style with Rubber Bands for School Girls
Instagram @made.by.babs

#4: Double Bun Style with Rubber Bands

Get ready to have fun with a double-bun style that uses rubber bands. This hairstyle is perfect for your next softball game or any event where you want to add a pop of color. It’s a simple style that involves creating ponytails at the crown of your head. Start with a single ponytail, split it into two parts, and then make new ponytails using one part and some hair from the previous section. Pull the hair back and style it into a playful bun or pigtail. This will give you a sporty style for all day. To keep your hair looking sleek and ensure it stays in place all day, don’t forget to apply some hair gel.

Mid-length Easy Blonde Braided Softball Pigtails for Young Girls
Instagram @matissehairsalon

#5: Easy Blonde Braided Pigtails

For a sporty look, you can try simple braided pigtails regardless of your hair color. You can braid your pigtails immediately after washing your hair. If your hair is dry, apply some paste to keep the sections distinct when braiding.

Loose Bubble Braid Hairstyle for Young Girls who Play Softball
Instagram @amazbraids

#6: Loose Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Consider a loose bubble braid hairstyle. A loose style keeps some tension off the scalp, making it ideal for day-long wear. Dividing hair into three vertical ponytails forms the base of the style. Then create bubble braids sectioning with more rubber bands and combining sections together. Create a fluffy look by pinching and lightly pulling out parts of each ponytail until you achieve the puffiness you want.

Softball Dutch Braid to Side Ponytail Hairstyle
Instagram @jehat

#7: Dutch Braid to Side Ponytail

The Dutch braid transitions into a side ponytail if desired. A popular hairstyle for the sporty girl is a Dutch braid headband that turns into a side ponytail. A Dutch braid is like a French braid, but strands are turned outwards for fuller strands, not inwards. Use an elastic band and a topsytail to shift to a side ponytail.

Medium Easy Braided Softball Style with Ribbon for Young Women
Instagram @hairbyleanneg

#8: Easy Braided Style with Ribbon

This hairstyle is adorable for a softball player. It will keep hair out of the face. You can pick your team’s colors for the ribbon. Making use of festive colors for holidays is also an option. Incorporating these into your braid is super simple. Tie each color around one section of hair and braid into the French Braid so that it twists through each section.

Softball Low Pony with French Braids for Girls' Medium to Long Hair
Instagram @yukalinana

#9: Low Pony with French Braids

Try a style that features a low pony with French braids. For the sporty girl, trying a low French Braided style can become a practical and cute way to keep hair out of the face. This may appear complicated, but if you know how to do a French braid, you can begin mastering this style. Divide the hair into thirds and braid the back section into two braids. Finish the style by allowing the crown French braid to waterfall over and blend with the rest of the hair strands.

Mid-long Softball Cornrow Braids with Strings for Kids
Instagram @braided_bys

#10: Cornrow Braids with Strings

Accessorizing your braids doesn’t only mean using color. Strings can be used on cornrow braids to make them more interesting.

#11: Golden Brown Double Braids

You can’t go wrong with a set of golden brown double braids for the big game!

#12: Boxer Braids with Ponytail

Protect your hair and scalp while looking fierce by blending boxer braids into a braided ponytail. Boxer braids are tight Dutch braids. They are worn by female boxers during fights to keep the hair up and out of the face. You don’t have to be a boxer to rock these braids. You can wear them anytime. Use a product like gel or wax. It will hold the hair in place and create clean, well-defined braids that last all day.

Softball Double Braided Buns for Pretty Kids
Instagram @braidsbyolivia

#13: Double Braided Buns

Double-braided buns suit girls with either medium thick or thick hair. The thicker your hair, the bigger and more noticeable the braids will be. Rolling the braid ends into buns adds style. It also keeps hair tidy and off the shoulders.

Long 4-Braid Purple Hairstyle for Softball Kids
Instagram @404braids_ny

#14: 4-Braid Purple Hairstyle

Why choose a two-braid when you can opt for a four-braid purple hairstyle? Having more braids enhances your hairstyle.

Easy Softball French Braid Style for Girls' Long Hair
Instagram @lostinbraids

#15: Easy French Braid for Long Hair

Here’s an easy French braid for long hair. The sporty girl with long hair will love some easy French braids. This style needs practice. Initiate at the fringe with a traditional braid. Then, slowly work down the head by pulling hair from each side. When you reach the nape, finish with another traditional braid. Finally, secure it using an elastic.

Long Softball Braids with Blonde Extensions for Young Ladies
Instagram @404braids_ny

#16: Long Softball Braids with Extensions

Long softball braids with extensions aren’t just for game days. Double braids are trending and suitable for any occasion.

#17: Double Boxer Braids for Shoulder-Length Hair

A sleek boxer braid is perfect for shoulder-length hair. Sporty girls looking to keep hair away from their faces can try a double French braid, also known as boxer braids. Secure each braid with hair ties and apply gel or styling cream for a tighter look. This style can last for several days without issues.

Softball Lavender Braids on Kids' Medium-to-Long Dark Hair
Instagram @404braids_ny

#18: Lavender Braids on Dark Hair

Lavender braids look stunning on dark hair! The high contrast between the two hues will draw attention to your child’s sense of style.

2 Braids 1 Ponytail Softball Hairstyle for Ladies' Longer Tresses
Instagram @mr.braidy

#19: 2 Braids 1 Ponytail Hairstyle

A 2-braid, 1 ponytail hairstyle is great for game day or any day! Use braids around the person’s face to hold stray hair and allow them to have a ponytail at the back.

Very Long and Thick Dutch Braided Softball Hair for Girls
Instagram @404braids_ny

#20: Very Long and Thick Dutch Braided Hair

You don’t need the thickest hair in the world to make long, thick Dutch braids. Adding a few extensions helps create the long-haired look of Dutch braids.

Softball Colored Braids with Wispy Bangs for Kids' Long Hair
Instagram @babesnbraids

#21: Colored Braids with Wispy Bangs

No matter how long your child’s hair is, you can create fun, vibrant hairstyles through braiding. These braids, colored and with wispy bangs, add a fun twist to your child’s look without needing a permanent color commitment.

Softball Half 3D and Half Dutch Braids on Long-Haired Girls
Instagram @rankapin

#22: Half 3D and Half Dutch Braids

Those with naturally thick hair are best suited for styles that are half 3D braids and half Dutch braids. When your hair is naturally dense, this blend of 3D and Dutch braiding really stands out.

Long Dark to Light Blue Ombre Braids for Softball Girls
Instagram @babesnbraids

#23: Dark to Light Blue Ombre Braids

Bring a little blue sky to the softball field with these dark to light blue ombre braids! Your daughter will be the star of the show with this style.

Mid-Length Brunette Double Softball Braids for Girls
Instagram @braids.by.del

#24: Mid-Length Brunette Double Braids

Brunette hair, at mid-length, styled into double braids, keeps hair away from the face, perfect for a sporty, fun look. When braiding hair, I prefer it to be slightly wet, with mousse or gel, for better control. This makes it easier to section and control flyaways.

Mid-length Softball Criss Cross Dutch Braid for Girls
Instagram @mr.braidy

#25: Criss Cross Dutch Braid

If you need a unique way to hold your hair back, try a crisscross Dutch braid. This fun style is easy to perform and involves four Dutch braids combined into 2. If you can’t do it yourself, ask your stylist to make the criss cross Dutch braid. To finish your look, twist the ends into a low bun. This versatile style suits both casual and formal events.

Long and Chunky Softball Dutch Braids on Girls
Instagram @braids_n_waves

#26: Long and Chunky Dutch Braids

A long, chunky Dutch braid could be an ideal hairstyle for various activities, such as pitching, running, hitting, sweating, or jumping. Unlike traditional braids, which are twisted inwards, Dutch braids are twisted outwards, resulting in a chunkier and fuller-looking braid. Use a styling cream or gel during braiding to keep your hair smooth and tame flyaways.

Turquoise Blue Extensions for Girls' Softball Double Braids
Instagram @braids_n_waves

#27: Turquoise Blue Double Braids

Sports and fashion CAN go together! These turquoise blue double braids are perfect for kids who want to express themselves while keeping their hair tidy during a game.

#28: Natural Ginger Braids

Is your daughter a ginger? Then she’ll love these natural ginger double braids.

Dazzle on the diamond with the perfect softball hairstyles for girls! It’s more than just the game that matters. Your unique style, right down to your hairdo, adds a touch of flair to your gameplay! Olga Johnston, an expert in hair braiding, shares tips to help you hit a fashion home run.

Meet The Expert

Olga Johnston
Olga Johnston
Olga is a hair braider with 5 years of experience.
You can find Olga at Artmoon Studio in San Diego, CA.

Understanding Hair Texture and Thickness

Make your choice based on the fact that the game can make things a bit messy and sweaty, advises Johnston. Staying away from ‘fussy’ styles will keep distractions to a minimum. She suggests opting for secure styles, such as braids, ponytails, or bun variations. The comfort of the player is vital.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Face Shape

Johnston has some style picks for various face shapes. For those with round faces, add height and volume on top, she advises, opting for high ponytails, half-up, half-down styles. However, steer clear of styles that draw attention to the cheeks’ width.

“For a square face, go for waves or curls as they soften angular features,” Johnston advises. Tactics such as side parts and layered styles can offset a strong jawline while avoiding straight styles that amplify the square shape.

Long-faced players might prefer styles that add width—like waves or layers. Johnston warns against long, straight hair because it could stretch the face’s look. Bangs, she adds, can shorten the look of the forehead.

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky, says Johnston. Oval faces can pull off almost any style. Be it ponytails, braids, or buns—it’s your pick! Just remember to keep your facial balance visible.

And no matter your face shape, comfort and confidence are key. Want to keep strands even more secure and out of your face during a game? Add some flair with functional accessories like headbands or clips.

Mastering the Hairstyle with Tips and Products

Johnston is also keen to share general tips for softball hairstyles. She stresses the importance of securing hairstyles with strong hair elastics and bobby pins. Loose stands, she notes, can distract during the game. Hence, consider neat styles like ponytails, buns, or braids.

She also points out the sweat factor during a softball game. Players should consider styles that keep hair off the neck and forehead, such as high ponytails or braids. When it comes to products, she adds, don’t go overboard. Too many products can weigh down hair or make it sticky.

Johnston’s main goal? Ensuring players remain comfortable and practical with their chosen hairstyle and products. The game calls, and you are ready to answer—with a dash of style!

Pictures of Simple Softball Hairstyles for Girls