The Top 25 Easy and Simple Hairstyles Trending in 2021

Simple hairstyles

A simple hairstyle doesn’t mean uninteresting. These quick styles are actually quite fun and exciting! Break your style routine and stop wearing the same hairstyle day after day. Mix it up and be inspired by some of these simple hairstyles that are pretty, fun, quick, and easy to achieve.

Change up your look by adding a side ponytail or braid, or amp up your volume by teasing or combing your hair in a different way. There are tons of simple tips to freshen up your old boring hairstyle. Taking your hairstyle to the next level doesn’t have to require styling classes or hours with your curling iron. Just follow the basic steps for these hairstyles to change up your look and add a fresh twist to your life!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of simple hairstyles:

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Short Rocker Chic Haircut

Short Rocker Chic Haircut
Instagram @lalalindsey814

Such a short rocker chic haircut with side shaved lines would appear more remarkable on ladies with boldness and confidence.

Halo Braid on Natural Hair

Halo braid on natural hair
Instagram @aazeshair

A halo braid on natural hair is a classy and stylish updo for women who want to create a protective hairstyle. If hair is too short or thin, additional hair can create fullness. Wrap hair with a silk scarf before bed to keep frizz under control.

Easy Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

Easy shoulder length hairstyle with bobby pins
Instagram @marianiliehair

An easy shoulder-length hairstyle with bobby pins has ends that have a slight peaked effect in this type of haircut. In addition, the front part is slightly larger, forming a small beak.

Easy-to-Create Space Buns

Easty to create space buns
Instagram @jhair_stylist

Easy-to-create space buns don’t just look super cute but are a fab up-style for ease with high impact. They’re also great for non-wash hair days, too. The double knots give height to the hair and an edgy vibe. Split the hair in a center part and pop into 2 high ponies, then wrap the rest of your hair around into buns, and secure with a few pins for extra stability.

Messy and Textured High Ponytail

Messy and textured high ponytail
Instagram @haircreations_by_melissa

A messy textured high ponytail gives all the height in an effortless look. The high pony pulls the hair high up, which instantly gives the face a lift. Don’t be afraid to pull out soft baby hairs around the face, and backcomb the hair in the pony to add extra oomph to the style.

Classic Middle Part Hair

Classic middle part hair
Instagram @laavoohair_beauty

Classic middle part hair may feel simple, but with the addition of a few simple framing layers it can open up the face and slim down wider face shapes. The middle part allows the hair to skim over the widest part of the face. The style also creates symmetry to your style and an essence of balance.

Tumbling Curls for Long Hair

To create movement and flow to the straight mane you used to have, hair styling with some tumbling curls will do the magic. They sure add an extra flair to your long, blonde hair and can result in a red carpet look!

Basic Top Knot

Basic Top Knot
Instagram @hairbyruslan

A sleek top knot is the messy bun’s sophisticated cousin. Go anywhere with this slicked-back tight updo that is for both casual and formal occasions.

Easily Braided Bun

Easily Braided Bun
Instagram @hairbyamyflett

Gather multiple strands around the top of the head and twirl in a bun at the nape. Mimic this braided bun with some loosen up braids, and let down a few strands. Then, you’re all charmed up!

Simple Chignon

Simple Chignon
Instagram @plumtreehairandbeauty

For weddings or proms or just your everyday look, this luxurious low bun chignon is an all-around glam. Balance this kept-up look by letting twisted strands loose around the face and at the bun.

Simpler Braided Low Ponytail

Simpler Braided Low Ponytail
Instagram @btbritty82

This icy blonde statement ponytail with a loose wave was created by hairstylist Brittany Thomas of Florence, KY. This look adds a special edge to your everyday ponytail style.

“I feel this look works best for medium to long hair and any and all textures,” says Thomas. “I first used a heat shield called Rival heat shield from a company called L’ange Hair, and to achieve the subtle wave, I used a 32 mm ceramic wand. This look is simple and quick for an easy effortless style on the go!”

Easy Upstyle with Soft Messy Texture and Face-Frame

This easy upstyle with soft, messy texture was created by hairstylist Erin Kluss of Ladera Ranch, CA. “The current trends for updos are what I like to call ‘messy, but on purpose.’ My favorite thing about it is it works for all hair types,” she explains.

Kluss tells her clients that an updo with a messy texture is perfect for formal events “because it is sophisticated and classy. If the client will be wearing a dress with an intricate neckline, they should show it off and this style does!”

As far as products go, Kluss uses a generous amount of hairspray and some root boost products to ensure volume is in the style. “And once the night is over, they can take out the hairpins and wear it down and curly,” she adds.

Simple and Cute Hairstyle

“I absolutely love this look because of how simple and cute it is,” claims hairstylist Ewelina Witalis of New Jersey. “Soft beachy waves and a braid make it even more feminine and dressed up for thin hair! I love the fact that it gets my hair out of my face! It’s a great hairstyle for anything from everyday to formal!”

“I did this look on second-day hair,” she adds. “So my curls were a lot softer than they were the first day!”

Witalis goes on to explain, “I first brushed out my hair and separated the front part of my hair for the braid. I then french braided the piece all the way down and secured it with a rubber band. I pinned the braid back with a bobby pin under a layer of hair in the back of my head! I finished it all off with a few sprays of hairspray!”

Pony with a Twist

This wrapped ponytail with a light wave was created by stylist Lennie Ross of Beverly Hills, CA. “I like the elegance and simplicity of the look, and that it is fast and easy to create,” says Ross.

When it comes to styling, Ross says to start by curling the hair. “When pulling the hair back, you want to use a good mousse or styling spray to gather back all the hair and create a smooth look. When wrapping the hair around the ponytail, take a piece from underneath the ponytail and be sure to wrap it loosely to create the best look,” she adds.

Simple Rosy Bob

Simple Rosy Bob
Instagram @hairdrie

“I love this long layered rosy bob,” says hairstylist Chelsey of Airdrie, AB.

“We used Biphasic infusion which is an elixir that provides heat protection, smoothness, and shine. Then I used the smoothing style cream Style Soufflé to blow dry her hair with a medium to large round brush for shape and movement,” she explains.

Both products are from Paishau. “Getting body into the hair right after washing allows for a day or two to curl, straighten or wear as is, without having to wash again,” she adds.

Modern French Twist

Modern French Twist
Instagram @shirleyhagel

This is a modern take on a classic French twist with a lavender-y blonde to compliment it. It was created by Aveda artist Shirley Hagel of New York.

“My favorite thing about this look is the ease of it. It feels simple and easy, but also elegant,” says Hagel.

If you are considering this look, Hagel says to think about the length and density of your hair. “You want to use light products with a workable hold. I used Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray and dry shampoo,” she states.

Edgy Ponytail with Braid

This edgier take on your typical pony was created by hairstylist and balayage specialist Caleigh Giarra of Nashville, TN. “My favorite thing about it is the messy/undone look of it,” says Giarra.

This braided and textured ponytail is very versatile and can be worn for a fancy night out, as well for a more casual look. It’s great for medium to long hair and would be a great option for someone with thick hair.

Giarra suggests a texture spray, such as IGK’s Beach Club, on dry hair to help achieve this look.

Modern Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

This is a super fun and modern pixie cut with bangs. It was created by hairstylist Lexie Singleton of Eden Prairie, MN. “I love that it looks so unique but takes only minutes to style! It saves so much time when styling, making it perfect for the busy mom lifestyle,” says Singleton.

Singleton’s advice is to not be afraid to be bold and flaunt short hair. “Find a cut that shows off your face shape and don’t be afraid to use some product,” she adds.

Curly Teal Bob

Curly Teal Bob
Instagram @maddoeshair

This gorgeous curly teal bob was created by hairstylist Madison Hashey of Las Vegas, NV.

This curly teal bob with a medium ash brown shadow root was styled into twin French braids and a little space bun on top.

“I started by washing the hair with R+Co’s Dallas shampoo and conditioner. I prepped it by towel drying the hair, then I applied a little of R+Co’s Grid to help keep the curls looking defined,” explains Hashey.

To finish off, Hashey French braided two inch-wide sections, tied them off into one little ponytail, backcombed it, and pinned it into a bun! I believe this half up hairstyle looks good on every face shape and looks really great curled, straight, or anything in between. I also believe anyone can rock fun, vivid colors like this teal,” she adds.

Chic Topknot

Chic Topknot
Instagram @hairbysarahe

This topknot or high bun hairstyle was created by hairstylist and owner Sarah English of Los Angeles, CA. “My favorite thing about it is that it can be worn for a dressy or casual occasion. This hairstyle allows you to have that option and still look chic either way,” explains English.

“Start by using a light oil or styling cream to prep your hair and give it some sleekness,” says English. “I sectioned off the very top front first into a little mohawk and clipped it out of the way. Next, you will start to brush the rest of your hair into a high, sleek ponytail. Secure the ponytail tightly with a hair tie, start to wrap it into a bun, then pin. Lastly, take that mohawk section you left out and create a slight twist to pin at your root. Take the remainder of the ends and twist while wrapping around your bun,” she explains.

Pin securely and spray with a light working spray to tack down any flyaways. Use all Unite Hair Products.

Versatile Twisted Updo

This effortless twisted updo is created for all hair textures. It was created by special event stylist Jessica Gudino of Yorba Linda, CA.

“My favorite part of this style is the endless possibilities of where you can wear this effortless twisted updo. From a luxurious day at the office to a memorable walk down the aisle, it suits all occasions,” she explains.

This style can easily be perfected with the choice of Paul Mitchell Products and Straight Pin LA essentials.

Complementary Layered Shag

Complementary Layered Shag
Instagram @silasthestylist

This classic, long layered shag thins out bulky locks to give them life and body. This cut was created by hairstylist Silas McCollum of Gainsville, FL.

“This style is for women that have thick, wavy, or curly hair and that like length. But it’s also for women with shorter lengths around the face, as it will highlight their bone structure. This cut isn’t for thinner locks unless you’re married to a blow dryer, curling iron, and a ton of styling products,” says McCollum.

Silver Beach Babe

Silver Beach Babe
Instagram @lindseymaohair

“My favorite thing about this medium-length hair is the color of blonde. It is super light and cool, but with lots of dimension. I would describe it as silver beach babe,” says senior hair artist Lindsey Mao of Victoria, BC.

The products Mao used to create this look were Milkshake Glistening Milk to tame frizz while adding shine without weight, and AG Texture Spray to help define the ends for dimension.

“I used a 1 1/4-inch curling iron, leaving two inches of the ends out to give it that beachy look,” she adds. “The beach waves really bring out the color and the hair wrapped around the elastic keeps the look tidy and brings it all together.”

Effortless Twists and Waves

“This bohemian style is quite effortless, yet the twists add enough detail to create a focal point and show off different tones in the hair,” says hairdresser Toni Scott of South Australia.

To create this look, Scott recommends using Evo Icon Welder for heat protection. “Also, use a Cloud Nine wide iron to curl the hair and a wide-tooth comb to comb through curls when they are back to room temperature,” she adds.

This simple hairstyle provides slight width from the loose waves, but no volume. It is best suited for women with an oval, square or triangle face shape.

Simple Infinity Braid

“This specific half updo is simple but elegant,” says owner and hairstylist Brittany Harris of Yorktown, VA. “My favorite thing about this look is the infinity braid. It shows no ending to the braid with how it is carefully pinned,” she states.

“Her hair was blown out with Oribe’s Royal Blowout. The braid was constructed with Oribe’s Swept Up powder which helps add texture to the braid to easily distress it and expand it to create the illusion of a wider, thicker braid,” she explains. “She was finished off with Oribe’s Impermeable spray to help keep the flyaways down and the overall look frizz-free.”

This is the perfect style for any hair type! The simplicity of it makes it do-able for any texture. This look is also perfect for the everyday woman who likes to keep her hair away from her face. The braids are perfect to keep the hair back and secure while still looking classy and elegant.