30 Cutest Side-Swept Hair Ideas to Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Bridesmaid Curls Swept to the Side

These bridesmaid curls are swept to the side. Some women whose hair is a long length, think it is impossible to style. That’s completely false. If you’ve never curled her hair before, do it, and get your hair out of that bun or braid. Before your appointment, never show up with wet hair, unless your hairstylist gave you the OK prior. Also, there isn’t anything wrong with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. As long as it doesn’t smell and isn’t greasy.

If you’re choosing a side-swept hairstyle with long cascading waves or curls, make sure or ask your stylist to set your hair first. Setting your hair helps the style last longer, especially if you’re attending a wedding or an event that consists of a lot of pictures and selfies. Lastly, when showing your hairstylist an inspirational photo, remember it’s for inspiration. Everyone’s face is different from the shape of the head, shape of the eyes, length, color of hair, etc. This is why communication is key.

#2: Mid-Length Side Bun

Create the illusion of long hair with a mid-length side bun. This style of updo can be incredibly helpful when creating a formal look on mid to shorter lengths.

Dashing Long Wavy Hair Swept to the Side
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#3: Dashing Long Wavy Hair Swept to the Side

Amp up your seducing power with super easy long side-swept haircuts. Hold the sides with hairspray and finish your ends with side-swept waves for a flattering result.

Copper Swept Long Hair with a Side Part
Instagram @anhcotran

#4: Copper Swept Long Hair with a Side Part

Want to spruce up your long hair on the second day with body and movement? Do not confuse a little flat hair for a need to wash. I encourage my guest, instead, to try working with a side part to find some movement. Add the most requested color this season, and when displayed swept to the side, it will look stunning.

Show Off Deep Side Part for Short and Medium Hair
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#5: Show Off Deep Side Part for Short and Medium Hair

Show off a deep side part when you want to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. A deep side-part cut combined with beachy waves is a perfect casual hairstyle that can be worn in almost any situation. A side part is a great way to open up smaller facial features and accentuate parts of the face that you want to draw the eye too.

Romantic & Elegant Side Swept Hairstyle
Instagram @vkmakeup

#6: Romantic & Elegant Side-Swept Hairstyle

This a simple, elegant, and romantic side-swept hairstyle on black hair. It has that trendy element for being so relaxed and organic, and also adds a touch of femininity and glam. It’s a great hairstyle for brides that want a good balance between being natural and glamorous. Having beautiful curls that stay nice and curly is very important to any down/half-down hairdo.

For styling, prep your hair with Kenra Thermal Styling Spray before using any hot tools. It not only provides a stronghold for up to 60 hours, but it also protects your hair from heat up to 428 degrees. Also, use a really good finishing hairspray to lock in your hairstyle after the styling is done so it doesn’t fall throughout the day. A good one to try is Osis+ 3 Extreme Hold Hairspray. It’s fast-drying, non-sticky, and brushes out very easily, which is perfect for a hairstyle like this.

#7: Inspiring Braided Side-Swept Down Hair

This side-sweep hairstyle could make you even more dressed up for any formal occasion. The braid is a fun way to hold your hair at one side in place, letting the rest down to the other side which you can style with so many options.

#8: Chic Side-Swept for Straight Hair

Side-swept hairstyles are a great match for women with straight hair. Going side-swept around the face will compliment your existing texture, as well as create fullness at your roots. Pro Tip: if you feel like your part is falling flat, flip it! Try sweeping your hair the opposite direction for extra lift and volume.

Second Day Sweep Hairstyle
Instagram @tarahairbeauty

#9: Second Day Sweep Hairstyle

A second-day sweep hairstyle can be salvaged for a classic vintage look and slightly brushed-out style. Comb waves in the same direction and add volume around the fringe. Spritz with Vicious by R+CO and Olaplex No. 7 for some shine.

#10: Beautiful Loose Side Bun

A a side hairstyle loose side bun is great for a formal event and brunch with the girls. Hair is intertwined to show off texture and dimensions that are brought over to the side and accentuates the outfit and the neckline.

Gorgeous Long hair with a side part
Instagram @kaansayar1

#11: Gorgeous Long Hair with a Side Part

Mix up your long hair with a side part to give your locks lift and to open up your face. This is perfect for smaller face shapes. If you have a smaller face shape, you can get a little lost in your long hair. Just switch up the parting, which adds some height and opens up one side of your face. This elongates your facial structure, too. Be playful with the parting and flip either side whenever one gets flat to ensure a full lifting effect.

#12: Trendsetting Textured Copper Side-Swept Ponytail

When you have a mesmerizing color that looks gorgeous on its own, going with a simple side hair like a short loose braid is better. Side-swept hairstyles for long hair like this should tie a ponytail for a unique twist to this cute style.

Stunning One Side Boho Side Braids
Instagram @nadiaroseg

#13: Stunning One Side Boho Side Braids

Braided to the side hairstyles like this take the perfect amount of messiness and precision to work. To achieve this side-swept braid hairstyle, start with a thick fishtail braid then tug the pieces outwards for a loose look. Leave wavy pieces of hair in front for a chic finish.

#14: Stylish Side-Swept Updo With Blonde Highlights

This side-swept updo is chic and effortless. You’ll need a fair amount of hair to create voluminous hairstyles to the side. If you have fine textured hair, dry in a volumizing product such as Evo Shape Vixon. Also, wash your hair the night before. This will help give your style more hold and will assist in pinning the style into place.

When styling, use a curling tong to curl hair. Don’t be afraid to make your curls tight so you can brush them out before styling. For this, try Evo Miss Malleable and spray before you brush out the curls. Lastly, take sections about an inch thick and twist them into place. Finish with strong-hold hairspray and enjoy.

#15: Elegant Side-Sweep with Soft Waves

This side sweep hairstyle is elegant and beautiful. It’s effortless and suits all hair types. Wash your hair the night before. Freshly clean hair never holds as well and sleeping on it can give it more texture and body for the next day. This style needs a good foundation, so depending on how well your hair holds, pre-mousse your hair.

Using L’Oreal Tecni.ART Root Lift Spray and L’Oreal Tecni.ART Final Extra Mousse mixed together is essential to making sure those soft curls hold. Once you’ve moussed your hair, dry it in, making sure your hair is bone dry before curling.

Effortlessly Side-Swept Messy Braids
Instagram @hairbyleahnoel

#16: Effortlessly Side-Swept Messy Braids

These are effortlessly side-swept messy braids. You can still wear your hair all the way down, but it looks polished and done, making it great for any event. This side-swept style works with almost all hair types. If you want a longer, more sophisticated style, your hair should be past shoulder length. This style can be done on shorter hair too, just add more texture with a texture spray or paste. This will create a style that is purposely undone.

If you don’t have bangs,  you can leave the front pieces of your hair out or lightly twist them back so they stay out of your face. This style would also be really fun with straight hair for a really sleek side-swept look.

#17: Formal Side-Swept Romantic Hair

Opt for a side-swept romantic loose curl. This style is great for women with fine hair as it is able to create the illusion of fullness and volume. This a great choice for brides wanting to wear their hair down, but still look formal and elegant. To create this side-swept curly hair, use a 1 1/2-inch Babyliss Pro to create curls, Puff Me volumizing powder to create volume, and Sebastian hairspray to lock everything in.

#18: Timeless Side-Swept Vintage Glam

This is side-swept vintage glam hair. There’s volume and elegance to this style. It’s classy and timeless. This side-swept glam hairstyle is great for a wedding, special event, or a night out. It’s glamorous with a vintage flair.

When it comes to styling, start with a great blow dry. Setting your hair in velcro rollers and allowing it to cool will help create longer-lasting volume at the roots. If you have curly hair and your curls generally fall out quickly, pin each curl up and allow it to cool and set. When teasing, always tease your hair much larger because as you smooth it into place it will become smaller. As the style is worn, it will settle into place as well. Set the entire side hairstyle with a firm hairspray like Kenra Volume Spray 25.

Playful Side Sweep Hairstyle
Instagram @jaclyntanhmua

#19: Playful Side Sweep Hairstyle

The side sweep has always been the go-to hairstyle for a little playfulness or the look of relaxed elegance. There are subtle waves that are accented by the vintage gold hair accessories. Products to use for this classic side-swept hair are Osis+ mattifying hair control powder. If you don’t have any hair powder in your arsenal, use loose powder sparingly. Also, try Loretta Make Up Milk and Osis Hairspray no.2. Long hair down to the center of the back is recommended. Thick-haired women will look even more fabulous with luscious curls at the side.

#20: Alluring Side-Sweep Dutch Braid

This side-sweep dutch braid has boho romance. It’s wonderful if you want a clean updo and can easily be made into a messier style as well. Dry shampoo and texture spray are your best friends when it comes to side-swept styles. Spray a little bit of shine at the end. This Dutch braid can be done on many hair types and lengths. However, the best outcome is with long, thick hair (extensions always work, too!) and an oval face shape.

asy Breezy Side Swept Haircut

#21 Easy Breezy Side-Swept Haircut

This side-swept haircut is ideal for a day running errands and can easily shift into date night. It’s the perfect wind-swept hair. For a brushable hold that will keep your style in place, try Serious Non-Stick Hairspray by Blowpro. This side-swept hair is great for those with rounder face shapes and medium to fine hair that will hold a curl well.

How to Style you hair to the side:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and a light hold mousse to damp hair.

2. Dry hair with a round brush, creating volume while pulling hair to desired side.

3. Curl in large sections and lightly comb through.

4. Loosely pull hair to desired side and pin if necessary.

5. Finish with medium hold hairspray.

Pin Back Side Sweep

#22 Pin Back Side Sweep

This pulled back side sweep is popular among one sided hairstyles. This is a great way to get the style of the shaved side without taking the clippers to your hair! Hardwear 16 Super Strong Hair Gel by Redken will no doubt keep that side slicked back all night long. Side hairstyles are great for women with any hair type. Revealing the ear will give some width, helping balance a longer face shape.

How to Style side hair:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and a medium hold gel to damp hair.

2. Dry hair using a flat brush, pulling hair to desired side.

3. Pull and pin back one side, getting it as tight as you can while it still being comfortable.

4. Curl remaining side using medium sections.

5. Finish with strong hold hairspray and shine serum.

Show Off Deep Side Part for Short and Medium Hair

#23 Show Off Deep Side Part for Short and Medium Hair

This side-swept hair is perfect for showing off those statement earrings! A hairstyle with a deep side part like this works wonders on both medium and short hair lengths. It’s always important to protect your hair against the damage that heat styling tools can cause. Spray damp hair with Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control every day before styling.

How to Style:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and a light hold mousse to damp hair.

2. Dry hair, pulling your strands to the desired side.

3. Curl in large sections and lightly comb through.

4. Loosely pull hair to desired side and pin if necessary.

5. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

6. Don’t forget your favorite earrings!

Sweet Side Pony with Side Swept Bangs

#24 Sweet Side Pony with Side-Swept Bangs

This sweet side pony with side-swept bangs is a perfect one side hairstyle for a daytime date or a picnic with the family. Simply Organic Medium Hold Hairspray is a quick drying, non-aerosol spray that is great for any type of hair. These side-sweep bangs are perfect for round face shapes with medium to fine hair.

How to Style:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and a medium hold mousse to damp hair.

2. Dry hair using round brush, creating volume and pulling bangs to one side.

3. Take the bottom section of your hair (at the ear and below) and loosely put it into a pony.

4. Curl the pony in one or two large sections.

5. Curl the top using medium-sized sections.

6. Pull remaining hair to the side and loosely pin, leaving out a few wispy pieces.

7. Finish with medium hold hairspray.

Rocker Sweep Hairstyle

#25 Rocker Sweep Hairstyle

Sweep them to the side and get ready to rock out to your favorite band in this hairstyle. Women with fine hair need to try the Full Blown Lightweight Styling Whip by Frederic Fekkai. Round or square face shapes with fine to medium hair will rock side-swept hairstyles the best.

How to Style:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and mousse to damp hair.

2. Rough dry hair, creating volume at root on one side. Choose where you want your side part and smooth the other side around your head.

3. Use a strong hold gel and one side back using pins for hold if necessary.

4. On the full side, curl one-inch sections.

5. Finger comb through curls.

6. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Sleek Side Part for Long Hair

#26 Sleek Side Part for Long Hair

Sleek is the keyword for this side-swept hairstyle, and it’s is worthy of a night out with your gal pals. MoroccanOil Frizz Control contains weather-resistant properties that will keep those locks extra sleek. Round and square face shapes should steer clear of this super straight cut. Any hair type can wear this sleek style, however it will require less work for women without any texture to their hair.

How to Style:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray a smoothing serum to damp hair.

2. Dry hair using a flat brush, pulling hair to desired side.

3. Flat iron in small sections.

4. Use a strong hold gel and pull back one side, pinning at the bottom if necessary.

5. Finish with strong hold hairspray and shine serum.

Colorful Side Swept Hair Chalk 

#27 Colorful Side-Swept Hair Chalk

Non-traditional pastel colors in your hair are hot right now! Give it a try in this curly ‘do using temporary hair chalk on your side-swept hair. Create many different looks using the Sephora Collection Pastel Hair Chalk. The best part is it’s temporary and simply washes out with water!

How to Style:

1. Apply thermal protectant spray and a light hold mousse to damp hair.

2. Dry hair using a round brush, creating volume and pulling hair to the desired side.

3. Use hair chalk in desired color and paint various sections of hair according to the directions.

4. Curl hair in medium sections and lightly comb through.

5. Loosely pull hair to the desired side and pin if necessary.

6. Finish with medium hold hairspray.

#28: Red Carpet Casual Hair Sweep to the Side

This casual sweep to the side hairstyle is Red Carpet ready! The Sea Salt Spray by Davines is perfect for this style. It provides both light control and texture. This is an easy style for women with longer face shapes and some texture to their hair.

Braided Side Swept Hairdo
Instagram @missysueblog

#29: Curly Side-Do

A variation on the traditional updo, try the side-swept updo! This braided side-sweep style is great for any formal event. Side-swept hairstyles for long-length hair should use AG’s Mousse Gel Extra-Firm. It’s a lightweight yet firm holding gel that works excellent to keep those curls! This style is great for women with medium to fine hair and a square face shape.

#30: Fun with Flowers in Side-Swept Hair

Add style to your side-swept down-do by adding fun accessories like flowers or beaded hairpins. For something that will both illuminate your hair and keep your side-swept hair frizz at bay, try Kasia’s OUTSHINE Ultra-Light Smoothing Gloss will help with keeping your hair side-swept. Women with an oval face shape with any type of hair will work with this style.

Side-swept hairstyles have been around for a while and only seem to be getting hotter! From day to night, this chic trend will keep you looking fresh. Unlike other styles that can make you look boring, side-swept hair creates elegance and charm.

To keep side-swept hair in place, grab your bobby pins, barrettes, and, hairspray. Go ahead, get swept away with these fabulous hairstyle ideas for any special occasion!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of side-swept hair ideas.