23 Modern Shaggy Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Fine Hair

Shag hairstyles for women with fine hair over 50
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shaggy hairstyle for fine hair over 50 is a layered haircut with piece-y, textured ends. Nothing says “youthful” better than this hairstyle’s trendy and modern vibe! Plus, its volumizing powers bring life to the hair and its wearer, making it the best option.

Aside from the convenience it offers, this cut cancels out wrinkles on your face with its soft finish. That’s why you see Emma Thompson and Halle Berry wearing it all year round!

Professional hairdresser Trey Gillen from Texas dished the 411 on the shag. He tells us that “length is important. I think shags look best in the shoulder to mid-neck area but can be longer or shorter. Modern shags are square-shaped and more layered in the back. They tend to have less aggressive layering around the face. That gives you a soft feel with a great framing around your face!”

This master hairstylist always asks what his client’s natural texture is. That’s because, according to him, if there’s any type of wave in their texture then a shag will work well for them. “Pin-straight hair isn’t the ideal hair type for a shag. It could end up looking like a choppy long layer,” he adds.

One of the top reasons why shaggy is your best option? “Shags help your haircut last longer because of the shorter layers. They work either styled or air-dried. Tousled hair is in, so the shag is a pretty fail-safe choice! Also, shags are great to wash and wear or style out, so it’s versatile for many lifestyles,” says Trey.

Be prepared for a lot of movement and body in your new shaggy style. Your hair will have lots of potential for volume and sassy sex appeal! For Trey’s recommended products, Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist is on top of his list. “It will give you flips and twists in your hair that will last and not fall flat. Sachajuan’s Hair Powder is great too. It maintains your tousled look throughout the day.”

A chic haircut that adds extra volume exactly where you want it? See these trendiest shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 50!

Short Shag with Choppy Bangs for Ladies Over Fifty with Fine Hair
Instagram @oh_mandy_jo
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#1: Short Shag with Choppy Bangs

We are loving a short shag with choppy bangs for older women. An updated shag has a more choppy, blunt look to the bangs versus the more wispy ’70s version. A shag can be cut to accentuate your features by layering or curling a certain way. Ask your stylist for product and styling recommendations.

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#2: Blonde Choppy and Wispy Shag Cut

Consider a wispy blonde shag cut with choppy layers that is trending again, like the 2000’s. If you have an oval face, this is the most flattering cut for you. Using a light pomade will help you get well-defined pieces in your hair.

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#3: Youthful Short Shag with Bangs

short shag with bangs is ideal for those who prefer a layered and bouncy style. This haircut is beneficial for fine hair because it creates a sense of volume. The haircut also suits hair with natural waves. Use a curl cream to enhance the curls in your hair.

Sweeping Fringe on a Shaggy Bob Cut for Fine-Haired Women Aged 50
Instagram @felix.lynn
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#4: Sweeping Fringe on a Shaggy Bob Cut

A sweeping fringe on a shaggy bob cut might be what you need. For a beautiful shapely shag on older women you will want to go over your face shape with your stylist. For longer face shapes, consider middle of the neck length and some soft sweeping bangs. But, you will want to style the hair up and away from your face if you want to draw attention upward. It will also give you a natural face-lifting effect.

White Chin Length Shag with Bangs
Instagram @suzygrifa
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#5: White Chin-Length Shag with Bangs

Take note of this white chin-length shag with bangs if you’re down to wear an effortless, youthful look past your 50s. The texturized chop features a side fringe to complement with the layers. And the best thing? These create more movement and texture to add volume to your fine locks.

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#6: Shaggy Wolf Cut with Fringe

A shaggy wolf cut with fringe is an edgy layered cut that you will not get bored of! Try using a texture spray instead of hairspray to show off the texture. Look for a product with hold so your style can last.

Very Choppy Short Shag for Ladies Over 50 with Fine Hair
Instagram @sacamedya
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#7: Very Choppy Short Shag

A very choppy short shag is trending if you’re a woman in your 50s! The shag is currently very popular and is a great cut to keep your hair looking youthful and stylish! The shag gives a very light, wispy appearance, yet, still gives the illusion of fuller hair! I would suggest this cut to anyone wanting to go short and playful but not fully ready to let go of all their length!

Gray Medium Length Shag
Instagram @amysinclair65
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#8: Gray Medium-Length Shag

If you ever crave a new and easy-to-maintain hairstyle, take note of this grey medium-length shag! As a fifty-year-old woman, color touch-ups will never bother you while wearing this look. And did you say that you don’t have much time to style every morning? This haircut offers layers to give your fine tresses a subtle movement and volume.

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#9: Razor Shag with Glasses

Wear this stunning razor cut shag with glasses, and you’ll look ten times younger! This shoulder-length cut has various texturized layers to boost the volume of your fine locks. Ask your colorist for some golden brown and blonde highlights to add a pop to your look.

Grey Layered Shag Haircut for Women Over 55 with Fine Hair
Instagram @ryshairstudio
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#10: Grey Layered Shag

This is the stunning grey layered shag with a fringe that works well on your wavy, fine hair. If you’re a 50-year-old lady, its ashy tone is what will make you look younger than your actual age. A chest-length cut is perfect as it’s not too short that you can pull off several updos. It’s even not too long that it still keeps the fullness of your locks.

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#11: Youthful Shaggy Lob

Who says shags are so out of date? Here’s a youthful shaggy lob to prove that wrong and make you look 10 years younger. Ideal for a woman over 50, it’s sure to offer your fine locks the layers that bring out more details and flow into your look. Opt for this chop if you like your blonde’s dimension to display with so much flair!

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#12: Sassy Neck-Length Shag Style

Here’s a neck-length shag style that works great on your grey hair and fine tresses. It features side-swept bangs and choppy layers to suit your square face shape, too. It’s one of the best shaggy hairstyles for a woman in their 50s!

A woman in her fifties and fine hair with a very short shag haircut
Instagram @janecutz
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#13: Edgy Very Short Textured Shag

This very short textured shag is for a 50-year-old woman who has a busy lifestyle. Why? It requires minimal styling of texture to show off the layers even better. Have your colorist paint your locks with a golden brown hue to complement your olive skin tone.

Shaggy pixie cut for fifty year old woman with fine hair
Instagram @janefonda
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#14: Messy Shaggy Pixie Cut

If considering joining the short hair club-like Jane Fonda, going for this fab shaggy pixie cut is a must-try! This edgy 50+ hairstyle features curtain bangs to jazz up you’re fine, dark locks and for a younger-looking finish. When styling this chop at home, don’t forget to use a dry texture spray to achieve its best result. Kiss your old school grandma hair goodbye!

👉 Check out these trendies pixie cuts for women in their 50s

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#15: Simple Long Shag Hairstyle

Here’s a much modern and trendsetting take on a classy shag cut for older ladies over 50! Perfect for your smooth and fine locks, this is a simple long shag with side bangs for you to try. Feel free to upgrade it with glamorous curls and waves, which can secure movement to your hair. See more long hairstyles with bangs for ladies over 50.

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#16: Feathered Shag Cut

Here’s another shag cut that any woman in their 50s can rock. If you’re one of these beauties, try this mid-length feathery shag cut to freshen up your style. The best result comes when you have fine tresses in their natural bright copper shade. Ask your stylist for an added fringe as a playful and youthful touch for your entire look.

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#17: Short Salt and Pepper Shag Haircut

Stubborn grey hair no more! Consider this short, salt and pepper shag for older women when you need to amp up your current fine, thick hair. Notice how the layers line up, giving your tresses a gorgeous flow.

See more variations of salt and pepper hair colors.

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#18: Modern Wavy Shag Cut

Are you a lovely woman who’s over 50, blessed with shorter fine hair? If so, rocking this classy wavy shag will not bother you. The length that’s a few inches past the shoulders is ideal for showing off your voluminous look. Don’t forget to use a shine-inducing oil to keep your locks glossy for the whole day.

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#19: Angled Shaggy Hairstyle

This shaggy cut is a modern take on a traditional shag with a curtain bang. Considering creating some dimension in your hair with balayage hightlights with low lights. Paired with the shag cut, this look will give you tons of amazing movement.

This shaggy haircut is great for women over 50 for many reasons. It helps hide fine lines and wrinkles around the face. It gives a youthful bounce to the hair. Plus, you’ll have no problem getting volume with this cut even when pulled back in a pony. You will have cute little wispy strands to frame the face, helping to hide fine lines and wrinkles.

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#20: Silver Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This haircut is a shaggy bob. The fringe and layering are my favorite because of their versatility and playfulness.

Because of the length and layering, this shaggy cut requires minimal product and styling, think a salt spray and a quick blow-dry.

It’s a great cut for ladies in their fifties who may not have a lot of extra time to devote to styling. I would recommend it for straight and curly textures and everything in between.

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#21: Choppy Layered Shag Haircut

This shaggy hairstyle is easy to maintain and style! To anyone looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, the shag cut is perfect for you!

This would suit anyone who is willing to keep on top of their fringe. Stying is easy! Just a texture spray would be perfect. Women with straight, fine hair might find this hairstyle difficult to style, as the texture is easier with the shag cut, especially natural texture!

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#22: Light Brown Shaggy Cut for Older Ladies

For older women, try a light brown shaggy cut. Textured medium-length layers give tons of body to fine hair and frame the face with a long bang that blends into the layers. Light brown with hi-lights around the face really brightens up the style and softens any facial lines.

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#23: Platinum Shaggy Cut for Ladies 50 and Up

A platinum shaggy cut for ladies 50 and up plays with what mother nature provides. Oftentimes, by this stage, grays and texture are heightened and shaggy hairstyles like these are a fun way to breathe youth back into personal style.