19 Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60 to Look and Feel Younger

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Shag haircuts for women over 60 create heavily layered and textured styles. This allows the hair to appear more voluminous with a flattering body to suit any face shape.

Hairstylist Lindsay Zinger from Tampa, FL specializes in shag using plier razors. According to Zinger, the biggest benefit of this cut is it demands minimal styling.

“The shag makes a bedhead look good. So, you can sleep in and enjoy not having to style your hair so much,” Zinger points out.

There are variations of shags that older women must know about if considering this look.

A modern shag is made with curtain bangs and beach waves, and this chop is cute but requires more styling. There’s also the traditional shag, which exhibits a rocker style and is a wash-and-wear type.

“The classic shag has hair that lays in front of the ears. Those are the strands that are left down when you put your tresses up in a ponytail, and that is the best part,” says Zinger.

Gray or silver hair comes with different textures. The top layers may look frizzy if the hair isn’t cut correctly. Make sure you find a shag specialist that you can consult with.

Feel free to find pictures to show your hairstylist. Tell them what you like about the style. Trust them and be open to suggestions.

Look 10 years younger with these trendy shag haircuts for women over 60. Check out these images for more hair ideas!

Shaggy Pixie Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @kreeepykylie

#1: Shaggy Pixie Bob Hairstyle

A shaggy pixie bob hairstyle is a low-maintenance, yet stylish cut. If you are looking for a getup-and-go style, this is a great option a little bit of rough blow-drying will go a long way. Your stylist will cut your layers around the curvature of the head to lay nicely for your shape.

#2: Youthful-Looking Shoulder-Length Shag with Fringe

A woman can adopt a youthful look with this fringe and shoulder-length shag. Layers are a great addition to this hairstyle. They give the hair a lively and voluminous appearance. The fringe is abundant but not overpowering since we trim the hair’s side weight. This gives the hairstyle a more soft and flattering look. Begin styling this haircut on damp hair. Use volumizing mousse to improve the texture and separation.

#3: Messy and Frizzy Curly Shag

When it comes to aging hair, instead of the typical short bobs and pixie cuts, consider a heavy, layered cut. It will add body to your naturally curly hair. The short layers allow the weight in your waves to spring up and open your hair, giving you a lifted appearance. Be sure to tell your stylist about your desire for volume and texture so they can help you achieve your hair goal.

Dark Brown Shag with Choppy Bangs for Ladies 60 and Up
Instagram @arichinello

#4: Dark Brown Shag with Choppy Bangs

Try a dark brown shag with choppy bangs if you love a messy, edgy hairstyle. Don’t forget to pick up all the volumizing and texturizing hair products, as this will be essential to styling your new haircut. Texture sprays, sea salt sprays, and hairsprays are going to be forever classified as your new favorite “got to have it” products.

#5: Soft Shag with Heavy Bangs for White Hair

A soft shag with heavy bangs for white hair is the ultimate wash-and-wear shag haircut. A heavy fringe and cheekbone-length layers bring elegance and femininity to the classic shag shape. Be sure to finish your look with a spray shine to add brilliance and sleekness for a more polished silhouette.

#6: Mullet Wolf Cut with Swoopy Layers

The shag mullet wolf cut with swoopy layers is a youthful and edgy way to bring volume and pieceyness to women in their 60s with fine hair. Disconnected layered hair and choppy texture are key to the wearability and versatility of a medium shag haircut.

Razored Shag with Tousled Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @amariechihair

#7: Razored Shag with Tousled Layers for Fine Hair

Before committing to a razor-shag haircut, be sure to have a thorough consultation with your hairdresser. The textured ends and barely-there layers give movement and volume to otherwise flat, limp hair. Keep in mind that too many short layers on fine hair will compromise the overall shape, creating more of a mullet and less of a shag look.

Razor-Cut Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Silver Hair
Instagram @ellienorski

#8: Razor-Cut Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Silver Hair

Short, shag haircuts for women over 60 are a great option because of their versatility and low-maintenance upkeep. If you have silver hair, a youthful cut might be for you. A heavy, carved-out fringe, razored ends, and minimum volume on the sides are perfect for framing the face and highlighting your best features.

#9: Straight Shag with Soft Layers

Older ladies without naturally curly or wavy hair should ask for a straight shag with soft layers. A little classy and a little rock-n-roll, straight hair is made voluminous by cutting subtle crown layers and texturizing the ends with a razor. Medium-length shaggy hairstyles for women over 60 are easily customizable and versatile, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

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#10: Disconnected Shag Cut for Thin Hair

Go for a disconnected shag cut for a 60-year-old with thin hair. The nostalgic silhouette, cheekbone-length layers, and soft face-framing fringe have a younger-looking effect on fine, aging hair.

Shoulder-Length Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @giadoeshair

#11: Shoulder-Length Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair

A shoulder-length low-maintenance shag with bangs for white hair is the ultimate wash-and-wear shag haircut. A full fringe and cheekbone-length layers bring elegance and femininity to the classic shag shape.

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#12: Mullet Pixie Shag

Short shag hairstyles are part pixie cut and part modern-day mullet – with a focus on crown height. Women who want to channel some serious rockstar vibes should opt for a mullet pixie shag hairstyle. A super shaggy fringe and heavily textured choppy ends are featured. Use a texturizing spray at the roots to achieve maximum volume and finish with a defining cream for that perfectly tousled look.

Face-Framing Layers and Side-Swept Bangs on a Shag
Instagram @pat_ricciuti

#13: Face-Framing Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

When cut properly, the shag style is a versatile and low-maintenance option. The 70s shag haircut gets an updated look with short face-framing layers and side-swept bangs. A swooped fringe and feathered texture are the signature characteristics of today’s modern shag.

Curly Shag for Mature Women
Instagram @troycutshair

#14: Curly Shag for Mature Women

A short curly shag cut is a great way for mature women to embrace their natural texture and ditch the grandma look. The choppy layers and messy silhouette make this curly hairstyle fun and young while paying homage to shag haircuts from decades past. Ask your stylist to texturize your curls to ensure a lived-in, tousled look that is modern and carefree.

#15: Mini Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs for Grey Hair

For women over 60 with grey hair looking for a short shaggy hairstyle, consider a mini shaggy mullet with curtain bangs. Shoulder-length hair with razored layers and face-framing fringe is sure to be flattering on anyone young at heart.

Lob with Shaggy Layers for Women Over 60
Instagram @lsiyel

#16: Lob with Shaggy Layers

A lob shag haircut with shaggy layers is the perfect solution for women over 60 that want to give the illusion of thickness and movement to fine, aging hair. The shag shape is enhanced by face-framing layers and carved-out bangs that elevate a traditional layered bob hairstyle to the next level. A lightweight creme or paste is perfect for adding separation and piece-y-ness to textured ends.

Wolf Cut with Crown Layers
Instagram @xiphiumsalon

#17: Wolf Cut with Crown Layers

A cross between a shag and a mullet, the wolf cut is a choppy, fierce, and feral look for women that want to embrace their wild side. Ask your stylist for disconnected crown layers and a full messy fringe that works with your natural texture to give you a style that will make you stand out in a crowd.

#18: Long Wavy Shag with a Curtain Fringe

A long, wavy shag with a curtain fringe is a charming, low-maintenance way to wear wavy hair. Versatile and timeless, the feathered texture and face-framing layers are perfect for showcasing waves without sacrificing length. A lightweight styling cream scrunched in on damp hair will enhance your natural texture without weighing down your style.

Straight Bangs on Textured Shaggy Hair
Instagram @lascolor

#19: Straight Bangs on Textured Shaggy Hair

Try a shoulder-length shag with bangs to enhance your natural texture and remove excessive bulkiness. Plus, mid-length hairstyles can help you look 10 years younger. A heavy fringe paired with short side and crown layers helps to decrease volume and add movement to otherwise bulky hair. Look for a stylist who specializes in shaggy hairstyles for thick hair to ensure a look that is flattering to you and complementary to your lifestyle.

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