26 Youthful Shag Haircuts for Older Women

shag haircuts for older women
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Shag haircuts for older women are cuts offering choppy ends and tousled layers that flatter older ladies. Blessed with fine, thin tresses? Shags are the best haircuts and they work on any length. So here’s your chance to achieve a hairstyle with tons of texture and volume.

Though shags appear great on older ladies, it has less to do with age. The chop must suit your personal style, hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle instead. That’s a pro tip from Kate Convery, the co-owner of Love Culture Salon in Providence, RI.

“Find a stylist who pays attention to these things, and to consult with her to create the best style for you,” she notes. Don’t always go for a sleek, polished look. Opt for a chop that works well with your mane’s natural texture.

You won’t go wrong asking your hairstylist for an ideal chop you can flaunt. “How do I style my hair so that I can wear it without effort? Will bangs fit my haircut?”

Here’s another reminder from Hanleyty for a woman who has grey strands. “Ask what products would be best for your hair to maintain its moisture and shine,” says the stylist.

As an expert in razor cutting, she suggests using the hair balm from Hairstory to most of her shag cut clients. “I love it because it adds moisture and elasticity.” She continues, “It provides a light amount of hold for effortless air drying.”

Here are pictures of the most popular shag haircuts for older women:

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Shaggy Pixie Bob for Older Women Over 70
Instagram @ready2dyehair

#1: Shaggy Pixie Bob for Women Over 70

The chunky pieces of bangs serve a fresh aura, perfect for your hair transformation. Best with slight waves, this is the shaggy pixie bob to jazz up your natural greys, and is one of the best shag haircuts for older women.

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#2: Shaggy Butterfly Hairstyle

The shaggy butterfly hairstyle is an edgier choice for older women. If you have mid-length hair, you can add volume to the locks while keeping their length. This butterfly style cut features shorter layers on top. This creates a softly feathered effect that frames the face beautifully.

#3: Shaggy Wolf Cut with Fringe

Are you a woman with dark copper hair color and want to switch your hairstyle? Consider a shaggy wolf cut with fringe. This cut is perfect for adding volume to your hair while creating a chic, youthful look. The weight removed from the cut’s sides helps to create a more relaxed, shaggy look. And the heavy fringe adds depth and dimension to your overall style. Consider using a volumizing mousse and a micro-fiber towel when styling. These help to remove excess moisture without causing frizz. Overall, this cut is the way to go for any older woman looking for a fun new look.

#4: Golden Blonde Shag with Curtain Bangs

This golden blonde shag with bangs is gorgeous! This look will ensure easy maintenance if you have medium to light colored hair. The best way to maintain this look is to use professional at-home hair care to keep your locks healthy and shiny.

The Textured Shag for Thin Hair for Older Women
Instagram @hairbydonnap

#5: The Textured Shag for Thin Hair

This textured shag for thin hair for older ladies provides all the good vibes you need! To carry out shape and boost volume, opt for this textured shaggy cut. The blonde shade and short bangs both give off a youthful vibe.

Grey Razor-Cut Shag for Old Ladies
Instagram @saltybangs

#6: Grey Razor-Cut Shag

One of the easiest ways to transform your grey is with a razor-cut shag. If you like to wear your hair long, but are looking to add some texture and interest around your face, shag cuts can help achieve your goal.

Salt-and-Pepper Medium Shag for Older Women
Instagram @gracez_hair

#7: Salt-and-Pepper Medium Shag

One of the best cuts for middle-aged women with wavy hair is a salt-and-pepper medium shag. Shags for older women can be extremely flattering because they accent your eyes and beautifully frame your face. Make sure to round brush your fringe to pull your look together.

Youthful Layered Shag Cut for Older Women
Instagram @stacy_stylist

#8: Youthful Layered Shag Cut

A youthful layered shag cut is best for your aging hair! Whisped layering around your face makes for a very youthful look. Anything that is long and dead around the face can make for an older-looking face. Layers add body, which in turn helps aged hair to look fuller!

#9: Mid-Length Shagged Out Bob with Bangs for Oval Faces

Try a mid-length bob with bangs if you have an oval face and are wanting something to compliment your facial features. Something to try with any haircut is some longer, soft layers around the frame of your face. This will help create movement, shape, and softness that gradually blend into your overall length. Wispy bangs are also a nice touch if you want an even more dramatic change.

Golden Blonde Mid-Length Shag for Old Ladies
Instagram @nothingobvious

#10: Golden Blonde Mid-Length Shag

Aging hair can make a style look lifeless. However, a golden mid-length shag brings youthful color and shape to the overall style. You may want tomorrow to be the day you start finding your stylist. Spend this time before, gathering some inspiration of your favorite styles. That way you’re ready for your next appointment.

#11: Naturally White Shag Cut

A naturally white shag can help make you look more youthful, but also stay looking elegant. A shag haircut comes packed with body and texture, which is what makes this hairstyle so young-looking. If you have naturally fine, wavy hair, this is the hairstyle for you. It’s also very versatile in the sense that any woman can pull this hairstyle off, it may just require a bit more styling in the morning.

#12: The Modern Shag for Women Over 60

The modern shag for ladies over 60 with fine hair is low maintenance and gives a fuller, natural-looking finish. No wonder why iconic celebs like Halle Berry, Meg Ryan, and Lisa Rinna got no problem pulling off this look.

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#13: Medium Shag Cut with Feathered Layers

Try a medium-length shag cut with feathered layers to effortlessly build volume and movement. When cutting shag cuts for women over 60, volume and manageability are extremely important to consider. Women over sixty have different hair needs and feathered layers are a light and fluffy way of layering the hair that can better accomplish desired looks while still meeting those needs of mature hairstyles.

Shag hair with bangs for older ladies
Instagram @dianemguy

#14: Stylish Shag with Bangs

This stylish low-maintenance shag with bangs will give new life to your shoulder-grazing, brown hair. The contrast between your voluminous tresses and straight fringe makes it all unique.

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#15: Face-Framing Shag for Round Faces

Lot’s of older women have fallen in love with this cut and style! Face-framing shag for round faces forms a shape, which works well with a minimal wave pattern. It’s a shoulder-grazing chop with curtain bangs to boost the elegance of a blonde mane.

Short shag with glasses for older women
Instagram @hairbybhance

#16: The Short Shag with Glasses

Yes, you can rock the short shag with glasses! This works best on a red-headed woman with natural waves. Added texture creates a vibe that’s full of life, so what are you waiting for? Show off your new look and specs!

#17: The Long Shag

The long shag suits all face shapes. It features layers that add texture and natural-looking movement. Pair it with short wispy bangs, and it should look great on any woman of any age.

Shaggy haircut for older women with fine hair
Instagram @marie.daniele

#18: Shaggy Haircut for Fine Hair

The best shaggy haircut for short fine hair is here, adding volume and texture to your locks!

Medium length shag haircut for older women
Instagram @vesna0702

#19: The Easy Medium Shag for Women Over 50

Bringing you a style with lots of layers and texture is the easy, medium shag cut. It offers curtain bangs for face-framing and streaks of blonde to lighten up your dark locks.

The Simple Razor Cut Shag
Instagram @lib_george

#20: The Simple Razor Cut Shag

If you have curls, don’t miss your chance to wear this trend! The simple razor cut shag on your blonde hair will bring out your natural texture. Style your strands with R Co salt spray and dry shampoo paste for a much-defined finish.

Shaggy feathered haircut for old women
Instagram @colorme_steph

#21: The Shaggy Feathered Cut

This layered cut has lots of movement for fullness around the hairline and a fringe to help hide a thinning/receding hairline. Having shaggy, dry cut layers around the fringe takes a simple layered cut up a notch allowing you to grow out to shift into something different as the hair trends come and go.

When dealing with finer hair types you need to keep their hair looking as thick and full as possible, but also have some texture to it so their hair doesn’t fall flat when styling at home. Achieve this with a combination of wet and dry cutting techniques, so you don’t over-layer the cut or lose too much length.

Modern Wavy Shag for Older Women
Instagram @hair_ritualist

#22: Modern Wavy Shag

Revamp your hair into a more stylish and younger-looking version of itself! For this modern wavy shag, it’s important to keep a difference between the length of the base and the top of the head. Don’t connect those two parts to ensure your long thick shaggy hair will stand out. By cutting shorter on top of the hair, you will have volume. You need to have a round brush at home and make the effort to blow dry your hair. This shaggy haircut can fit any older woman.

#23: Short Shaggy Wispy Cut with Fringe

This short shaggy wispy cut demands nothing but a subtle texture. It features a classic beauty that goes well with a dimensional blonde and a fringe.

This is a great style for fine to medium hair texture. It’s great for any face shape since it’s very versatile. You can style it towards the face or away. It can be worn at the office or at home since it’s casual but also fun and with an edgy twist.

The Layered Shag for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairlady_lo

#24: The Layered Shag for Fine Hair and Round Faces

This is the layered shag for fine hair. It’s the kind of chop that offers a feathered finish. Layers come out even more on lengthy locks with straight curtain bangs. Opt for this chop if you’re over 60 with a round face.

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The Shaggy Bob Cut with Bangs
Instagram @kendrajrose

#25: The Shaggy Bob Cut with Bangs

Here’s a shaggy bob cut with bangs and wavy layers for your ashy grey hair. The shaggy bob length doesn’t go beyond the jaw so you’ll have a breezy feel as you wear it.

medium shag cut for older ladies with glasses
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#26: Medium Shag Cut for Older Ladies with Glasses

One of the newest trends is a shag cut, also known as a wolf cut. A shag cut has many layers and is usually paired with fringe or curtain bangs. A medium shag cut for older ladies with glasses gives lots of volume and the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. It’s best styled with waves or curls, to help blend the many lengths of layers.

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